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1. Connect MS Access in Java on Debian Linux machine

Currently I've developed a small desktop application as an enhancement to my project, which reads '.mdb' file and connects as an MS-Access database using 'JDBC-ODBC Driver'. This is works fine in Windows ...

2. JDBC driver for MS Access (Linux)

3. How to connect to Ms.Access on Linux Server.

Sorry I got confused there, thought you were talking about an MS Access Database. What type of Database do you have? If both are on the same server then you still need to include the JAR file that contains a JDBC driver for your particular type of database. You can then use normal JDBC lookups in order to connect.

4. accessing MS.Access from Linux Server.

Hello ranchers, Can any one tell me ,how to connect to to Ms.Access database residing on my linux server.I need to connect to it from my Java Web Application,this application is also hosted on the same linux server. My Linux server contains both access db as well as my application Can one tell me the procedure for doing so? Any help ...