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1. How can I set the NLS date format without setting the Locale

Our java class calls PLSQL proc which returns date in default format which is defined by NLS_DATE_FORMAT. Our application sets its own Locale for internationalization but I want the date format ...

2. converting date format

I got date as '14-Dec-2010' i want to get the month in number format for the given date. that is., i want to convert the date to '14-12-2010'.

3. How can I set the global default date format in Java?

Is there a way to set the default DateFormat class used for parsing strings into dates? My background: I get exceptions reading date values from JDBC because the date string is not ...

4. how to get JDBC Date format?

I've looked through page, and didn't find satisfying answer. Is there a possibility to get a default data format from JDBC? I'am writing a program, where user can choose different type of databases ...

5. Date Format

All the databases I am familiar with have a date data type, and its internal format is not set by you. You can set the default display format. So its already set up to be efficient as long as you don't use a function on it where tabdate > to_date('20010501', 'YYYYMMDD') OK where to_char(tabdate, 'YYYYMMDD') > '20010501) NOT OK Dan

6. compatibility of date format

Every database has there own way of doing this. Oracle provides a date function called trunc, which you can indicate the precision level that you want for a given date value. Everything beyond that precision is truncated: eg. the same day in Oracle: "select id from emp where trunc(hiredate) = trunc(sysdate)" OR "select id from emp where to_char(hiredate, 'dd/mm/yy')=to_char(sysdate, 'dd/mm/yy')" Formatting ...

7. Date format

In my table i have the date column and i am using the setting SYSDATE to enter the date in my oracle 8i table. and when i try to get he records using on date field i get SQL> select * from moneytrans where DOT=sysdate; no rows selected SQL> select * from moneytrans where DOT='1-JAN-02'; no rows selected even i used ...

8. Formatting Date with Microsoft Access

9. Date Formatting

10. Date format

11. sql date formatting problem

12. How can we know the date format when we get the data from EXCEL using JXL package

hai nitin, I am facing problems while reading ...the data from excel sheet ... That package is not able to identify the actual date fromat.... Do u feel that POI has this facility in reading different kinds of data I have seen ur link ..but it is all about writing...hope u got me any how thanks for reply

13. How to handle this Date format?

Sorry, if my English did not make sense. What I meant was that I have various tables and these tables have fields which are unique to that table. table1 has date and nameID fields table2 has nameID,name,address and phone fields. Now I cannot use the same prepared statement for both, right? I better have two classes (or methods in one class), ...

15. Date Formatting

Hi, I am getting date from the resultset. So the default value will ne yyyy-MM-dd. but I need the date formatted into MM/dd/yyyy. SInce I need to assign the Date value in the return object that I need to display in the jsp. I need it as a Date because I need to sort the values according to the user input. ...

16. date format error

hi ranchers ! i have a confusion with the Date() method of the java.util package and the java.sql date() method.i have created a table with ms Access with a field data type as Date.what is the difference between these two Date method.which date format will not throw the Exception and which will be more accurate to this date format.plese someone answer ...

17. Date Format change

19. Date format

You dont have any control over the format the Timestamp is kept in the database. You can set the date time to what ever you want when you put it in of course . You can also control how you want to format it when you get a timestamp out of the database and display or print it somewhere.

20. java.sql.Date to 'dd-mm-yyyy' format

Hi All, Can any one help me with the code snippet for the following? I am getting a java.sql.Date object from the data base. I wanted it to be converted into the format of 'DD-MM-YYYY' the return object may be either a Date object or a String. Thanks in Advance. Immediate response would be highly appreciated. Regards, Sandeep.

21. A challenge while formatting date value from the database

Dear All, I'm fetching a set of data from the database which includes some date values. This is my code: import java.sql.*; import java.sql.Date; import java.text.*; public class Testmysql { public static String url="jdbc:mysql://localhost/mysql"; public static String user="root"; public static String passwd="root"; public static void main (String[] args) { Testmysql my=new Testmysql(); Connection conn=null; ResultSet rs=null; Statement stmt=null; SimpleDateFormat df1 = ...

23. date format

24. Default Date format issue in ojdbc6

I am having my current application running on weblogic 8.3 (java 1.4) and jdbc driver ojdbc14 The default date format used in oracle database is DD-MON-YYYY When i get the date using rs.getString() , I get the date in default format DD-MON-YYYY However while upgrading to weblogic 10.3 which uses ojdbc6 the default date format for a date column is datetime ...

25. date format

In the first case a String which is in yyyy-mm-dd format, is first converted to Date object using the parse method, and then that Date object is formatted as String dd-mm-yyyy format using format method. In the later case you already have a Date object, that is just formatted to the required format using format method.

26. java date format stored as varchar - need to convert it into date

Hi, I am stuck at a basic issue related to SQL. I've a table which stores date in varchar. It's has data like this: Mon Apr 25 08:11:20 GMT 2011 Mon Apr 25 08:14:15 GMT 2011 Mon Apr 25 11:46:00 GMT 2011 Tue Apr 26 09:22:08 GMT 2011 My requirement is to compare dates for two rows. I could do that ...

27. ojdbc14.jar to ojdbc6.jar Date Format Problem

Hi, Using the ojdbc14.jar, when I execute the SQL query SELECT * FROM nls_session_parameters where parameter = 'NLS_DATE_FORMAT' on a java standalone application. It returns DD.MM.YYYY. However, when I tried to upgrade to ojdbc6.jar and execute the same SQL query, it returns DD-MON-RR. I just want to have an idea why is DD.MM.YYYY format was returned when using ojdbc14 while DD-MON-RR ...

28. changing the format of java.sql.Date

A Date (either java.sql.Date or java.util.Date) does not have a "format". It is an abstract representation of a date in a way that only the computer (aka the Java VM) can understand. If you want to print it in a special way, you need to create a String object. To do this you can do two things: * call toString(), which ...

29. System date format problem with DB

Hi all, Is my first topic in this forum and I really need help My problem is the following one: I have a client/server java application and it is used by many users, and I detect that some of this user at the time to update some date fields on the data base, the date is stored wrong. For example the ...

30. Put java.sql.Date in correct format