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1. Mutation error in Berkeley DB

I am using Berkely DB and I have an error which says that mutations are missing. What does this mean?

Exception: com.sleepycat.persist.evolve.IncompatibleClassException: Mutation is missing to evolve class: TopMoveDAO.TopMoveClass version: 0 Error: ...

2. Does Berkeley DB java edition, support saving vectors

I am getting the following stack trace. Just want to know what your first impression is. Does it seem to be saying that Vectors cannot be saved to the Berkeley DB. ...

3. Trouble with Berkeley DB JE Base API Secondary Databases and Sequences

I have a class Document which consists of Id (int) and Url (String). I would like to have a primary index on Id and secondary index on Url. I would also ...

4. Choosing between Berkeley DB Core and Berkeley DB JE

I'm designing a Java based web-app and I need a key-value store. Berkeley DB seems fitting enough for me, but there appears to be TWO Berkeley DBs to choose from: Berkeley ...

5. Writing an older version of Berkeley DB in Java

Is it possible to write out an older version of Berkeley DB using the Java interface? The version being 1.85/1.86.

6. Berkeley DB java edition, any LGPL or BSD alternatives in Java?

I am dealing with a huge dataset consisting of key-value pairs. The queries are always in the form of range queries on the key space (keys are numbers) hence any persistent ...

7. Berkeley DB Java Edition - tuning for large amount of data

I need to load over 1 billion keys into Berkley DB and therefore I want to tune it in advance to get better performance. With standard configuration it takes me now ...

8. how to create an berkeley db using java

Hello i am new to berkeley db . i have installed the berkely db using link text so i need to create my first db i have checked the ...

9. What are all open source applications using Berkeley DB?

I am learning Berkeley DB and its usages. Could somebody point the open source applications using BerkeleyDB. Though I am using Java (BDB Java edition), I am open to refer other programming ...

10. berkeley db java compilation problem

I am new to berkeley db and i installed the berkeley db (not the java version ) and if i try to run the java example program it says

` ...

11. Does Berkeley DB (Java version) support data partitioning?

I have about 5GB data to store BDB, but I found the performance is not very good. Does it support data partitioning? thanks

12. Berkeley Java DB cache sizing

We're using JE 4.1.6 DPL. I set my environment max cache size using:

     EnvironmentConfig envConfig = new EnvironmentConfig();

13. Cannot change Berkeley DB Database Type in Java Edition?

I was looking for changing the Database Type of Java Edition 4.1.7 of BDB from BTree to Hash. The Core version had DatabaseType.HASH, DatabaseType.RECNO and DatabaseType.Queue- Are these not supported ...

14. autonicrement berkeley db, or list

Do berkeley db has autoincrement? I'm using java for testing, I saw the example: collections.ship.tuple.Sample where the author uses a StoredSortedMap to handle the data, so he needs to put a key ...

15. Alternatives to Berkeley DB (Java)

Berkeley DB (JE) licensing may be a deal killer. I have a Java application going to a small set of customers but as it is a desktop application, my price ...

16. Berkeley DB tuple with unknown datatype

I'm working with a Berkeley database (in Java). I need to read a tuple where the sequence is a string, either an int or long, then another string. How ...

17. Java Berkeley DB DPL - read operation spikes

I'm using DPL in Java. I have 1GB of data store. I'm firing 5 threads which are trying to read the same records after 1second of interval. Initially the read operation takes ...

18. Java Berkeley DB read performance w/ 100M documents

I'm wondering if Berkeley DB JE is a suitable choice to store a simple key/value pair for 100M of documents. I need to achieve <75ms at fetching time on BDB, fetching one ...

19. Berkeley DB Java Edition (SpeelyCat) creates too many threads and opens many files

I am using java berkeley db. I am creating 6 instances of the db. When i checked the number of open files in by the process i found that there were ...

20. I have installed Berkeley DB 5.1.25.msi Windows installer

I have installed Berkeley DB 5.1.25.msi Windows installer and now I want to connect to it with a Java API. How can I do that?

21. Problem in Performing Database Operation on Berkeley DB in java

I got the error like:

Exception in thread "main" java.sql.SQLException: database is locked
at org.sqlite.DB.throwex(
at org.sqlite.NativeDB.prepare(Native Method)
at org.sqlite.DB.prepare(
at org.sqlite.Stmt.executeQuery(
at sqljdbc.Sqlitejdbc1.main(

22. Which is better way for accessing berkeley db

I am using two package 1) Berkeley db Java Edition using BASE API 2)Berkeley DB Java Edition Using DPL (Direct Persistence Layer) if the performance is the issue then which is better ...

23. Problem in writing record to Berkeley DB

when i am writing 1033 record then it write successfully but when i am writing 5,00,000 record the it give following error

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

24. How to increase Cache Size in Berkeley DB Java Edition

I am using berkeley db java edition. how can i increase cache size

25. How can I use Heap access method in Berkeley DB 5.2.28

hi i am using Berkeley DB Java Edition DB API so how can I use heap access method instead of Btree access method.

26. Berkeley DB JE in the Cloud ?

I am building an application that uses the BDB JE embedded, and I am wondering about best-practises with regards to deploying said application to the cloud. In general the application in ...

27. How can I store an ArrayList field in a Java Berkeley DB?

I have this structure in Java to be stored in berkeley DB using TupleSerialBinding:

public class SampleValues implements Serializable, MarshalledEntity {
private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

    protected double ...

28. Increse on physical memory java berkeley db using StoredSortedMap

I'm storing data in berkeley db using

StoredSortedMap<Long, SomeClass> aMapExample;
but when I store MANY records the physical memory increases too much. It doesn't stop to increase when recording data. This shouldn't happen ...

29. Netbeans and Berkeley (XML) DB

30. Access Berkeley DB Files (DBM)

Can someone help point me to a very simple way to access Berkeley DB files? We have a set of DBM files that I'd like to use in a Java program. I've identified a few possibilities, none of which I'm that crazy about. Is there a JDBC driver available? Is there a Java API to walk through the file? It appears ...