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1. Overhead with Microsoft JDBC driver when executing a stored procedure

I am using Microsoft JDBC Driver 2.0 with SQL Server 2005. To explain my question better, let me start with a sample code to call a stored procedure.

public static void ...

2. JDBC Driver for Microsoft Access

3. microsoft access driver

Sorry about that, I like getting the book-keeping out of the way first. When you use a driver, you rely on it to implement the entire JDBC API. The problem is, quite often they don't. Sounds like you are trying to use a method that should exist (according to the API) but hasn't been written in your driver. If you are ...

4. Type 4 Driver from Microsoft Not working

classpath was not set right, or it isn't working the way you think it should. If you have the driver saved to "C:/temp/myDriver.jar" then your classpath should include "C:/temp/myDriver.jar;" in it. If you have this, double check the spelling of the directory and driver name in the classpath. If you haven't already done so, download and follow what the documentation says ...

5. Microsoft access driver error

7. [Microsoft Driver] error