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1. About the JDBC RowSet

i know about what a RowSet is and all; what i would like to know is if it works properly and is accepted already, or if it still has it's bugs ...

2. Commit certain number of records to DB with java

I have table in DB,e.g. TableOne.
By some rules i should commit N records from this table to other tables.
Is it possible to do with jdbc or ResultSet or CachedRowSet? Preliminary flow, as ...

3. createJdbcRowSet source code

I'm studying how to create an implementation of a JdbcRowSet with the new API provided with JDBC 4.1

RowSetFactory rf = RowSetProvider.newFactory();
JdbcRowSet jdbcrs = rf.createJdbcRowSet();
I want to know if the method createJdbcRowSet behind ...

4. Java RowSet, CachedRowSet and etc

Until today I was working with ResultSet when handling results from queries. But today I read a little about RowSet and CachedRowset and I realized they can serve my purposes better. ...

5. Chached Rowset !

Hi Guys ! I need to display results on a web page in groups of say 20 records at one time and give a link below for next 20 records and so on till the end. How is it possible. I tried using CachedRowset but it doesnt support more than 100 records ...i have arounf 1500 records in my table. Please ...

6. Disconnected Rowset in Java

hi, Thanx for the URL the example worked fine The problem was that when i was updating i was updating a single column and as there where some columns in the table whose values should not be null.So the Cachedrowset was trying to update the other columns with null values ( I think this is incorrect way of updating for the ...

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22. Need advice on using rowset

Hi I have a problem I am trying to solve. I have a postgreSQL table populated with data. Integers. I have used JDBC stuff before to get data out of the table. This time I need to only see one record at a time. The stuff I used before, the "while" queries all the records and displays all of them ...

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26. Problem with populating ROWSET

Hi , I have a problem with ROWSET. I have a table with 6 columns and approximately more than 200 records. I reterive them in a ResultSet and resultset gets populated. But I populate Rowset with that ResultSet then it hangs for more than 1 min and then it comes back to its original state. Can anyone have thge idea why ...

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