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1. JDBC built in functions and prepared statements

Is there a way to execute a query(containing built in DB function) using PreparedStatement? Example: insert into foo (location) values (pointfromtext('12.56666 13.67777',4130)) Here pointfromtext is a built in function.

2. Does CachedRowSet work with all ResultSet implementations?

I'm trying to implement a database paging solution (forward only required) using a CachedRowSet to page an AS400JDBCResultSet containing the results of my query. I've tried using the

CachedRowSet ...

3. prepared Statement in ejb3

i want to use prepared statement with ejb3 to insert data in oracle. is it possible to use. i try to find some example on net but i could not find any ...

4. PreparedStatement not returning ordered ResultSet

I am having some problems and I'm sure it's something stupid. So I have a query like

SELECT name, id, xyz FROM table ORDER BY ?
then later down the road setting the ...

5. When we use PreparedStatement instead of Statement?

I know the advantages of using prepareStatement, which are

  • when you execute a query this query is rewritten and compiled by the database server
  • protection against SQL injection
But I want to know when ...

6. Prepared Statements and JDBC Drivers

I have the below questions on Prepared Statements in Java.

  1. Is it beneficial to use Prepared Statements when the SQL Query does not have any Where clause ? Assume a simple query ...

7. Difference between Statement and PreparedStatement

The Prepared Statement is a slightly more powerful version of a Statement, and should always be at least as quick and easy to handle as a Statement.
The Prepared Statement may be ...

8. Putting timeouts on Prepared statements

I am trying to use prepared statements which operate on a database located quite far away, there is considerable lag and unreliability involved in the network connection used to access this ...

9. Is it resource-safely to use prepared statements multiple times?

My application uses some prepared statement in every iteration of infinity loop. Is it safely to create preparedStatement before the loop and to run only pstmt.execute in the loop? Also it is interesting ...

10. Do prepared statements slow down program conspicuously?

I am writing a software that requires me to prepare statements and set the values, execute the query and get results within a loop. This loop might have over 7,000 cycles. ...

11. JDBC: default holdability of a ResultSet

is there a defined default for the holdability of ResultSet, if Connection.setHoldability() is never invoked or a holdability is never specified during the creation of a statement? I could not find anything ...

12. PreparedStatement with Statement.RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS

The only way that some JDBC drivers to return Statement.RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS is to do something of the following:

long key = -1L;
Statement statement = connection.createStatement();
statement.executeUpdate(YOUR_SQL_HERE, Statement.RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS);
ResultSet rs = statement.getGeneratedKeys();
if (rs != null && ...

13. Statement.cancel() and its thread-safety guarantee(s)

Unfortunately, the jdbc specification remains silent about the guarantees of Statement.cancel(). The only thing which is stated by the javadoc is that Statement.cancel() is thread-safe.

  • Is it guaranteed that ...

14. How to cancel an iBatis prepared statement?

I need a solution for cancelling a long-running select statement. I'm using Spring 3.0.2, iBatis 2.3.0 and Oracle 10g. I managed to get it to work with plain JDBC, but because the ...

15. when to use Statement over Prepared Statement?

When to use statement instead of prepared statement. i suppose statement is used in queries with no parameter but why not use prepared statement ? Which one is faster for queries ...

16. Should we use insertRow() with acceptChanges()?

Here is a sample code in java:

    try {
        /* create connection */
        Connection ...

17. MBO ResultSet Filters - JDBC Driver

I am attempting to combine two disparate data sources into one MBO. The sybase documentation states that you have to develop a custom result set filter in java. Ok. No big ...

18. PreparedStatement - getting the last ResultSet

It is possible to execute the following PreparedStatement:

PreparedStatement s = conn.prepareStatement("select 'a' as a; select 'b' as b");
That is, the statement can contain more than one SQL statement. However, if I call ...

19. What is the Advantage Of Prepared Statement Over Statement

Hi , Prepared Statements are precomiled ones , so they are not compiled everytime whereas with createStaement same is not the case. As the prepared Statement are precomplied ones they are much faster and there by increase the efficiency .So it act as an advantage over the normal statement . ------------------ Sandeep Jain

20. Scrollable resultsets & PreparedStatements

Hi, I want to display few rows per jsp page, the number of rows should be selected by the user. I'm executing the query in a stateless session bean. I have a Java bean wrapper around it, whose methods I call in my jsp page. Can I get selected number of rows in the resultset itself, ie, specify the number of ...

21. RowSet Vs ResultSet

22. JDBC-ODBC does not work for long datatypes using prepared statements

Database: MS SQL 2000 Platform: Windows 2000 sp2, Windows NT sp6a Protocol to DB: TCPIP JDBC-ODBC does not work for long datatypes using prepared statements. I use sample database pubs for this. I have a created table called base... create table base ( id$ bigint, name varchar(80) ) where i inserted couple of rows with id$ containing values ranging from 2^8, ...

23. Difference between Statement and PreparedStatement

The best thing about a PreparedStatement is that it handles special characters for you. Ex.String name = "O'Reilly"; //this would be a user input String query = "select * from emp where last name = '" + name + "'"; Statement s = con.createStatement(); ResultSet r = s.executeQuery(query); !!!BANG!!!BOOM!!!... your program blows up due to the unescaped ' but with PreparedStatements, ...

24. Prepared Statements not being freed by Informix

In the following code snip, I'm closing the prepared statement, yet it seems like the database is still caching a copy of the statement. I ran this several thousand times on a machine, connected through our internal network to a database on a different machine with nothing connected to the database except for my java program. I observed free memory gradually ...

25. Prepared Statements

In order to improve access time to an oracle database, I want my application to prepare all its statements ahead of when they may be used. There may be as many as 50 statements to prepare. From the API I don't understand the full implications. When do database and JDBC resources get committed, is it only after the query is executed, ...

26. prepared statements vs. statement.execute

Hi all, does anybody have a link to some document comparing where and when to use prepared statements? Can anyone say what are the main points where prepared statements are better? I've got an app where I haven't used any prepared statments at all and I think I need to implement a better framework for my database access. Currently every database ...

27. Lists in prepared statements

I doubt there's any point in using a prepared Statement for this. You would have to generate the sql statement (i.e. the number of commas in (,,,...)) at runtime as well, so you might as well use a normal statement. I don't know whether it's database specific or much about it at all, but there is a setArray() function on preparedStatement ...

28. Prepared Statements

Drew A PreparedStatement is sent to the database and precompiled then when it is reused the precompiled statement is used instead of having to recompile it like a normal Statement that is sent and compiled each time it is used. Using a PreparedStatement lets you use the same base statement and just change certain parameters with in it each time you ...

29. Prepared Statements

30. Statement vs PreparedStatement

31. How does DB differentiate b/w Statement & Prepared Statement

Hi, Prepared statement is precompiled.. ie when a prepared statement is for the first time goes to db , its compiled and for the next time for same stmt.. its just executed not compiled again.. HOw does DB decides which is prepared stmt.. n compiles first time & executes rest of the times.. n which is statement..n compiles each time.. What ...

32. Prepared Statements Limited in Size??

Hello! Here is the Prepared Statement I am trying to execute: ps.modifyRecord = "UPDATE Log SET date_recv = ?, patient_name = ?, is_new_patient = ?, med_rec_nbr = ?, person_recv_intake = ?, uwhc_uwmf = ?, responsible_party = ?, address = ?, zipcode = ?, birthdate = ?, referred_by = ?, prev_med_care = ?, prim_care_physician = ?, reason_left_prev_provider = ?, reason_for_visit = ?, ...

33. Pooling Prepared Statements - Good Idea?

I was just reading that a prepared statement, when created, allows the database to optomize that type of query so you can use it over and over again with less overhead on every call after the first one (i.e. creation of the statement). It also recommended pooling these so you can use them all over the application. This leads me to ...

34. CachedRowSet and large resultsets!!!

35. PreparedStatement Vs Statement

There is another reason other than iterations that make PreparedStatements more performant than standard Statements. If you reuse identical queries but the only part of the query that changes is the id of the record(s) that you are looking for then if you use a PreparedStatement the database is much more likely to cache and re-use the SQL execution plan. This ...

38. Prepared Statements

I've recently encountered a situation where prepared statements appeared to be significantly slower than non-prepared statements. This was on Microsoft SQL Server. One hypothesis is that the SQL Server optimizer can actually take the distribution of data into account when deciding which indexes to use; if this is the case, then it might happen that the execution plan for the prepared ...

39. Statement vs. Prepared Statement

I want to know the clear difference between the use of statement and prepared statement. In case of prepared statement, the object is created first time in the memory of database and can be used for all later invocation. If that is true, in all our web application, we should use prepared statement always, since multiple users will be accessing the ...

40. Executing PreparedStatement only once and Executing Statement only once

Hi All, Will there be any difference in execuitng a "PreparedStatement" only once and Executing an "Statement" Only once ? In my program I have to construct a query with many runtime parameters, but i need to execute the query only once. If I use "PreparedStatement" it will be easy to maintain the parameters by avoiding constructing the dynamic sql. Please ...

41. Diff b/w Statement and PreparedStatement

PreparedStatements CAN be faster than Statements, but there is no guarantee of it. If the database doesn't cache the PreparedStatement then it will get re-compiled every time, leading to comparable execution time between the two. However when the database DOES cache them, you get a nice performance gain. The other big advantage of using PreparedStatements is the ability to parameterize the ...

42. ResultSet vs RowSet

43. benefit of Statement over PreparedStatement?

Sanjeev, I disagree. Assuming the simple query is run a few times over the life of the application, there is a benefit to creating the execution plan once. Granted the plan is a simple one, but this is one less thing the database needs to do each time you run the query. A Statement can be better than a PreparedStatements under ...

44. Can ResultSet for a PreparedStatement be updateable?

Hi Ranchers Can resultset for a query executed from a Prepared statement be scrollable or updated? If so how or else why not? I know it works for a statement: Statement stmt = conn.createStatement( ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE,ResultSet.CONCUR_UPDATABLE); However I learnt that there's a bug in MYSQL/JDBC connector that throws an exception when used on a query for tables from a different database. Does ...

45. ResultSet Vs RowSet

47. prepared statements

48. execute() and prepared statements

Hi All, I have two questions in mind: 1. I know execute() is to return more than one result set which happens in case of executing store procedures that return more than one resultset. But how actually do we create oracle stored procedures that return more than one resultset ? 2. We know that a prepared statement is precompiled in database ...

49. Prepared statements ?

50. Statement vs PreparedStatement

51. Prepared statements with % wildcards

I'm trying to do something a little different here, I'd like to use a prepared statement to implement searching for a user. My SQL (which doesn't work) looks like: "SELECT * from users where name like '%?%'" (postgres 7.4 is the database) I want to do partial matches here, but it seems to be interpreting the ? as part of the ...

52. Pooling Prepared Statements

Hi All, I need to write that would return a PoolingConnection with the ability to pool the prepared statements. I will have to the apache open source project commons-pool and common-dbcp for the same purpose. I would like to see some code samples from some one who has done something similar. Thanks, Nanda. javascript: x() banghead

53. Statement and PreparedStatement

54. problems using prepared statements

hi i dont know if this will solve your problem but always close the Statements, PreparedStatements and Connections: Connection con = null; PreparedStatement pst = null; try { con = .... // retrieve your connection from a pool or create it ... pst = con.prepareStatement("*****YOUR STATEMENT HERE"); // work with the statement ... ... pst.execute()/pst.executeQuery()/pst.executeUpdate(); } catch(SQLException sqle) { // handle ...

56. Using Prepared Statements

Thanks to Jeanne for helping me with my last question! I have set up my pools now, and everything is working, but I'm still worried about some of my code. I'm a newbie to setting up databases to work with java code, and I'm having a hard time thinking up the most efficient way to access data in my web application. ...

57. PreparedStatement Vs Statement

Hi there, Yes it is always advisable to use PreparedStatement(PS) instead of Statement. There are reasons for that like 1) For each statement there will be a cursor created in DB(defly for oracle) and also for PreparedStatement. But if you use that PS in a loop then whose loops will be executed by only one cursor instead of the 'no of ...

58. Limit on number of ?s in Prepared statements

I am not sure but if I would guess , since in PreparedStament.setXXX() method argument is of int type so limit should be max value of int i.e. 2147483647. but its too much can it be . but there must be a role of database Shailesh [ April 14, 2005: Message edited by: Shailesh Chandra ]

59. class.forName n statement interface

3 hrs isn't actually a long time to wait. Personally I was at work, but you'll find roughly a third of our visitors have been asleep during this period. Class.forName() causes the class to be loaded by the ClassLoader, as long as it hasn't been loaded before. THis allows a statis block to be executed in the Driver class. The Driver ...

60. Statement vs. PreparedStatement

When you inserted values, did you use a large variation or keep inserting the same values? The reason I ask is that in general a PreparedStatement will outperform a Statement, but there are cases in which a Statement is faster, and you may have created this situation. The main advantage to a PreparedStatement is that it does not need to be ...

62. DB2/OS390 Failing to Cache Prepared Statements

This is an informational post for anyone connecting to a DB2 v. 7 database on OS390 via JDBC. I have confirmed a bug in the DB2 software that prevents the database engine from successfully determining if a statement is eligible for the prepared statement cache when the SQL string contains leading spaces or lines. This was causing a huge performance problem, ...

63. Statement & PreparedStatement

65. poolable prepared statements

hi to all i am using DBCP( apache database connection pooling).i had created connection pooling using i want to implement poolable prepared statements.can anybody tell me are there any information or idea exist for poolable prepared statements. i also like to know that if i implemented that one .I will get better performance than othere statements Thanks In advance pandit ...

66. Difference Between Class.forName & import statement in JDBC Applications

Hi This is a very common scenerio that we use in any jdbc application ... Class.forName(//some jdbc.odbc class name should be declared here) now when we read the documentation of forName method it's saying that it is used to load the particular class. And the same thing we can do by import statement in the starting of the program. Now this ...

67. PreparedStatement v/s Statement

-- Prepared statements offer better performance, as they are pre-compiled. Prepared statements reuse the same execution plan for different arguments rather than creating a new execution plan every time. Prepared statements use bind arguments, which are sent to the database engine. This allows mapping different requests with same prepared statement but different arguments to execute the same execution plan. -- Prepared ...

68. Using prepared statements

First, I'd write it like this: public static void doPreparedStatements(Connection conn, ResultSet rsClients, int rowInt){ String sql = "UPDATE clients SET firstName = ? WHERE clientID= ?"; PreparedStatement ps = null; System.out.println("sql = " +sql); try { // Updating the database. ps = conn.prepareStatement(sql); ps.setString(1, rsClients.getString("firstName")); ps.setInt(2, rowInt); ps.executeUpdate(); } catch (SQLException sqle) { System.err.println("Error! Opening connection has failed: " + ...

69. Difference between resultset and rowset

70. Statement versus Prepared Statement

71. How prepared statements shall be used

73. Difference between ResultSet and Rowset

74. Statement and PreparedStatement

75. Statement vs preparedStatement

76. Reusing PreparedStatement as Statement

77. Problem with Prepared Statements

There is no known "bug" using PreparedStatements! The one I know of is to do with WSAD 5.1 versions where the number of parameters exceed 31. I will recommend you to enclose the code in try-catch block and do a printStackTrace() of the exception, if any. Also, you can do away with the commit, if you are only doing a SELECT ...

78. Prepared Statement and Statement

79. Prepared Statement vs Callable Statement

Hi, What is the difference between a PreparedStatement and a CallableStatement? I have searched a lot on the internet for it, and all the replies are confusing, contradictory. This is what I have gleaned so far - Prepared statement is a set of SQL queries(or a call to a stored procedure). This is precompiled on the database. One can call it ...

81. Prepared statements

Hi, I am using preapared statments, I was just wondering what if my in clause is dynamic, I am passing CSV values in my 'in' clause and not calling .set methods, for example select a.* from A a where in (params) Params is string that is dynamically generated and its a CSV not string having question marks, i.e.: (1,2,3) not ...

83. Statement, PreparedStatement,

Hi Mizoram Java, I am sure that Java is not your last name and Mizoram (a state in NE , India) is not your first name.Please check with the naming policy of Javaranch. ;) Going forward to what Raghavan Muthu explained , Prepared statements are compiled , so in case where you are going to execute a query again and again ...

85. Statement and PreparedStatement

Well, your own code has shown that you can use a statement with parameters that can change during runtime. The thing is, if you use Statement, you will have to check your parameters yourself. Especially with strings that can be hard, and PreparedStatement takes that difficulty away from you. Now for numbers there is not much chance a user inputs an ...

86. When should use Statement over PreparedStatement

Statement Versus PreparedStatement There's a popular belief that using a PreparedStatement object is faster than using a Statement object. After all, a prepared statement has to verify its metadata against the database only once, while a statement has to do it every time. So how could it be any other way? Well, the truth of the matter is that it takes ...

87. PreparedStatement's executeQuery() returning resultset with no rows

Hi All, My problem is that when I fire a query directly into MySQl, it returns me the rows with proper data. But when I try to fire the same query via PreparedStatement, its fetching me a resultset with no rows. Inorder to ensure that I'm firing the same query in the db directly, I wrote this code : System.out.println("The actual ...

89. Not getting resultSet from Prepared statement

HI ALL I am not getting the resultSet when i execute the preparedStatement. While the same query if i run from DBVisulizer I am getting the resultset. Here is my code. outputActualQuery(query,values); handleValues(pStmt, values); ResultSet res = pStmt.executeQuery(); in outputActualQuery i will just replacing ? with the actual value to print query to log file. The query which is printed in ...

92. How to use Prepared statements when searching an unknown number of values

Hello, I would like to use a prepared statements to do a select statement, however I do not know how many values I would need to compare against until runtime. The statement would look like this select * from table where column name like 'value1' or 'value2' or 'value3' but I do not know how many values I may need to ...

93. PreparedStatement vs Statement ?

95. prepared statements and sysdate

96. Prepared Statement vs statement

97. Statement v/s PreparedStatement

98. PreparedStatement or Statement

100. Prepared statements question

I have been thinking about prepared statements, and I have a question In following example(psuedo, well sortoff) I have a method executing a query. In that method i prepare a statement: public void prepExample() { PreparedStatement pstmt = con.prepareStatement("UPDATE EMPLOYEES SET SALARY = ? WHERE ID = ?"); pstmt.setBigDecimal(1, 153833.00) pstmt.setInt(2, 110592) pstmt.executeQuery(); } If I call this method several times, ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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