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1. inserting a date in MS Access

2. inserting date into ms access

3. Comparing Dates in MS Access

Hai Friends I am using MS ACCESS 2000 Database I am using the following sqlString in AWT Frame class to fetch the date from MS ACcess Database I heard that while comparing with >= or <= we need to include # symbol between the date.
I was tried by using #. But i am not able to get the results.

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5. date format with MS Access database

Here is something that drives me nuts: I am using my jdbc with MSdatabase. Everything works GREAT except the date's format. I am using the DD-MMM-YY format (e.g., 13-Oct-04 ) and the database saves it correctly (I initially set it up this way [data Type = Date/Time and format as above]). When I input a date and look at the table ...

6. Inserting date into an MS Access DB

Hi, thanks for the help. I did indeed comment out the setTime (and made appropriate changes to the values and setxxx code) and it worked great. 3000 log entries inserted just dandy. The lg.getDate() returns a java.util.Date. I then get the time using getTime() and pass to the java.sql.Date constructor. I have checked the output of the lg.getDate() and lg.getTime() methods ...

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8. How to insert date into MS Access Date/Time?

Hi Jeanne! Thanks for responding! I will try and modify to use a prepared statement as for the application long-term that would be a better approach. I was able to determine that the syntax is correct, through much T/S last night. For those that read this thread in the future, the above "Insert.." sql works. The culprit in my code was ...

9. Help with MS Access & Date

Hey everyone, I have a working application that can write/update information to MS access. I use Dates in my program, to show a booking sheets date. I use these as Strings right now, but I was wondering, if you could help me that is, what date should I set as one of my MS Access database fields, e.g: General Date 19/06/1994 ...

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14. Date field problem in MS Access

Hi I am doing a program in which the requirement is i am storing the system date and time in a date field with name logindate, now i want to compare with that date, by taking into a string variable but it is showing an error like "data type mismatch in criteria expression", but i didn't any problem like this in ...

15. MS Access Date problem (from Java program)

I have written an app. in Java that reads & writes data from a MS Access database. I am trying to write an insert class which will add a row of data to one of my database tables - which contains Date fields. My problem is that I can update the text fields, but not Date fields - every time I ...