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1. Why is SimpleDateFormat not parsing my date correctly?

I'm trying to avoid reinstalling Eclipse to solve this, so I hope someone can help with this date-parsing problem. Here's what I do.

DateFormat dateFormat; 
That's a variable in my ...

2. Java string to date convert null, writing to SQL database issue

I have a date that has been converted to a string to be passed to a Java socket server. An example of this value is "06:19:18p.m. 13/01/2011".
Within the socket server I'm ...

3. Java, date from separate JSON values to string to date

I have a JSON object being returned to my app that contains a date

date": {
"year": 2011,
"month": 5,
"dayOfMonth": 30,
"hourOfDay": 16,
"minute": 13,
"second": 47
I need to use this date and store it in a ...

4. Java - convert date formatted String from SQL db to date object for comparison

I have a string stored in a database (example: Sat Jul 09 14:20:31 EDT 2011) This is stored as string (I am aware of SQLs date capabilities, but I'm not exploring that ...

5. Date.toString() - sql vs util dates

I need to remove time from a Date Object. Here is my try, Code:

System.out.println("date " + dbDate);
SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd");
System.out.println("formatter.format(dbDate) " + formatter.format(dbDate));
System.out.println("final " + formatter.parse(formatter.format(dbDate)));
date 2011-12-03 23:59:59.0
formatter.format(dbDate) 2011-12-03
final Sat Dec ...