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1. What is the best way to import xml to a database (using java)    stackoverflow.com

I have just written a program for importing data from an xml file to a database using dom4j. It endend up as a series of xpath statements wrapped in java, - ...

2. BaseX XML database code    stackoverflow.com

I'm a student of computer science and we have to use BaseX (a pure Java OSS XML database) in one of our courses. While browsing through the code I discovered the ...

3. exhausting all the questions in a xml database    stackoverflow.com

i am developing an App,its like a test series,dere r two version FULL & LITE,for FULL total number of question in d xml database is around 300,& for LITE version its ...

4. Java Database API requiring no XML configuration    stackoverflow.com

I am recently back in Javaland from Ruby and Activerecord and was wondering if there were any database solutions that do not require me to set up XML files to use ...

5. Strongly-typed XML native database with XSD support    stackoverflow.com

I am looking for a Java-based implementation of an XML native database, which exploits XML schema to provide strongly typed operations and checks over the stored data. Does anyone is aware ...

6. How to add -Xlint:unchecked option or any javac option in Eclipse?    stackoverflow.com

How can i to add -Xlint:unchecked option or any javac option in Eclipse? this is strange there is no obvious way to do that in eclipse. Thanks in advance

7. What Relational Databases can Store XML as a Native Type?    stackoverflow.com

I'm investigating approaches for CMS content storage that don't involve entity attribute value models or NoSQL. Some of the problems I'm trying to solve:

  1. No DDL for new types
  2. Specifying the ...

8. Use XML as database in Java    stackoverflow.com

I want to use XML file as database. Where I want to store an ID and its correspondingly a String path. Like:


9. reading huge data from database and writing into xml Java    stackoverflow.com

I have huge data billions of records in tables what is the best way to read it in plain Java and write it in XML file? Thanks

10. Architecture Java EE ? many ressources : database, xml     stackoverflow.com

I have a Java application and now I want to make it an web app. Now I think about how to make the architecture of this app. In fact, I have many resources, ...

11. NetBeans - RESTful service with db, but need XML input instead    stackoverflow.com

NetBeans comes with a wizard that sets you up with a RESTful web service. (NetBeans/GlassFish). (see here: http://netbeans.org/kb/docs/websvc/rest.html) This creates the service and gives a dummy database which you can ...

12. How to fetch data from database in solr    stackoverflow.com

I wanted to fetch data from database for indexing through solr. my db-data-config.xml is :

    <dataSource type="JdbcDataSource" driver="org.gjt.mm.mysql.Driver" url="jdbc:mysql://" user="root" password="ampliflex" />

13. XML database eXist and grammar validation    stackoverflow.com

here I am again :/ I managed to make exist database run in embedded mode. However, what I can't make work is implicit XML validation. I proceeded according to this page:

14. How to map database XML output to JAXB derived object model    stackoverflow.com

I am requesting links to sources/material that will help me with the following problem (a problem because I am novice to Java/JAXB and coming from a PHP background). I am ...

15. How to pass a arraylist to a database in java    stackoverflow.com

I have Created a new derby database with hibernate.I am able to create a database in the Apache derby.I am able to get the data from nodes in xml.And store it ...

16. CSV Vs XML, Which one is efficient to store data    stackoverflow.com

as i have not much knowledge & experience in Database and i have to usexml or csv for storing the data as DB. please let me know which one should i ...

17. Developing application using XML Database    stackoverflow.com

What is the best technology used to build J2EE application based on XML Database. I'm using Oracle 11G Database and JDeveloper Is it applicable to use ADFbc for it? Note: I'm trying ...

18. XML to database    coderanch.com

19. XML to database using java    coderanch.com

i am doing a transfer of data from sql database to Oracle database using XML as transfer format as required by client. All rows in the tables are represented in blocks in XML. I capture these date from XML and create java objects to store each row of data and these objects are stored in vector. The objects in vector is ...

20. Database to XML    coderanch.com

21. XML to Database    coderanch.com

22. database and xml    coderanch.com

an XML file, called agents.xml, containing the details of at least 5 travel agents. The structure of the file is as follows:

How to populate a Microsoft Access database with the agents details and to read the data from the database in the correct order for ...

23. Unicode problem with Reading XML with utf-8 content into Unicode database    coderanch.com

Hi . I have a problem with reading some Strings from a XML file (unicode encoding) and storing them into database. what i do is : I read my nodes content into a String variable and then pass it to the SQL statement , then i execute the statement.what i get in database is just ??? for my fields with unicode ...

24. Generate Xml thru database    coderanch.com

i want to generate a xml file from a table in the database.the database being Oracle 8i and java-1.4.now,i am not even able to compile the program.Infact eclipse is stick with the red mark saying the following package doesnot exist.I dont know exactly but i thinl there is some jar problem in my classpath.There may be a few jars in 9i ...

25. XML and DB comp    coderanch.com

26. database equivalent for XML time    coderanch.com

I am using a tool called XSU to transform from XML to database columns. It is having problems if i define the 'time' based node from XML. It only works in case i map it to a String, it has problems if i try to map 20:00:00 to a interval or date. I can not use String because i need to ...

27. XML vs Database    coderanch.com

I am looking for views on this: We have data of size 10 TB(terabytes), stored in multiple disks. Metadata (data describing data like filename, its location, author, description etc.) can go in GB(gigabyes) say 5 GB. To develop a web based application, should metadata be stored in xml files or in a database like oracle, mysql etc. Since data is going ...

28. Reverse engineers database into xml    coderanch.com

It's a non-trivial topic, meaning you have to write a parser yourself. You can get tools that will try to auto-generate a database out of XML, but often the logical structure is lost. For example, you might use database normalization for efficient storage of column data, but in the XML you want these tables denormalized so that a record contains all ...

29. xml creation from db    coderanch.com

This is a web application in j2ee. we r having problem in accessing 1000s of data from the oracle 9i db from our application. The problem is in generating report from the application===> This is nothing but generating an xml file from the application and an xslt file which accepts input as the generated xml file. Cocoon accepts the xslt file ...

30. Database to XML convertion    coderanch.com

31. Common data type for XML in a database    coderanch.com

I would like to store XML in a database, however as my application currently runs under mysql, sql 2005 and oracle 10g I would like to use a column type in each database which is the same, at least from the perspective of jdbc. Can anyone suggest anything, all the vendors seem to have different names for similar types and it's ...

32. XML to database    coderanch.com

Hi all I need your help,I am having XML files that are coming from out side which will contain table data and I am parsing that XML file and able to extract that data using SAX parser.now I want to insert the data into the database maybe mysql or sqlserver.please can any body suggest me how to insert the data in ...

35. Uploading xml to database    coderanch.com

36. xml or database?    coderanch.com

37. database to xml    coderanch.com

38. Storing XML in the Database    coderanch.com

I am working on an application that will require storing xml in the database. The xml will contain user permissions that will be loaded into a POJO after the user logs in(Using JAXB). The permissions will be created/edited by the same application. We are using Oracle database. My question is what's the best way of storing XML in the database. Should ...

39. Database View to CSV and XML    coderanch.com

Hi everyone, I have a task to create a batch which converts a given (database) view to XML and CSV and sends the resulting file by mail or FTP. Many APIs are available for this conversion on the net, however I am required to find the number of rows contained in the view and write it in a log (it is ...

40. xml document to pdf and store in database    coderanch.com

Hi, I am having a requiremet. I am having an xml document with data. I need to convert that xml document to pdf document and store it in the database. It is an urgent requirement. Please anyone guide me in doing...I am not getting where to start. Thanks & Regards, Vipul Kumar.

41. xml to database from xml rpc    java-forums.org

Your problem has web service nature. Your are invoking some remote operation on some server, send params to it, and get response in client that has to be stored in DB. Your use case is typical, but your solution is not. Why? First thing you have to be aware of is : in what format is data send back to you. ...

42. database to XML    java-forums.org

43. How to Store Data from the DataBase into XML    forums.oracle.com

44. XML databases    forums.oracle.com

Hello all! We develop bookkeeper's application and I need to use some database. We think MySQL and Oracle databases are so heavy for using with small-size data. We want to use XML databases. Is it right choice? And I have question about opensource databases to use. Which databases I must use for small-size data? Xindice, eXist or other?...

45. which is lighter/quicker XML vs database    forums.oracle.com

In the end it is easier too in my experience; I switched from using XML data and configuration files in one of my apps to a HSQL in memory database in combination with JPA and oh my did the code become easier. It pays off when you can ask a database a simple question and get a direct answer in stead ...

46. Suggestions required on mapping data from xml to db    forums.oracle.com

Now after parsing the data from this XML using SAX/DOM parsers I create a Data Structure like a (Hashtable) where the tag names act as the and the text content inside them becomes the . I then use this Hashtable for populating the matching columns in the database. //Issue Now as we can this process becomes a huge bottle neck ...

47. uploading data in bulk to database using XML.    forums.oracle.com

48. XML or Database for a game?    forums.oracle.com

I want to make "roguelike".. I am not sure where to store my data, in xml or database its pure client app i need data when user is creating character or browsing trough menus and when dungeons are generated or even copied.. lets say i have 2000 monsters and i want choose 50-100 random ones from that table(or xml file) when ...

49. Create a Database from xml    forums.oracle.com

Wrong. Any program that can be written with one IDE can be written with any other IDE or with a simple text editor. Nobody here will every care what IDE anybody is using, and the answer will never be different for one IDE vs. another. (The only exception to that is if someone posts a questions specifically about a feature of ...

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