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1. PreparedStatement IN clause alternatives?

What are the best workarounds for using a SQL IN clause with instances of java.sql.PreparedStatement, which is not supported for multiple values due to SQL injection attack security issues: One ? ...

2. java PreparedStatement

How to set value for in clause in a preparedStatement in JDBC while executing a query. Example:

connection.prepareStatement("Select * from test where field in (?)");
If this in-clause can hold multiple values how can ...

3. prepared statement and IN clause

4. PreparedStatement usage in a "NOT IN" clause?

I'm not sure what you mean by the first option. I cannot perform your example using a PS. My query is comething like the following.. select * from employee e where e.status = 'A' and e.emp_id NOT in (?) The ? is dynamically assigned and can be any number of integers, which cannot be performed using PS. Raffi