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I am getting an error when I try to establish connection through a DataSource created in weblogic server.Has anyone faced this error in past.I am getting exception in getConnection method of ...

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I am using Weblogic web server. Please let me know, how can i create a readonly JDBC datasource ,or should i handle this in my Java code ?

3. Weblogic 10.3 MDB throwing javax.sql.DataSource exception    stackoverflow.com

Here are the applications that I'm using:

  1. Weblogic 10.3.3
  2. Websphere MQ 7.0
  3. Oracle 11g Express Edition (DB)
Here is the current process flow:
  1. A message is read off a Websphere MQ queue by Weblogic and processed ...

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I'm working on a J2EE application. Everything works if I use a local WebLogic instance, but if I deploy it to the remote server where it will ultimately need to run ...

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I have a WebLogic 9.2 Cluster which runs 2 managed server nodes. I have created a JDBC Connection Pool which I have targeted at All servers in the cluster. I believe ...

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I am aware of authenticating username/password by establishing JNDI Initialcontext with LDAP. That means authentication failed on error or success. Wondering there is another means of using JNDI resource configured in Application ...

7. Error while creating Datasource in Weblogic 9.2    forums.oracle.com

Hi I have supplied all the connection pool parameters and all and in the last step of deploying the datasouce on a server in the targets section when I am getting the below error Bean already exists: "weblogic.j2ee.descriptor.wl.JDBCPropertyBeanImpl@176f6ab6([sybasePool]/JDBCDriverParams/Properties/Properties[user])" Could any one please suggest. I already tried deleting the datasource and starting afresh, but I am still facing the problem

8. datasource environment setting in weblogic 9    forums.oracle.com

I'd put the values into the database.properties file, and put a PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer in your app context to point to it. How many layers of indirection do you need? If you're using WebLogic 9, I'd strongly urge you to NOT create the data source this way. Better to use a JNDI lookup data source and configure the database connection parameters in the ...