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1. WHich Driver for which use?

Hi, Originally posted by Sanjay Deshpande: Can anyone plz tell me which JDBC driever can b used for what peropse? A little explaination woud be very helpfull Sanjay,Drivers can be classified in to four basic types and their usage depends on the Applications constraints. 1) Type 1 : JDC-ODBC Bridge Drivers 2) Type 2 : Partly Java part Native Drivers ...

2. is bridge driver a bridge???

3. Failure to Locate Database Driver

I have a Java program that fails when trying to connect to a DB2 database. The error message is as follows: NO_SUITABLE_DRIVER Unable to load DAMessages I imported the package '' into my IDE (VisualAge) along with all other DB2 packages. (These packages are in the file in the 'Program Files\SQLLIB\Java' directory on my pc.) In VisualAge, I've ...

4. Driver Missing

5. update driver

import java.sql.*; import oracle.jdbc.driver.*; class JDBCVersion { public static void main (String args []) throws SQLException { // Load the Oracle JDBC driver DriverManager.registerDriver (new oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver()); Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection ("jdbc :-o racle:thin:@ :mrgreen: EV","pdoemn","password"); // Create Oracle DatabaseMetaData object DatabaseMetaData meta = conn.getMetaData (); // gets driver info: System.out.println("JDBC driver version is " + meta.getDriverVersion()); } }

6. Need JDBC 2.0 Driver

8. Times Ten Driver

9. need help regg JDBC Drivers

10. Driver


I thought of gathering all basic information of JDBC from all of you and club together and put it in one place so that anybody could find it easily..These are basic questions to be clarified ...And these are not properly mentioned in the link given by you.So please encourage the people to put these in a table format and make it ...

12. Driver does not support this function..

13. jdbc driver?

It has nothing to do with the Classpath, it's related to two things. Firstly, you're using the drivers in an application server (or servlet container at leats), and these ignore the classpath. It allows a single app server to serve multiple applications without having their code bases overlap. The solution should be to place the driver JAR in the web-inf/lib directory, ...

14. JDBC driver

15. fail-safe driver!!

Hi, When I searched thru net, I found this info regarding fail safe. Fail Safe is a database technology designed to allow a database server to fail over to a backup system in the event of a system failure or power outage. Fail Safe is included at no additional charge with Oracle's database server. It works on Windows NT databases only. ...

16. programming with all JDBC Drivers

The whole point is that the code should be the same. The code to access the database and the database type should be independant. This is no longer true if you use database specific SQL, so try not to do that. You only need to change two things and the rest should stay the same. Change the Class.forName() line to refer ...

18. jdbc type3 driver program

22. JDBC Driver for NCR Teradata

23. JDBC Drivers, Servers, and Vendors

24. mysql-jdbc driver

25. Problem with the JDBC driver.

26. driver

27. Which JDBC driver

Originally posted by lenin laker: Hi, You have to get two type of drives to connect to two different databases. for Oracle I think you will get default driver installed in your system when u install any oracle client. i.e classes11*.zip. for MS-SQL U need to download the drivers commercial or free ones./QUOTE] Yes there is one and in ...

28. Driver for Windows 98

Hi Will, You don't need a JDBC driver for your OS; you need one for your database. You don't say which database you're using, but generally the database vendor is the one who supplies the driver. Most JDBC drivers are platform-independent (written in pure Java) so the same driver will work on all OSs (or OS-like software in your case.)

29. flat file driver

30. what kind JDBC driver do I need ?

If you use a Type 4 driver (such as Oracle's THIN driver or Sybase's jconn2) then you can talk to any database regardless of what platform you are running on and what platform the database is on. Likewise, if you are using the JDBC-ODBC bridge, then as long as you have an ODBC connection defined you can acess the database, regardless ...

31. 4 drivers

32. Can I use a JDBC driver installed on another PC ?

Originally posted by Joe Ess: Not that I'm questioning your skillz, but I all the JDBC drivers (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server) I've worked with just needed a JAR/ZIP file in the classpath. What database and driver are you using? What problem do you have installing on XP? Let's put aside the installation problem. I am actually interested in knowing the ...

33. How I unload driver

34. different drivers

Originally posted by eswar kumar: can any one of you tell me in what situation what JDBC driver is used ? and which one is fastest in those and what is the reason ? Well the first criteria is does the driver work for this database! After that, preference would be given to those drivers that are free. Next, preference would ...

35. Using JDBC drivers

I am looking to get more of practical understanding of the JDBC drivers Of the 4 types of JDBC drivers, what are the criteria of using the different drivers and which drivers(namely) are normally used while making Java-based applications? Generally I have seen performance and the ease of deployment being the two major issues in choosing the driver. Are there any ...

36. JDBC Driver spec number?

37. Help needed with JDBC driver

Hello, Im a newbie to Java and JDBC. I have jsut installed mysql on Windows ME and installed a JDBC driver (MYSQL connector/J driver). I have copied a mysql-connector-java-3.0.10-stable-bin.jar file to C:/mysql. I have also added this to the path by doing start-run-msconfig-enviornment-path and then adding the following line: .;c:\mysql\mysql-connector-java-3.0.10-stable-bin.jar; when i run a simple program to check if the driver ...

38. Java Driver for Ingres2.5

39. Examples of drivers...

can anyone give me the databases which implements the different type of drivers? type1 - sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbc type2 - ??? type3 - BEA Weblogic Application server drivers type 4 - Oracle.. can anyone give me any example of driver 2. please do not give me links to read. If any one can tell me an example of type 2 driver that is ...

40. How to use Third Party JDBC Drivers for database access

I have a third party driver that I need to use for a database created on the Mysql Server. My current problem is where to install the driver so I can use it in my apps. If anyone can help me I would suggest. Alse if anyone can help on how I can configure the Sun Application Server to use this ...

41. OCI/THIN drivers.

42. How to get the driver

43. unusual errror:driver does not support function

Hi, Here is a part of my code that should search for records and display the same in my jsp page. But it throws an unusual error that driver does not support this function. <% Connection con=null; java.sql.PreparedStatement stmt=null; ResultSet rs=null; String table=""; int year=0; String str=""; String user_login=""; String project_title=""; try { Class.forName("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"); con=DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc dbc:mech_iit"); table=request.getParameter("table"); System.out.println(table); year=Integer.parseInt(request.getParameter("list_year")); System.out.println(year); user_login=request.getParameter("user_login"); ...

44. JDBC driver for MS SQL-Server 7.0

45. Driver class not found

Java uses class loaders to load classes, unsurprisingly. Class loaders must be told where to look for classes, something you do with the CLASSPATH. So, if you want to use a class make sure the file (or jar containing the file) is in the CLASSPATH. [ June 10, 2004: Message edited by: Paul Sturrock ]

46. JDBC - Problems with ifxjdbc driver

Hello Bear Bibeault, I have my displayed name as Baps Vakalagadda in my profile. But I wonder why it is displaying as Baps V. But I can sign my full name. The link you provided took me to my profile which has my full name. Any other links I would be really happy to put my full name. Thanks, Baps vakkalagadda ...

47. JDBC Driver / Specification

I have made the assumption that when an application makes a call to DriverManager.getConnection, that the DriverManager would call acceptsURL on all of its registered drivers (java.sql.Driver implementations). This assumption appears to be false, as my observed behaviour is that a call to connect is made before anything, and then no other calls to the Driver are made. So I ask, ...

48. Driver for Product development

49. JDBC driver problems on session expiration

Hello all, I am having an intermittent problem with session expiration handling. First, my background specs. WSAD 5.1.1 Windows XP Pro using WSAD testing server using a DB2 backend using jcc DB2 driver Here is my scenario which happens maybe 5% of the time: I log in to my webapp. I let the session expire. When I click on a link, ...

50. Q about JDBC driver classes: how many open cursors

There isn't. But I can tell you what your cursor problem is - been there, done that, got the tar and feathers - it's a resource leak. Somewhere in your code (or a library you use) JDBC Statement objects are not being closed. The Oracle driver does not seem to clean up unclosed statements; maybe the Connection keeps a reference to ...

51. JDBC driver

52. Cannot create JDBC driver

Have MySQL server 4.1 running, tomcat 5.5.1 running. Here's my java class for testing the connection: package com.chinabird.library; import java.sql.Connection; import javax.naming.Context; import javax.naming.InitialContext; import javax.sql.DataSource; public class Connect { String stat = "Not Connected"; public void init(){ try{ Context ctx = new InitialContext(); if(ctx == null){ throw new Exception("No Context"); } DataSource ds = (DataSource)ctx.lookup("java:comp/env/jdbc/CellphoneDB"); if(ds != null){ Connection conn ...

53. pointbase driver problem

54. JDBC driver string

Hi frnds, Thanks for the reply...ofcourse, info of driver will be available in doc of database..but my curiosity is to know about list of db with driver string..or if any standard is there? and database wise for diff version, string will be different? depreciation of that class is allowed? while in ODBC that is not case because u can visualize it ...

56. JDBC Driver

57. Regarding JDBC Driver Problem

58. Drivers

59. How I know what JDBC driver i to use and where i can get this driver name

The source code below is the example code that i download from internet. but i cannot run it... when i run it, the result show me >>Got an exception! >>com.sybase.jdbc.SybDriver" so i wish to know how to begin loading the driver and how i know the driver that i need to use.where i can get the driver name like "com.sybase.jdbc.SybDriver". i ...

60. Driver not Found

61. XA JDBC driver?

62. Driver Architectures

63. about jdbc drivers

64. JDBC Driver

65. Need jdbc WIN NT driver for Unidata

66. JDBC driver - open source

67. JDBC Drivers

68. Diffrences among drivers

hi, if i want to write an application which is independent of all 4 types of drivers..(my application do not know about my table DDL and I am able to get it through Reverse Engineering the data model), so now i want to populate the data into the oracle database ( should work with all 4 drivers). How should deal with ...

69. JDBC driver to read XML file

why don't you either store the XML in the DB, or use a JCA adapter for file system access? If a file can be saved in all kinds of databases?( I just know of ORACLE in this context). I asked this question because in case while developing the project, one doesn't know what database might be used in future. To use ...

70. JDBC driver

In a 2-tier environment driver is generally selected using Class.forName("driver"); or using You can dig into your code and see how database connection is being obtained. If yours is a 3-tier environment, you will have to browse thru server configuration to see how Connection pools are configured. Or you can also check the class-path for example Oracle JDBC driver is ...

71. Creating DTCDatasource on weblogic 8.1 using SQLServer2000 and INet Merlia xs driver

I need to know how to set up the XA connection pool for XADataSource. I have dowloaded the Merlia driver from INet and ran the DTCProxy.exe on the SQLServer and have Merlia.jar on the server classpath. I have created the TestXAConnectionPool using the Admin console but I am getting a Distributed Transaction Error, Connection refused: connect error. I have checked the ...

72. confirm JDBC Driver registration

what's mysql 's driver name is it for example mysql-connector-java-3.1.7-bin.jar I am trying to connect to mysql and I have the above mentioned driver installed and am trying to connect to it I get no exceptions in registering it!!! but getting null exceptions when try to connect to it??? I tried the System.out.println(DriverManager.getDrivers()); and it printed java.util.Vector$1@b753f8 some sort of address ...

73. linux -postgrsql-No suitable driver

74. Names of JDBC drivers

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75. Driver information

76. JDBC Drivers

77. JDBC Driver

78. more then one Drivers at once

try { // if URL is sth like [B]mysql:....[/B]==> MySQL Driver will be used // if URL is sth like [B]oracle:....[/B]==> Oracle Driver will be used // or write your own Driver which can connect to both RDBMS Systems by itself. //But not that easy I assure you. String url = ""; conn = DriverManager.getConnection(url); } catch (SQLException e) { System.out.println("ERROR: ...

79. Jdbc driver

80. hi about class 4 driver

81. Drivers

JDBC drivers are no different from other types of libraries: performance, support, cost and functionality all figure into the decision. It's not really possible to give a general recommendation because your situation will be unique in that regard. Like David says, a type-4 is best for a number of circumstances, although I can't really comment on that, because I have purposely ...

82. JDBC Drivers Doubt

Hi, I am only used JDBC-OBDC driver. I want to use all the remaining 3 drivers to know about it and how it's working. If anyone has how to do the coding for the remaining three drivers(native-API, net-protocl and native protocol),pls provide the same. I have seen only the definition for this drivers. What are the differences and which one will ...

83. Clarification regarding Drivers

Dear friends, i am a novice in JDBC, and i have just started to explore it in detail.i understand that there are 4 types of JDBC drivers like Type1,2,3,4 and other database drivers like ODBC.from various material available i understand that Driver is an interface which is used as a middleman between the Java Program and the Database. it is being ...

84. MS JDBC driver

Hi guys, I'm running Win XP SP2 SQL Server 2000 SP3a on my machine. I've installed MS SQL Server driver for JDBC from MS site and have created an evironment variable called: CLASSPATH = c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Driver forJDBC\lib\msbase.jar;c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Driver forJDBC\lib\msutil.jar;c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Driver for JDBC\lib\mssqlserver.jar I used this code to connect to ...

85. Drivers

86. JDBC drivers

87. jdbc driver

88. XA vs NON XA drivers

89. JDBC drivers

90. JDBC driver

91. Drivers

Originally posted by Maximilian Stocker: I have no specific Oracle advice but I do have a very important recommendation. Use the SAME driver in development that you will in production. Always. Otherwise you risk being caught out by a bug or behaviour difference between your production and development servers. Actually this applies to your whole set up. As closely as possible ...

92. Type2/3/4/ Drivers

It doesn't matter for your own program which type of JDBC driver you use to talk to the database. Your program doesn't have to be modified depending on the type of driver you use. A driver is a driver, doesn't matter if it's a type 1, 2, 3 or 4 driver. The type only tells you something about how the driver ...

93. JDBC Drivers

For Type1 & Type 2 drivers we say that we need to install libraries on Client side and even we say that the request processing takes on to the client side. How this happens? How can I explore my concept of my drivers? Why do all the processing takes place on to the client side wherein we say that in case ...

94. Recommendation on JDBC driver and DB

95. Want to know how drivers work

Thanks for whatever information you hace passed on to me. But you can say that really I am confused about how the things happen with drivers? In type1 & type2 we say that we need to have drivers on to the client side, but in case of type3 & type4 we don't need then on the client side. Even libraries needed ...

96. Can we use 2 jdbc drivers for same app?

Hello, I am having a web application which is using struts. The database I have is Sql Server 6.5. We are having an propriety software for xml binder. This software unmarshalls the xml properly if we use only a sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver driver but its run very slowly for the web application. So then we chose another jdbc driver jtds1.2. But this driver ...

97. Jdbc Drivers and statments???

Hi david, i need only that much, all the four driver with explanation and the statments with clear explanation, i would be happy if you could tell me the link where i can get the explanation of these. The explanation given in the previous link are not enough for me. Please help me out Thanking in advance

98. Help Regarding Declaration Of Drivers

What do you mean with "declaring drivers"? From the point of view of your Java application, there is no difference between the various driver types. The driver you are using should come with documentation that explains what the JDBC URL should look like if you want to use that driver and what the name of the driver class is.

99. MAx DB driver

100. jdbc drivers

Without going into too many details, since you can get the full story if you search this forum, To communicate with a database the programme needs to know how to talk to that particular brand of DB, which is where Drivers come in. There are a few ways to set up drivers, but they mostly require installing extra software on the ...