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1. sql date

2. difference between two dates with excel as database

Load the complete sheet into Java memory and use Java instead to do the work. Its only very inefficient and memory consuming. trunc and to_date are Oracle specific SQL functions. This is indeed not going to work in Excel (let alone another databases). I also highly doubt if the lousy ODBC bridge driver understands a little bit more than the standard ...

3. Save date to the database

4. "show parameter fixed_date" in JDBC

5. Getting a Four Digit Date from SQL call

I am getting remote data from a db2 data source. Eventhough the date field I am getting my data from has a four digit year my SQL result only has two digit year. Please help. When ever I try and change the format of the date to a four digit after it is returned I get a year like 0009 My ...

6. dates and JDBC

7. sql date or util date

8. date order change,,,

10. date problem

11. setNull(1, java.sql.Types.DATE)

12. setNull(2, java.sql.Types.DATE);

13. java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected NUMBER got DATE

Hi all, I have this code String sql = " SELECT " + " * " + " FROM " + " population_users pu " + " LEFT JOIN population_entries pe on pu.curr_population_entry_id = " + " LEFT JOIN populations p on pe.population_id =, " + " population_entries_hist peh "+ " LEFT JOIN population_entries pe_old_pop on peh.population_entry_id = ...

14. Ordering the retrieved dates from Database

I tried putting your SQL inside code blocks, but it still was hard for me to read. This is possibly just a question of style (and I have yet to find a good style for SQL that everyone agrees to). I think your code can be rewritten as: SELECT MONTH_YEAR, SUM(MONTH_COUNT) FROM ( SELECT REPLACE(TO_CHAR(TIMESTAMP,'MON-YYYY'),'-','_') AS MONTH_YEAR, 1 AS MONTH_COUNT FROM ...

15. util.Date to sql.Date

Doesnt getTime() return current time? Or it gives ms till date that is already stored in date object? Ill try like that and see what i get in my sql.Date... edit: Yes it works with getTime() i dont know why i didnt try it in first place,it returns value from date not current date... Thank you

17. date problem

18. Date Extraction

19. java.sql.Date issue

Hi, I have an issue that I cannot understand. Today is the 24th of June, 2011. Here is my code: Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance(); dayCB.setSelectedIndex(c.DATE - 1); System.out.println(c.DAY_OF_MONTH); System.out.println(c.DATE); as expected, both DAY_OF_MONTH and DATE return the same integer. However, it returns the WRONG integer. It returns 5??? I do not understand this at all. Any ideas? I post this here ...

20. java.sql.Date '0000-00-00' problem

Thanks. My editbale JTable returns null if there is not a date value in the database; and I store null in the database for any missing data; but I get the error message as if I had stored "0000-00-00" or as if the table returned "0000-00-00" I am going to try to understand this: The JDBC driver developers for MySQL created ...

22. date problem

23. Error loading object from file : C:\Date.jrxml Jass Report

import java.util.*; import java.sql.Connection; import java.awt.event.*; import net.sf.jasperreports.engine.*; import net.sf.jasperreports.view.*; public class Test extends Thread { Connection connection; public test(String Clv_area) { } public void run(){ try { String fileName="C:\\Date.jrxml"; ConexionSingleton connection= connectionSingleton.getInstance(); Connection con = connection.getConnection(); String Clv_area="John"; Map parameters = new HashMap(); parameters.put("pname",Clv_area); JasperPrint jasperPrint = JasperFillManager.fillReport(fileName,parameters,con); JasperViewer jviewer = new JasperViewer(jasperPrint,false);; } catch (Exception j) { System.out.println("Error:"+j.getMessage()); ...

24. Date check constraint

Hi there I'm a beginner using databases and currently working on my first database script where i'm trying to add different check constraints. I've looked around but can't seem to find any way to add a check to a date, which checks if the inserted row with a given date is older than the day it was created. Is this even ...

25. Need your help to display correct data by date

Hi Everybody, I want to calculate Total of Quantity and GROUP BY CarID. My problem quite difficult to me, and currently I don't know how to do, please help to show me the solutions for this. In my database have some tables: TBL_CAR_TX, TBL_CAR, TBL_PERSON table: TBL_CAR_TX ------------------ select * from TBL_CAR_TX where TranDate >= '2011-06-09' and Trandate <= '2011-06-20' TranID, ...

26. problem with date field

27. java.util.Date vs java.sql.Date

Java.util.Date is a basic, all-purpose Date object. It simply stores a Date (as a long) and allows you to display it. java.sql.Date extends java.util.Date to add the following functionality: 1) toString now outputs the date as "yyyy-mm-dd" instead of as a Locale specific String 2) add the valueOf method to read a String of "yyyy-mm-dd" format and parse it into a ...

28. data between dates in database.

29. o get the missing date from database

30. sql date problem

32. how to save Date object in database?

33. Binding Apache SQL Date

I don't understand the subject. I know what binding is; I know who Apache is; I know what SQL Date is. But "I have successfully bound the column to a JTable and the data displays OK" throws me. Is it some Apache software that somehow is binding a table and column to a particular Swing element? Is this JSF or Seam? ...

34. jdbc and puling dates

35. How do I create a Dynamic java.sql.Date ArrayList or Collection?

Hi, There is my code and the errors that I get are: found : java.sql.Date required: java.sql.Date[] aDate = rs.getDate("dates"); Actually I have No idea as How to get a Result set into an ArrayList or Collection. Please tell me how to do this Dynamically. I have like 25 records in that Database table, but they will grow, so I would ...

36. GregorianCalendar and java.sql.Date

37. SQL Date Issue...

Hi, I am trying to enter values into the db. The data type for the column is "datetime". I have the value in the format "2008-10-03 07:50:10.0" and if i do this, i am just left with the date. Time gets truncated. java.util.Date uploadDate = photo.getUploadDate(); java.sql.Date sqlUploadDate= null; if(uploadDate!=null){ sqlUploadDate = new java.sql.Date(uploadDate.getTime()); } stmt.setDate(6,sqlUploadDate); When i try to print ...

38. SQL Date doubt

39. java.sql.Date

What your insert sql trying to do is, INSERT INTO SERVICEREQUEST (daterecieved) values ('2008-03-03') but your MSSQL current date format is not YYYY-MM-DD. I guess you should determine first what is the current format of your MSSQL server date, or you can just use SET DATEFORMAT, as below: SET DATEFORMAT dmy; This shall accept the date string as DD/MM/YY, then you ...

40. java.sql.Date: alternate for deprecated method

Create a Date object as you're doing now. Use that to create or set a Calendar object. Then use Calendar's add method to add one day. Then compare that Calendar's DAY_OF_WEEK (or whatever that field is called) to see if it's Saturday. Look at Date's and Calendar's javadocs to see which methods and constructors may be appropriate.

41. java.util.Date Vs java.sql.Date

hi endasil, i have read that documentation. but i am not getting the proper place where to use this respective date. suppose if i am developing web based application, we will have presentation layer, controller layer, service layer, integration layer or persistence layer and this layer will interact with database. suppose i am taking date from user through jsp page, so ...

42. trim date in database

43. DST issue: Date discrepancy in displaying the retrieved Date from database

Hope you know the general DST Transition funda. The DST date time wont be having time 2007 Mar 10 2:00:00 AM. Instead it has 3:00:00 AM. Here the transition takes place from 1:59:99 AM to 3:00:00 AM. Let me describe my issue in detail. We have data for 2:00:00AM am and 3:00:00AM separately in the database. The project uses JDK 1.5 ...

44. sql date and uti date

45. manipulation without depricated

46. Java Dates + Database Weird

47. jdbc date minus nowDate

System.out.println("Order PartyID that require your attention is : "+ x + " and workOrderPartyid: " + y +" and WorkOrderListDesc: " + z + " and the sent date is: "+ dateTest + "and the difference between the insertDate and the today is in days: " + dif); } cWorkPartyID.close(); Any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks for answering so soon. Good ...

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50. Date is not stored properly in db.

51. best practice to store date in database