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1. Paging in JDBC 2

2. ?? pagination in java

3. Pagination for data transformation

Team, I have a secnario in which i have the following. 1. A number of users(6 million or more) 2. A lot of data per user.(10 tables and each table containing around 25 rows) Now i need to per user i need to transform data for all the rows. The problem: I want to read 50 users at a time and ...

4. Pagination with Sorting

No doubt, but it is not necessary to post it on every previous paging question asked. Once will do just fine, and it can be posted as an answer to future questions of the same kind. Goodness knows it gets asked enough. [ June 05, 2004: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]

5. Regarding paging and caching!!

ok this is what i use. it will be no good if you are applying paging to a huge resultset. I do the order, then reverse order in order to get the preceeding and following number of results displayed (in the jsp) & for setting up the forward back buttons. works fine for me (~5000 records) no caching is involved. (in ...

6. pagination strategy

Hello all, I need to incorporate pagination with a search result. My query may return upto a lakh records and using Tomcat with db2 7.1 ( No ejbs ). What would be appropriate? - putting the entire search result in session and retrieving them on next/previous - or hitting the database every next/previous click. Here, I plan to store the primary ...

7. How paging by JDBC ?

8. best approach to paging ?

Would anyone happen to have a recommendation on how to perform paging ? In particular, say you read pages out of a PRODUCT table, with 100 rows per page, and you need page 9. Now, if it's Oracle, the following should work: "select * from product where rownum between 900 and 1000" However, when using DB2 (or SQL Server), it's my ...

9. pagination - Where

Hey everybody I would like to know which is the best strategy for pagination whether on Java side in some Collection class or retrieve it incrementally from the database. The problem in hand is I would be having some 50-100 rows to be displayed to the client. Now what is better approach I retrieve all the rows from the database at ...

10. Paging retrieve data question

I am trying to do a paging of some sort and below is my code when retrieving the data. Statement stmt = cnt.createStatement(); ResultSet rst = stmt.executeQuery(strsql); int countpaging=0; while ({ countpaging++; if((countpaging >= start+1) && (countpaging <= start+100)){ var1=rst.getString("col1"); var2=rst.getString("col2"); ... } the start variable is passed in to indicate where to start displaying the results and when to end. ...

11. paging

I have a select statement that retrieves 1200 records and some times 10 records.. I use a vector to store the row information. When the select st returrns 1200 records the I get 500 error. where as if its less than that maybe 40 -50 reords it works fine. Why is this due to?

12. How to make pagination?

Hi, This is a very common problem for any web application. I need to make search which may result in thousands of records. So, accordingly the page will be displayed (say, 10 results per page). 1st Approach:- I make the query to hit database everytime a search is requested.So, for every page a search is unnecessarily performed. 2nd Approach:-- I store ...

13. Paging Paul Sturrock

14. How to use Pagination with SQLJ

15. pagination ..... better approach

hi.. I'm in delima what could be a better approach for pagination in a web - based application : it is get data into the memory for onceonly and try manage the things here only ( don't know if it can be done in general ways but if done ... IT INVOLVS MEMORY OCCUPIED , it can go serious if records ...

16. Pagination - Skipping rows in rs

I'm going to try this method of pagination retrieve from the FAQs. I have never had the necessity of using anything less than the entire ResultSet. How do I skip rows? Is it done with the ResultSet object? If not, I can do this in a loop by counting to the row I want to begin on. I just thought there ...

17. Paging

It looks like quite a few people have posted workarounds for this issue. For small result sets, there is no reason that you couldn't create your own form paging in Java by writing all the rows to a list and only displaying the rows you like but I would make a serious attempt to limit the size of the results ...

18. how the pagination is achieved in java

19. Pagination Issue

Hi, Currently , I'm dealing with pagination . I'm tryiing to do it by query. but,i'm n't successful. Pls. help me. code: ______ My query is: String query = "Select * from (Select a.*, rownum rnum From (select * from " + TableDetails + " order by rowid desc)a where rownum <= " + (recordsPerPage * (Integer.parseInt(pageNumber))) + ") where rnum ...

20. Pagination

I have been looking around for implementing pagination. Most of the literature point out to getting the whole records from the Database into the memory and display pagination. However I am looking at 2 level pagination, one at UI level and other at getting fix set of records from Database. For example, I might want to show to the user only ...

21. Performance question for retrieving data for pagination

In the past I have coded this as a compromise between the 2 extremes. I brought back a buffer of the data. Say 10 pages, and if then i would refresh the buffer if the user went past 10. Which method is the most effective depends on query speed, memory constraints and how much data your user pages through.

22. Optimising Pagination

Hi, My project is a JSP/STRUTS/Oracle 9i web application. This project deals with medium size of data (approximately 80,000 - 100,000 records to be displayed to the user). Currently, there is a custom pagination working already. However, it is not the best design (in my opinion). This is how they do the pagination. Firstly, they load all the 80,000 records into ...

23. Paging through a db

The answer depends a lot on things like which database are you using? Is your result set very large? Do you bring back a lot of information with each row? Is the SQL query "expensive"? For "expensive" (slow) queries with small result sets, the best answer is usually to keep a note of all the results (in a session is a ...

24. How can a rownum help in implementing Pagination

Hi How can we use rownum technique to implement pagination . My query is that we use rownum to limit the the number of records given by database engine . Where as the concept of Pagination involves to display results based on the click of the Hyper Link (Similar to Google Search ) For example if i click on "4" Hyperlink ...

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