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1. I got error named no suitable driver?

I couldn't find out why it shows error. I have created table named books in Oracle priorly.

create table books(num number);
Then I wrote code in Java:

2. Using an ODBC application with a JDBC driver

My company uses Vertica. We have Python applications that connect to it with pyodbc. I do most of my development on a Mac (Snow Leopard) and unfortunately ...

3. Using JDBC.ODBC Driver with an applet

4. looking for free network ODBC driver for commercial use

After reading GPL and LGPL, I still really don't understand the license agreements. I'm looking for a driver to use in a commercial application and prevent any lawsuits or anything bad for ownership issues. Please advise. I "heard" that JBuilder comes with JDataConnect, but haven't been able to confirm it. Can anyone verify? And if so, is it the trial version ...

5. odbc driver

6. JDBC ODBC driver with chinese character

Hi all I am having problems using JDBC (JDK 1.3) when I am trying to update my database (SQL Server) with certain Chinese Charaters. I am trying to update data in a table with non-Unicode datatype (varchar) and some characters are giving problem (characters with character codes 29054, 29055, etc). The JDBC Connection with Data base was obtained using code: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...

7. How to add ODBC Driver?

Hi Anushree, Since you have MS SQL installed you need the JDBC driver for that database I use AvenirDriver : The class is: net.avenir.jdbc2.Driver These are thin drivers and vendor specific. Get the jar file for this driver and set your classpath to it. Then you can use your JDBC application to interact with this database good luck

8. Driver problem when using jdbc odbc

10. Direct Me To ODBC Driver Source

I've been asked to connect to and Microsoft Access database to extract address information from a full address field. (This will eventually be moved to a MS SQL 2000 server). I've been working with Oracle ... Can someone point in the right direction. The Access db is on my hard drive. David

11. Sun ODBC driver

I was just seeing if it will work. I can get it to work with the MySQL driver. Ok, so when I use "sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver" it looks for an installed driver. Now I get it. I want to be able to use JDBC to call DB2 and Oracle databases. Are there any instructions on how to do this?

12. ODBC Driver

You can connect via the JDBC-ODBC bridge. ODBC drivers are usually written in native code which is the reason that you can't access them directly. The JDBC-ODBC bridge allows you to access them indirectly however. The performance and functionality isn't often great when you use JDBC-ODBC bridge however, you'd be better off using a pure Java driver if possible.

13. Exception in Microsoft ODBC driver

14. ODBC driver and DSN

O/S Windows XP Prof ODBC driver is used for talking to a ODBC database or ODBC datasource. For that we create a DSN, which could either be a system or a user dsn. Now the question is when should a system dsn be created and when should a user dsn be created. Also the drivers shown as choices are the installed ...

15. JDBC, ODBC, Drivers, etc.

I've been using the jdbc dbc bridge driver to create an application that connects to an Access database. I'm deploying it using Web Start. When I run it on my local machine, it works fine. When I try it on a different machine, it looks for the DSN on that machine and doesn't find it. What I've read in this forum ...

16. jdbc odbc driver download