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1. Jython CLASSPATH, sys.path and JDBC drivers

How can I add JDBC drivers at runtime to Jython? Using CLASSPATH works, but using sys.path doesn't work with zxJDBC even though the class is imported fine and can be manipulated ...

2. Unresolved reference: JAVADB_DRIVER_LABEL - missing classpath items.

I am running NB 6.9.1. In this case, I have a small GUI project backed by a Derby DB. Having got this to work several months ago (probably in NB 6., I shelved it to work on something else. Now, going back to the original GUI project (after several windows updates and having updated NB to 6.9.1) I am getting an ...

3. thin driver / classpath / jdk1.4

4. Problem setting Driver in Classpath

5. loading JDBC driver from a Jar (not in classpath)

How can one load a JDBC driver from a Jar file that is not in the classpath? Currently the Jar's (with the db driver) location is indicated in the run script. However, the application should be deployed as a Jar file, so that the user could start it just by executing that Jar file. The problem is that the user could ...

6. How to add JDBC Driver to my CLASSPATH