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All I'm trying to insert data to an empty table and so when i execute just one statement(st.executeUpdate("")) i do not get anything entered,so i had to use a second statement with the first one in order to get the data from the first statement entered to the first row. please let me know what is the ideal solutions. here is ...

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Hi Arun, Its going to depend on how your JDBC driver vendor handles errors in batch updates. It sounds like your driver does not allow the batch updates to continue if there is an error with one of the calls. A driver can throw the BatchUpdateException when an error occurs while processing a batch. If the driver does continue with processing ...

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Hi all ! I am trying to add a group of records in MS ACCESS database using the following code: // stringArray is an array of String i.e String[] for(int i=0; i

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Hi, Need your help on this one.I am using PreparedStatment to update the database records.Now, I want to throw Application exception on the basis of returned value from executeUpdate(). What should be the condition to throw exception? int intReturn = pstmtUpdate.executeUpdate(); if (intReturn ??? 0) { } else { } ??? in above condition should be >,>= . Please ...

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Hi there guys. I got this inconvenient problem, I'm trying to save lots of Objects that are in an ArrayList to the database. No sucess though. Here's the code: public String cadastrarResponsavel(PessoaJuridica p) throws SQLException { this.ps = CON.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO Responsavel " + "(cdPessoaJuridica, cdPessoaFisica) " + "VALUES (?, ?)"); List responsaveis = p.getResponsavel(); for(Responsavel resp : responsaveis) { this.cadastrarResponsavel(p, resp); ...

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Thanks Jeanne. I'm just checking a code some other developer has done for the DBConncetion I mentioned above. One method would be like this. Here when the connection is created it sets the autocommit to false. This method has few problems as I see. Please asume all the variables are properly defined and initialized. (stmt--> Statement). public boolean insert(String query){ boolean ...

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import java.io.*; public class Index { private static String mTitle = ""; public Index() { } public static void main(String[] args)throws IOException { // TODO code application logic here System.out.println("===Start==="); Dbc dbc = new Dbc(); if(dbc.setCon()==0) System.out.println("Database load successful..."); else{ System.out.println("Database load unsuccessful..."); System.exit(1); } BufferedReader input = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(System.in)); while(mTitle.length()<1 | mTitle==""){ System.out.print("Enter movie title: "); mTitle = input.readLine(); ...