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1. Using Statement.RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS with MS-Access JDBC-ODBC throws exception

import java.sql.* ;
import java.util.* ;
import* ;

class DataBaseFactory{
    public static Connection getConnection() {
        // ...

class Demo{

2. MDE Access decrypt JDBC

I want to perform JDBC SQL queries on a MDE Access file. I've set up the data source ODBC and everything worked well for a MDE file. Now, I'm working with a newer ...

3. Accessing Access over JDBC (using ODBC?)

I'm looking for a way to open an Access MDB file inside a Java App (using JDBC). A quick Google Search suggests that I need the JDBC-ODBC Bridge for this... Does this mean ...

4. Reading Unicode data from an Access database using JDBC

I have an MS-Access database, which I am connecting to in Java using the JDBC (I think the JDBC-ODBC bridge). My access database has some values which are in hebrew. When I ...

5. java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Too few parameters

It seems that this part of my code is where the exception occurs:

c = dbConnection.getConnection(); 
q = "SELECT * FROM book WHERE nextInc<=? AND inlib=?";
s = c.prepareStatement(q); 
rs = ...

6. jdbc odbc driver

When i go to data sources in control panel and click on ms access driver. I get an error.. i.e. setup routines for ms access driver odbc driver cannot be found? ...

7. Microsoft ODBC error after building Java program

I made a little Java application which writes stuff to an Access database. When I run it in Eclipse, it works just fine, but when i build it using Maven and run ...