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Sorry, I thought you were just trying to run a query the database. If you want to know the contents of a Query object that you created in MSAccess you would have to hit the System tables (if they exist in Access???). Maybe someone else here knows how to query System tables in access? my guess is that if these System ...

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HI all, I want to generate a query for MS Access.I have to build it using MSAccess wild char "*". my query statement is query="select * from "+table+" where "+colarr.elementAt(0)+" like '"+valarr.elementAt(0)+"*"+"' "; where all variables are decleared properly. here my problem is there is no syntax or runtime error but after firing the query I can not get the output ...

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You don't. (Or, you change your URL to point to an Oracle database). AFAIK, there is no way to set the default value (or even to retrieve the default from SQL) for a column. Nor is there a way to set the format, or to retrieve the help text/description associated with the column. Access has its limitations.

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I want to get all the names when I give firstletter.Query is like this.Ex:When I give fname as 'a' in jsp then all names starts with 'a' has to come.Here I am using MS Access select Employee_FName from UserTable where Employee_FName like '"+fname+"%'"; here fname I am getting from jsp. I am not able to run this query.

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Normally to construct an image in java you need the image data. If you have stored the image as a OLE object it may include additional data which make it imposible to identify the image data from java side. You need to find a way extract actual data from the ole object.