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My question is very related to this one: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/932625/multiple-dynamic-data-sources-for-a-servlet-context. However I haven’t found a proper solution just yet and would like to ask it again. I have a little JSF application ...

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What's up with JNDI names? I'm trying to get a javax.sql.DataSource using the new annotations feature of Java 5. It's not working for me, so I want to ask... I have a ...

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My application currently relies on JDBC realm authentication. Recent needs have forced us to think about having LDAP authentication as well. We are thinking about using Active Directory for both authentication ...

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I have a problem accessing JNDI resources from within an OSGI bundle, hosted in WebSphere Application Server (WAS) using a servlet bridge. It is failing on creating the JNDI initial context. My ...

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I want to use connection pooling with Jetty 6, but so far it is giving my a lot of troubles. I do

InitialContext context = new InitialContext();
It doesn't throw an exception, but when ...

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A Connection is the owner of a Statement. A Statement is the owner of a ResultSet. When you close an object earlier in the chain the other objects, later in the ...

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I am trying a sample application that uses JNDI. But when I try to run one servlet I get the following error: C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Tomcat 5.5\webapps\jndi-datasource\WEB-INF\classes \com\servlet>javac JndiDatasourceServlet.java JndiDatasourceServlet.java:15: package com.sql does not exist import com.sql.JndiDatasource; ^ JndiDatasourceServlet.java:35: cannot find symbol symbol : class JndiDatasource location: class com.servlet.JndiDatasourceServlet JndiDatasource jnd = new JndiDatasource(); ^ JndiDatasourceServlet.java:35: cannot find symbol symbol : class ...

13. JNDI for database    coderanch.com

Thanks Paul. Yes, I meant that only but being new to JNDI, I couldn't ask that properly. Thanks Medha, It was nice link and helped me to find more content. I found a link which explains it step by step: http://www.onjava.com/onjava/2003/01/08/examples/AddressesDB.html. Code from that article: InitialContext initialContext = new InitialContext (); Context envContext = (Context) initialContext.lookup ("java:comp/env"); DataSource dataSource = (DataSource) ...

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I am trying to get JNDI to work. My attempt gives me error: Cannot create JDBC driver of class '' for connect URL 'null' server.xml(C:\jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28\conf) driverClassName oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver url jdbc:oracle:thin:@abcdefghi:1521:infie:"scott":"tiger" username scott password tiger maxActive 20 maxIdle 10 maxWait -1 Entered ...

17. JNDI    coderanch.com

Hi, I tried logging to Tomcat Websever Admin by giving username and password to create a JNDI. It says Invalid username/password try again. I changed the tomcat-users.xml file also and restarted the server. but still i face the same problem. Could anyone help me out of this.

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Ravi, One thing is java:comp lookup is portable ,where as global JNDI lookup through context are not. Say if you lookup datasource through JNDI in global context, when you change your underlying database , JNDI differs so does your code . where as if you use java:comp , change in web.xml / vendor specific xml alone.

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Hi friends, i am working on my college project. My project is working perfectly. i used JDBC-ODBC bridge driver. but my teachers says that this driver is very useful for testing, but not for normal use, i.e., when we deploy our application to the web server over the internet, its not a good idea to use JDBC.ODBC bridge driver. Instead we ...

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