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1. Counting primitives in Neo4j

I have been reading through the documentation for neo4j and it's components and have yet to come across functionality that lets me query the total ...

2. Graph Database in Java (other than Neo4J)

Is there any open source graph database available other than Neo4J?? NOTE: Why not Neo4J?
Neo4J is opensource, but counts primitives (number of nodes,relationships & properties). If you are using it ...

3. What is the difference between GraphDatabaseService or NeoService in neo4j

I'm learning to use neo4j, but am a bit confused on its usage. When I'm adding nodes and relationships, I can do it like this:

GraphDatabaseService graphDb = new EmbeddedGraphDatabase("C:/temp/graphdb");
Transaction ...

4. Problem Working with Neo

I downloaded Neoclipse Source and downloaded the Neo4J source. However some of the classes that the Neoclipse source file refers to are not found in the ...

5. How can I store this kind of graph in neo4j for fast traversal?

This is a graph whose nodes exist in many connected components at once because a node's relationships are a collection of edge groups such that only one edge per edge group ...

6. Java application on windows server possibility?

I'd like to know if it is possible to have this application (neo4j) running on windows server 2008 alongside an mvc application. Reason for this, I need to ...

7. Neo4j OutOfMemory problem

This is my source code of It was grabbed from neo4j-apoc-1.0 examples. The goal of modification to store 1M records of 2 nodes and 1 relation:

package javaapplication2;

import org.neo4j.graphdb.GraphDatabaseService;
import org.neo4j.graphdb.Node;
import org.neo4j.graphdb.RelationshipType;
import ...

8. Efficient way to find node set having relationships to given nodes using neo4j

Is there an efficient way with given two nodes to find a set of their common nodes (with defined relationships). For example, having nodes A1, B1, C1-C4 connected with relationships x and ...

9. How to use Neo4j BatchInserted nodes after they have been created and indexed?

I'm using the BatchInsert and LuceneIndexBatchInserter api's to create my graph (~10000 nodes for now). The thing is BatchInserter.createNode(...) returns a long.

BatchInserter inserter = new BatchInserterImpl( DB_PATH, BatchInserterImpl.loadProperties(  ...

10. how to find a particular node in Neo4j

how to find the particular node using the Neo4j API.When i refereed the docs i got some code to get all nodes However if i have a node called "XYZ" I ...

11. How to remove/delete a node & relationship in Neo4j in java?

I started learning Neo4j. I have a basic idea about it. May be my question looks silly but its important to know much more from others while learning.
I have small ...

12. Neo4j database research

I recently started researching database features of databases. At the moment I'm looking into Neo4j Graph database. Unfortunately, I can't find every bit of information I need. I found most information except the ...

13. How to drop the neo4j embedded database with java?

The class GraphDatabaseService seems not provide any method to drop/clear the database. It there any other means to drop/clear the current embedded database with Java?

14. In Neo4j how can I create a trigger?

I would like to call some Java code when a node of a certain type is added, updated or deleted in Neo4j. How can I do this?

15. Is the Java API deprecated in Neo4j 1.3?

It seems that for the latest 1.3 release of Neo4j only the JRuby interface is supported. Where is the Java interface?

16. How can I store references to Java objects in Neo4j?

How can I store references to Java objects in Neo4j?

17. How to set canonical hostname in linux?

Question: How do I "set" the canonical hostname as reported by java's InetAddress.getCanonicalHostname() method? Context: I'm trying to run Neo4j (which has an embedded jetty server) on CentOS 5.6. The service ...

18. How to calculate mutual friends with neo4j?

I want to use neo4j to manage relationship among users. How can I get mutual friends using it?

19. An apt database (and/or) framework suggestion needed

Well, I've taken help of Google, Stackoverflow and whatever else I could find, did as much as I could, but it seems that I am unable to find out an exact ...

20. Neo4j - Architecture, Java API & Persistence

I just loved the concept of Graph Based Databases, specifically Neo4j. I have some queries:

  1. Is there any Architecture document on Neo4j? I specifically want to know, suppose if I use Java ...

21. Java Threads for Memory Management

I have an application that performs a very sequential set of discrete tasks. My problem is that one of the first tasks consumes a large amount of memory, and despite eliminating object ...

22. Error trying to access Neo4j database through REST for traversal using Gremlin

I am using Gremlin over Neo4j Database. I'm able to load the tinkergraph database and do gremlin traversal on it, but unable to load local-database and do the traversal on it. ...

23. Create new db to neo4j with java library

I try to follow this guide: but I have a fatal error when I try to create a db. This is the error:

org.neo4j.jmx.impl.JmxExtension load
INFO: Failed to register JMX ...

24. neo4j huge graph and solution

I have guite a big network in csv file. It containt 450 k nodes and 45 000 000 relationships. As ive read in neo4j documentation this type of database can handle ...

25. using filters in traversal neo4j

How can I add filter to given traversal : TraversalDescription td = Traversal.description() .breadthFirst() ...

26. neo4j - Property AutoIndexer not storing values

The problem that I'm running into is that after I make an AutoIndex index a certain property, I can add a key/value pair and the index won't show that it's there. ...

27. After 128th node is created in neo4j index no more nodes can be accessed

This seems like a very strange problem. I'm stress testing my neo4j graph database, and so one of my tests requires creating a lot of users (in this specific test, 1000). ...

28. why java.lang.StackOverflowError error is coming in groovy

while running following code :

def v1=[];
def p=[];'x')
    .except(v1).sideEffect{v1.add(it)}  // step 1
    .outE('priority').inV          ...

29. Mocks returning mocks: Mocking neo4j (database) objects for unit testing of domain logic

I am unit testing domain logic and domain objects backed by a neo4j database. Most of these tests need to mock the neo4j GraphDatabaseService, various Nodes, and various Relationships. ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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