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1. Logging PreparedStatements in Java

One thing that always been a pain is to log SQL (JDBC) errors when you have a PreparedStatement instead of the query itself. You always end up with messages like:

2008-10-20 09:19:48,114 ERROR ...

2. Prepared statement pooling in dbcp

Can someone explain how exactly prepared connection pooling using dbcp can be used? (with some example code if possible). I've figured out how to turn it on - passing a KeyedObjectPoolFactory ...

3. Can RowSets be used with PreparedStatements?

I have just found RowSets for database querying with JDBC. They are stateless and cacheable, they look to be superior to ResultSets.
Can PreparedStatements be used with them though? PreparedStatements are ...

4. Java Prepared Statement arguments!

I am planning to replace repeatedly executed Statement objects with PreparedStatement objects to improve performance. I am using arguments like the MySQL function now(), and string variables. Most of the PreparedStatement ...

5. Question on Prepared Statement in Java

We have a Prepared Statement in Java and we hear that it is different from Statement in the Way that this prepared statement need not be compiled every time it is ...

6. Reusing a PreparedStatement

I ran findbugs on our code base and it pointed out there are two more Statements that still need to be closed. In this section of the code we run:

preparedStatement ...

7. Prepared Statement Failing

I'm using a prepared statment that should (using SQL & JDBC) insert data into a dataTable. I am using one that deletes data that works fine, but the insert one is ...

8. JDBC - prepareStatement - How should I use it?

I saw this example somewhere:

 rs = connection.prepareStatement("select * from table").executeQuery();
Could I use this format, if I want to execute a query like this "Select * from table where column = ...

9. Java deque / prepared statement memory leak

One of the following pieces of code generates a memory leak, any idea which part? 1)

private Deque<Snapshot> snapshots = new LinkedList<Snapshot>();

Iterator<Snapshot> i = world.getSnapshots().descendingIterator();
    while (i.hasNext()) {

10. Reusing a PreparedStatement multiple times

in the case of using PreparedStatement with a single common connection without any pool, can I recreate an instance for every dml/sql operation mantaining the power of prepared statements? I mean:

for ...

11. dbcp: number of open prepared statement

I get MaxOpenPreparedStatement exception in my program. I can monitor number of objects in GenericObjectPool with getNumActive()/getNumIdle() functions. How can I get connection & prepared statement pools from org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSource object? Thanks

12. How do I make a prepared statement?

How can I make an prepared statement of this one?

    Statement stmt = con.createStatement();

    long lastid = getLastId(stmt);

    // create a SQL ...

13. Java PreparedStatement UTF-8 character problem

I have a prepared statement:

PreparedStatement st;
and at my code i try to use st.setString method.
st.setString(1, userName);
Value of userName is ?akça. setString methods changes '?akça' to '?akça'. It doesnt recognize UTF-8 ...

14. What characters will PreparedStatement escape?

I noticed that when I use a PreparedStatement it doesn't seem to escape certain wild-card characters like '%' or '_'. I know these can be escaped in MySql using a backslash. ...

15. Correct way of reusing PreparedStatement instance?

What's the right way to create a PreparedStatement, reuse it a few times, then clean it up? I'm using the following pattern:

Connection conn = null;
PreparedStatement stmt = null;

try {

16. Java - preparedstatement

ResultSet rs;

PreparedStatement st = MyConnection.prepareStatement("Select * from logindetails where Username = ? and Password = ?");

st.setString(1, username);
st.setString(2, password);

while ( )
    //login correct = true, redirect

The problem with this ...

17. Using PreparedStatement template issue

Here's my static utility:

 //String sqlQuery = "select count(name) as num from tbname where name = ?"
    //String name = "testString";

    private static int correct(Connection ...

18. PreparedStatement getGeneratedKeys() Idea Java

I am using PreparedStatement to Insert into a table that has an autoincrement value. I insert them with the addBatch(), executeBatch() commands. Then I grab the generated Keys with getGeneratedKeys(), and insert my ...

19. JDBC PreparedStatement

What does "precompiling" a statement do, because I have seen that if I write a prepared statement with a bad SQL syntax that compilation does not report any problem! So if precompiling a prepared ...

20. when do we go for Statemant or PreparedStatement?

Possible Duplicate:
Difference between Statement and PreparedStatement
when do we go for Statemant or PreparedStatement?

21. prepared statement

how can i write prepared statement instead of this: please help me

String qry= "INSERT INTO 
Registration1(RegistrationNo,Date,SeniorPerson,NativePlace,Kul,Gotra,KulSwami,ResidensialAddress,PinCode,STDcode,TelephoneNo,MobileNo,Email,Website,Education,Branch,BirthDate,BloodGroup) VALUES('"+regno+"','"+dt+"','"+nm+"','"+place+"','"+kul+"','"+gotra+"','"+kswami+"','"+raddr+"','"+pincode+"','"+stdcd+"','"+tele+"','"+mno+"','"+email+"','"+website+"','"+education+"','"+branch+"','"+bdt+"','"+bloodgrp+"')";

22. What is limit and offset in prepared statement?

I wanted to select huge amount of data from database and also want to edit the data without affecting the original data from database. How to do this by using prepared ...

23. Why the (1)JDBC code works while the (2) does not?


import java.sql.*;

public class jdbcDemo

{static Connection con=null;

    public static void main(String args[])
    { int id = 0;
    { Class.forName("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver");

24. log4jdbc PreparedStatement.toString()

trying to get the SQL statement after the variables were included - so I found the log4jdbc framework. So far it catches and prints out the needed information, but also some ...

25. Preventing Prepared Statement Leaks using Checkstyles

Lets say I have the following code :

PreparedStatement ps = null;
ResultSet rs = null;
try {
  ps = conn.createStatement(myQueryString);
  rs = ps.executeQuery();
  // process the results...
} catch (java.sql.SQLException e) {
  log.error("an error!", ...

26. PoolingDataSource - How to use a driver-specific PreparedStatement implementation

I've implemented the commons dbcp PoolingDataSource and its working perfectly - right up until I ran into an issue of using a specific implementation of the java.sql.PreparedStatement interface.

((OraclePreparedStatement) getStatement()).registerReturnParameter(index, ...

27. Pre-Prepare PreparedStatement

I have a class that contains multiple methods that access an mySql database and I am trying to make the code more intuitive and reusable by creating just one method that ...

28. In JDBC, when calling PreparedStatement.setArray(), how do I specify the timezone for an array of timestamps?

Currently, using JDBC, if I want to set a database column to a timestamp value and have the database interpret it as a UTC timestamp, I would do this:

PreparedStatement pst = ...

29. How to read a List in batches

I have a function which reads a List of Notifications Object. Now I have to read the Notifications object in batches of 100(suppose) and update it.

public boolean addBSInfoToTemp(List<ParentNotification> pNotify)
  throws ...

30. Issue with setBigDecimal by prepared statement?

I have a prepared statement. I call

the problem is that in the database 0.90000000000000000000 is saved instead of 0.9. I use Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver 3.0. Is BigDecimal not understood by ...

31. PreparedStatement is not working

Hi, Thank you I set setAutoComit true and removed commit() from my code. But still, no data is inserted into the table. I am very confused.

32. how can write requete between in preparedstatement

PreparedStatement st=c.prepareStatement("SELECT a,b,c FROM table WHERE (a BETWEEN "+?+" and "+?+"+10) AND (b BETWEEN "+?+" and "+?+"+ 10) LIMIT 5 ");

33. Debugging prepared statement ?

34. Can PreparedStatements take care of this ?

Hi, I need to create a query string based on these conditions. I'd like my query string to be as follows in SQL++: SELECT * FROM TABLENAME WHERE TABLECOLUMN LIKE '%abc%'; I'd like to compare the user-entered column value and match it in the table rows. If I try to use this in a PreparedStatement in a similar way, like : ...

35. preparedStatement

36. PreparedStatement

One thing to note. The "fact" that a PreparedStatement is optimized for reuse may or may not be true on the backend database. In some cases, when you issue a prepareStatement a query plan for that statement is built in the database engine, all ready to run. But query plans take up space and if the database is heavily used your ...

37. PreparedStatement.toString()

This could be your problem: Why am I not able insert >2K data into a long column with setString using 8.0.X THIN driver? Basically, our 8.0.X THIN DRIVER has Oracle 7 Properties, and hence you cannot use setString to insert >2000 byte data into a long column. Long columns with >2K data needs to be streamed and you cannot stream ...

38. PreparedStatement

Would you please tell what is wrong with my "String query" ? . DATEVALUE('?') does not seem to work. DATEVALUE('2001-10-10') is a MS-Access function. private Connection connection; private PreparedStatement pstmt; private ResultSet resultSet; .... private void getTable() { try { prepareSQLString("2001-10-15"); displayResultSet( resultSet ); } catch ( SQLException sqlex ) { sqlex.printStackTrace(); } } public void prepareSQLString(String stringDate) { String query ...

39. PreparedStatement sucks

I thought I had a great idea. I could extract all of my SQL execution code into one class, and pass that class a connection, a String SQL statement with '?'s marking the parameters, and an array of Java Objects, use a loop to iterate through the Objects and use PreparedStatement.setObject() to set the values from the array and I'm done, ...

41. PreparedStatement

42. PreparedStatement ???

Sanjeev I'm not sure I understand your question. Can you use more than one preparedStatement in your code? Sure, just make sure you give each one a different variable name or you'll just keep rewrtining over the previous one. preparedStatement ps1 = conn.prepareStatement("sql goes here"); preparedStatement ps2 = conn.prepareStatement("sql goes here"); preparedStatement ps3 = conn.prepareStatement("sql goes here"); Or are you asking ...

43. URGENT : Prepared Statement Problem

44. How to reuse the prepared statement ?

45. Not clear about PreparedStatement

46. like preparedstatement

keep in mind that every driver/database combo deals with special characters differently. Some escape all special characters, some escape only single quotes. So you'd have to find out from your jdbc driver documentation how your specific driver handles the special character %. If it escapes it, your search is looking for the % literally. If it doesn't escape it, then it ...

47. PreparedStatement storage & lifetime

We are using PreparedStatements from a Solaris web server with the database on DB2V5/OS390. Your database analyst could probably answer your questions about how long it exists on the database. From the java side, I believe the PreparedStatement closes when the Connection Object is closed if you don't close it earlier. If it stays around on the database, I do not ...

49. Help with prepared statement

Howdy, I need help with this snippet of code, in one table (QUANTITE) I need the quantities for a certain product, also I need to know the name of the client, but it is a number that is index in another table (SUCCURSALE ). Its crashs on the the line that has: preStatSuc.setInt(2, iTemp2); Connection c = null; PreparedStatement preStatQte = ...

50. PreparedStatement pads spaces

Thanks for the reply. The datafield is Varchar. But I found the real problem is the the setString() method. I still don't know why. I found a work around is to supply all the value in the update SQL statement when construct the preparedStatement. I need this work around use the JSTL SQL tag. :-( Thanks. -VD

51. PreparedStatement X DateTime Field

52. Wildcard value and PreparedStatement

You should be able to use the setString() method instead. If the query you listed above executes successfully from a sql editor, then that should work. I'm sure it depends on the db vendor, but for ours (Informix), we can always use setString() regardless of the datatype and the db will interpret it appropriately.

53. PreparedStatement overhead

A PreparedStatement is slower because it gets prepared first. There is a related article here (from the ServerSide), but the short answer is: What you write in a SQL statement has little relation to what the database executes (apart from the specifics). It also needs to look at its configuration setting and any extra data it knows (indices etc) to create ...

54. PreparedStatement

55. Problem with PreparedStatement

56. PreparedStatement Problem

57. Prepared Statement Problem

58. PreparedStatement

The answer probably varies with the database, or at least the database driver. PreparedStatement is an interface. In the specific case of Oracle, yes it tends to make a difference. However, you don't get the difference for free. There is overhead in preparing the statement. In general, you use a prepared statement when either: 1) you will use it multiple times. ...

59. Prepared Statement - only for field values?

Hello - I am having problems setting values for my prepared statement (below). psViewLogIncrement = conn.prepareStatement( SELECT TOP ? * FROM Log WHERE (record_id >=(SELECT MAX(record_id)FROM (SELECT TOP ? * FROM Log ORDER BY record_id) nextRecords)) ORDER BY record_id ); psViewLogIncrement.setInt(1, 2); psViewLogIncrement.setInt(2, 2); The values I would like to set are not data field values, but the number of values ...

61. Prepared statement

62. Prepared statement

63. Problem with PreparedStatements...

You should not put the quotes around the string UNLESS you actually want the quotes to be written to the database. I much prefer the use of PreparedStatements for because you don't need quotes. It makes the SQL much more readable. p.s. In the second example you should be referencing parameter number 1 not 2 as there is only a single ...

64. preparedstatement advantage (jdbc experts)

we all know that preparedstatements improve performance due to precompiled sql statement. eg con = getConnection(); ps = con.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO... ...) VALUES(?,?,?,?,?)"); however, if a new instance of con is used each time, is there really an advantage. which means to truly get the benefit i should make sure i am using the same connection, correct ??? thanks,

65. PreparedStatement always returns {-2, -2, -2,...}

Here we go... Java Env:WSAD 5.0 Local OS:Windows 2000 Pro DB:Oracle 9i ( DB OS:Solaris 8.0(I think) I am using a PreparedStatement.addBatch(), to do multiple database updates. In my first attempt I tried to use Replacable Parameters to set my values into the statement. This worked with 1 or more records, however, the int array that PreparedStatement.executeBatch() return contains nothing but ...

66. Doubt Regarding PreparedStatement

When you say In the expression: pstt = con.preparedStatement("update table1 set col1=?,col2=? where id= ?"); each ? is supposed to be bound by a value against a database column so pstt.setObject(1, obj); will set obj as the value for col1 and so on Within the obj we cannot put a ? and bind it to the statement

67. Enhanced PreparedStatement

I'm probably missing a point here, because I don't see how PreparedStatement is a "black box". It certainly doesn't, if that is what you're implying, assemble your SQL statement and the values of the bind variables into an SQL statement before sending the whole to the database. At least not for the databases I'm familiar with. They typically support this entire ...

68. PreparedStatement setObject Woes

Hi Yoo-Jin It looks like there is a bit of confusion what setObject() is for. The setObject() method cannot handle arbitrary Java objects, and does not support serialization. Broadly speaking, you can use it for two categories of input: It can take anything the type-specific setter methods can take. The JDBC driver will do its best to infer the SQL type ...

69. Prepared Statement

How does the databases identify the request is for prepared statement? What is the process flow of handling prepared statement (starting from webserver to database server and back to webserver)? I read from an article that prepared statements are using precompiled statement and after syntax check, compilation and optimization, handle is returned to the JDBC driver. At the end of the ...

70. prepared statement

How does the databases identify the request is for prepared statement? What is the process flow of handling prepared statement (starting from webserver to database server and back to webserver)? I read from an article that prepared statements are using precompiled statement and after syntax check, compilation and optimization, handle is returned to the JDBC driver. At the end of the ...

71. PreparedStatement problem

I have the following code in my program, which does not fetch any records from the database. ----------------------------------- strSQL = "SELECT count(*) FROM TABLE1 WHERE personnumber = ?"; psmt1 = conn.prepareStatement(strSQL); psmt1.setString(1); resultSet = psmt1.executeQuery(); ----------------------------------- whereas the following method works fine and it gives the expected result. ----------------------------------- strSQL = "SELECT count(*) FROM TABLE1 WHERE personnumber = '" + strLoginID ...

73. Display a PreparedStatement content

74. Prepared Statement Doubt!!

Every SQL statement, before executed, needs to be "compiled" by the database server - that is, the server needs to decide how to exactly execute the statement. As this is a costly operation, most databases cache those compiled statements. That is, when you want to execute that statement for a second time, it doesn't need to be compiled again, therefore leading ...

75. addBatch() for a PreparedStatement

Thanks for your reply, I did make that error you suggested, but I had corrected with still no pos results. I found the error, at least to some extent. I can add 10 lines of my prepared statement w/o problems, but when I try 50, I run into problems. Due to time issues, we decided to print tab delimited data files ...

76. [Solved] Preparedstatement not returning any results

[Update] Seemed that the data type of one of fields was CHAR and wasn't all the way up with appended with spaces, somehow a statement does this automatically. Hans Hi everyone, I'm having some problems with one of my preparedStatements, which used to work fine some time ago, but now seem to be giving me a no result. The strange thing ...

77. How to see agenerated PreparedStatement

I figure I might as well add a little more info on what I'm trying to do. I've got a table with a CREATION_DATE column. I want to get data that was created in the last n minutes. So I've set up something like this: import java.sql.Date; . . . int getCount(int minutes) { int delay = minutes * 60000; // ...

78. PreparedStatement

80. using setMaxRows of PreparedStatement - Paging the records ??

Hi, I am trying to page the records in d/b using java.sql package. I need 2 records on each subsequent fetch. I got first set of records, but i could not be able to fetch next two records from d/b. This is my program hereafter.. DriverManager.registerDriver(new oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver()); m_cnConnection = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc :-o racle:thin:@ :-o ra9i","tls","tls"); String sqlQuery = "select pgm_name from program"; ...

82. Problem passing PreparedStatement

83. PreparedStatement issue

Hi guys, I think the question in my previous post was not clear enough. Please go through the code snippet. con=ConnectionManager.getConnection(); PreparedStatement ps = con.prepareStatement("UPDATE GIFI SET DESCRIPTION=?,TYPE=? WHERE ACCNO=?"); ps.setString(2, "CHEQUE"); ps.setString(3, "1000"); System.out.println(ps.execute()); For some updations,I have to skip the first parameter, because I will not have genuine value for this field. In that scenario, I don't want the ...

84. preparedStatement

86. PreparedStatement caching

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87. PreparedStatement and sysdate

88. prepared statement....

89. PreparedStatement doubt

90. Prepared statement looping

91. PreparedStatement smarter than I thought?

I used to believe that a PreparedStatement's efficiency benefit could be realized only if it was prepared once (incurring the overhead of preparing the statement) and then re-used, like this: public class MyClass { private Connection conn; private PreparedStatement ps; // Initialize ps somewhere public void initialize () { conn = ... // connection code ps = conn.prepareStatement(...); } // Re-use ...

92. Preparing a PreparedStatement

If I execute two SQL statement, one having a select clause bit different from the other but same where clause, do the preparation happen twice ie., will the database/app consider them as two different SQL statements. eg) Statement #1 Select col1 form table1 where col1 = null Statement #2 Select col1,col2 form table1 where col1 = null Do the process of ...

93. PreparedStatement's - how do you use them CORRECTLY?

You don't create a new one every time you query a database. First time you use a PS it is created and compile in the DB layer. Every subsequent call will reuse the compiled PS, binding different variables. Exactly how this is done is dependant on you DB platform, so have a read of its docs to find out more.

94. PreparedStatement using LIKE

keep in mind that every driver/database combo deals with special characters differently. Some escape all special characters, some escape only single quotes. So you'd have to find out from your jdbc driver documentation how your specific driver handles the special character %. If it escapes it, your search is looking for the % literally. If it doesn't escape it, then it ...

95. PreparedStatement.setFloat not entering precise values in db

Hi I have written a program where I am entering a record in to the database using a prepared statement. The problem is for float datatypes, the values being entered into the database are not rounded off. e.g. 1.65 is being entered as 1.64999999 I am using the Sybase database and the driver is com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybDriver. If I use staement instead of ...

97. prepared statement

Hi Jeanne, Avi's suggestion (and mine, although I was trying not to spell it out) does work. It's not a very intuitive way of using BETWEEN, hence Mary's confusion I expect, but the whole expression "? BETWEEN earnings_start_range AND earnings_end_range" is a single predicate in the WHERE clause. The question mark is substituted for a single value, 3123 in this case. ...

98. Prepared Statement - createStatement diff

Hi, Please answer my query. Statement stmt = con.createStatement(); String query = "select * from table1 where col1="+str1; stmt.executeQuery(query); I read that when I issue a executeQuery() or executeUpdate() method, stmt object sends the query to DBMS. Want to know where this will be compiled. I got this doubt , when I am reading the following line in sun's site. "The ...

99. Prepared Statement problem

I am trying to use a prepared statment with variables in the sql string and cant get it to work. I can get it to work if I do it like this String sqlDeleteBackup = "DELETE FROM dbo.BACKUP_DIM where bkup_id = ?"; . . . PreparedStatement stmtUpdateSrvrFact = conn.prepareStatement sqlUpdateServerFact); stmtUpdateSrvrFact.setString(1, "srvr_fact_key"); stmtUpdateSrvrFact.executeUpdate(); stmtUpdateSrvrFact.close(); This will remove the value from the ...

100. PreparedStatement behavior quirk