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1. Is there any file-based db with concurrent per-file user access similar to MS Access but Open Source?

Most time I build simple applications that share data through an MS Access DB through a network drive. However, MS Access in damn slow, does not support common features of SQL, is ...

2. HOw to Access Field & MS Access File

3. Using MS ACCESS in a jar file

4. retrieve link to a file from MS Access DB

So are you saying you need to retrieve the OLE object from the DB in order to get the path to it? 1.) Is it possible to store the paths separately? It would be a performance gain to avoid pulling back a full OLE object and getting the path out of that. 2.) I'm not sure how you get info out ...

6. how can I open Ms access file in my java program

stm=con.createStatement(ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE,ResultSet.CONCUR_UPDATABLE); //rs=stm.executeQuery(query); setQuery(query); // setDatabaseTable(query); } catch (SQLException ex) { ex.printStackTrace(); GlobalData.displayDataBaseError("User Creation"); } finally { if(qryStmt!= null ) { try { qryStmt.close() ; qryStmt=null; } catch (SQLException ex) { ex.printStackTrace(); } } if(con!= null ) { try { con.close() ; con=null; } catch (SQLException ex) { ex.printStackTrace(); } } } }

7. Opening MS Access file (not JDBC)

MS Access if running perfectly but the particular file requsted for is not opening. That block is being ignored (no errors or something). I have to open the file manually from MS Access (which I dont want). Can anyone help me. And another thing, here i have specified the absolute path for MSACCESS.exe, is their any way to find out the ...