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1. JDBC Batch Update Problem

I have a slightly unique requirement with the Java-JDBC API along with Oracle Database. I have autoCommit to be default which is true for Oracle and I am using the example ...

2. Creating batch updates from within Java

I want to update every row on a specific column in a mySql database. Currently I am using a java.sql.PreparedStatement for each row and iterating in a for loop. I was ...

3. JDBC Batch Insert OutOfMemoryError

I have written a method insert() in which I am trying to use JDBC Batch for inserting half a million records into a MySQL database:

public void insert(int nameListId, String[] names) {

4. Batch insert using groovy Sql?

How can you do a batch insert using groovy Sql while simulating prepared statements? All the examples I've found are similar to the following and don't use prepared statements.

withBatch  { ...

5. optimistic locking batch update

How to use optimistic locking with batch updates? I am using SimpleJdbcTemplate and for single row I can build update sql that increments version column value and includes version in WHERE ...

6. JDBC Batch update

IF i have say 1000 statements in a batch.If one of the command fails to execute properly then will all the remaining commands execute or execution stops at that point itself?? ...

7. Processing 100,000 records update in a jdbc batch

I am inserting 132,000 records in a database table using jdbc batch of prepated statement. The problem i am facing is all records are not inserted in to table only records ...

8. Numeric index during batch insertion in Neo4j

I'm using batch insertion of nodes and relationships into Neo4j graph database. Everything works, including the index on multiple properties ([String] name, [int] id). However, when I try to query the ...

10. JDBC Batch insert

I've got some JDBC samplers running, and for one of them what I really want to do is a prepared statement that inserts many (from 10 to 100) rows at once. JDBC has the PreparedStatement.addBatch() method, along with PreparedStatement.executeBatch(). Is there a convenient way to do the equivalent with JMeter? I've seen an Oracle 'kludge' that allows you to do a ...

11. error during batch update

12. Java for batch db update..

Hi Folks, I need to do a batch update of db field (thanks for help with the SQL statement for this).. I have a public class CreditCard { long cardNum; int expiryDate; public void UpdateExpDate(Long inCardNum, inExpiryDate){ Connection conn = ... . . . executeQuery(sql); .. } } and for the main() program, I have public class UpdExpDt{ public static void ...

13. Parsed Batch update

14. Batch Updates

15. Error during Batch Updates

i am using following codes for batch update test purpose: import java.sql.*; public class BatchUpdate { public static void main(String[] args) { try { Class.forName("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"); Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:pubs"); con.setAutoCommit(false); PreparedStatement ps = con.prepareStatement("Insert into emp (id,name) values (?,?)"); ps.setInt(1,99999); ps.setString(2,"Joe Blo"); ps.addBatch(); ps.setInt(1,22222); ps.setString(2,"Jim Bob"); ps.addBatch(); int[] insertCount=ps.executeBatch(); con.commit(); System.out.println("Update Rows " + insertCount.length); } catch(Exception e){System.out.println(e);} } } pubs ...

16. Batch Update Problem Help required.

hi kevin.. Thanx for the response ... we had debugged to the point that the drivers were not supporting the native call but we first worked with the database and appserver both on windows o/s machines and everything worked fine. The problem started arising when we moved the database on to a linux o/s machine we are using the same jdbc ...

17. Batch Updates

I am thinking about using Batch updates (i.e. stmt.executeBatch() ) but I am not quite understanding the advantages. I read in that " ... Sending multiple update statements to the database together as a unit can, in some situations, be much more efficient than sending each update statement separately. My question(s) is: What do they mean " some situations..." batch ...

18. Closing batch update causes NullPointer.

Hello all, I have a method that does a batch update to a database. I use a preparedStatement with bind variables to build the batch update. I can prepare the sql statement set the bind variables for every loop iteration. The executeBatch statement works fine. But in my finally, when I try to close the preparedStatement I get a nullPointerException. By ...

19. how to do Batch updates?

Thanx David..i am trying to do it right now... I am also planning to make my code talk to sql server database. in that situation what i have todo for migrating from Access tSQL if i have to wite new queries or not. and any other issue to be consider for migration. Also tell me if there is any example ...

20. Problem with BATCH UPDATES

Hi, I'm using code to do some batch updates for a huge set of records (400,000 approx) from one table into another. So, obviously, I read from one table into a resultset and then iterate through it and insert it using the batch update mechanism. The problem is that after say 'n' number of batch updates the update-query gives me this ...

21. When use Batch update,would i must setAutoCommit(false)??

i have code like this public int addUsers(int groupId, String[] ids) { Connection con = null; PreparedStatement ps = null; int[] flag = null; try { con = connectionManager.getConnection(); StringBuffer tmpSql = new StringBuffer(); tmpSql.append("INSERT INTO USER_GROUP_ROLE (USER_ID,GROUP_ID,ROLE_ID) VALUES(?,?,0)"); ps = con.prepareStatement(tmpSql.toString()); //[B]con.setAutoCommit(false);[/B] //should i must use setAutoCommit(false) before i use batch update?? for (int i = 0; i < ids.length; ...

22. Batch update in EJB

I am trying to make a batch update work in EJB. The following sample code works fine inside EJB: public void test() { PreparedStatement ps = null; Connection con = null; try { con = jdbcFactory.getConnection(); ps = con.prepareStatement( " insert into test_table values( ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,? ) "); ps.setInt(1, 1); ps.setInt(2, 1); ps.setInt(3, 1); ps.setInt(4, 1); ps.setInt(5, 1); ps.setInt(6, 1); ps.setInt(7, 1); ...

23. Problem in batch update

Hi all I'm facing a problem in Batch Update , I'm adding many insert statements in batch but only one statement is getting executed. This is my code Statement batchStmt = null; // selectedValues.length is greater than 5 for ( int i=0;i

24. size limit on batch update

25. Add batch (batch insertion into the database)

hi all, i'm trying to insert large number of rows to the database , about 100,000 record and i want to insert them every 35,000 record, when i fill the heap i success inserting about 34,000 record after that i fail . any ideas ? any one understand what i'm trying to say !??!! thanx in advance [ July 04, 2005: ...

26. Issues with Batch updates using JDBC

Hi , i am quite new to this forum so kindly excuse any errors frm my side Actually i have a requirement where in i need to update a large number of row ( abt 2000- 5000) in a single strech, hence i was trying to use the Batch Update facility provided by JDBC 2.0 but has met with limited success ...

27. how to batch insert and update?

28. What problem with this batch update ?

hi, i doing batch update, i facing the problem of insertion, which only save for first table, below is the sample code try { dbCon = getConnection(); dbCon.setAutoCommit(true); ps = dbCon.prepareStatement(headerSql); System.out.println("headerSql String =======" + headerSql); sqlParamList = getSqlParam(); System.out.println("size of sqlParamList =====" + sqlParamList.size()); for (int i = 0; i < sqlParamList.size(); i++) { SuggestStk sgk = (SuggestStk) sqlParamList.get(i); String ...

29. problems with batch update

i am using addBatch() to insert multiple sql statements and execute it using executeBatch() problem is that when my batch is composed of update statements, only the last update statement is being executed and the rest is not updated...i am not getting any exception messages so my questions are is it a driver issue? or do i have to use ...

30. Why does a JDBC batch update return a -2

I am using Oracle 9i. Database details are: DB Product Name: Oracle DB Product Version: Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production With the Partitioning, Oracle Label Security, OLAP and Oracle Data Mining options JServer Release - Production DRIVER MAJOR VERSION: 8 DRIVER MINOR VERSION: 1 DRIVER NAME: Oracle JDBC driver DRIVER Version: While I am doing batch insert ...

31. database batch updates

Hi Ok, strictly speaking not JDBC (again!) I have a Sqlserver database that has a half-hourly batch feed from a mainframe. This mainframe is inserting data into a few database fields that require concurrent access to them by a web-based client. Currently, when the feed is happening, performance is severely degraded. My question: does this feed from the mainframe (there is ...

32. ojdbc14.jar, batch update problem

Hi Ranchers, i am using oracle, and using ojdbc14.jar for accessing in my java program. i have some process to be run which has batch update. sometimes when i run these process, i get exception which is pasted below. n EEMBO java.lang.NullPointerException at oracle.jdbc.dbaccess.DBData.clearItem( at oracle.jdbc.dbaccess.DBDataSetImpl.clearItem( at oracle.jdbc.driver.OraclePreparedStatement.clearParameters( at com.pramati.resource.njdbc.xa.PramatiPreparedStatement.clearParameters( at com.pramati.resource.njdbc.xa.PreparedStatementCacheImpl.getPreparedStatement( at com.pramati.resource.njdbc.xa.PramatiPooledConnection.getPreparedStatement( at com.pramati.resource.njdbc.xa.PramatiPooledConnection.getPreparedStatement( at com.pramati.resource.njdbc.wrapper.NonXAClientConnectionWrapper.prepareStatement( at com.infy.cis.common.dbmgr.SRMTransMgr.makePrepStatement( ...

33. Is there a way of knowing which record failed in Batch Insert

I am sort of confused... a crack for what? A crack is a program or process that makes crippled software into fully functioning software, so I don't see how that pertains to your situation.(At least that's what I always thought it meant). You could do several different things. One, you could check the data for size before it gets inserted into ...

34. batch update

hi... i m using batch update with oracle 10 g database ,oracle Thin driver batch update is working fine.. but problem is if there is exception in batch update (i.e. BatchUpdateException) then there is no corresponding update in database. for example if suppose i m going to insert 5 records into database and there is exception at 3 rd records ... ...

35. Batch Insert

Hi all, I am using oracle database. I want to do a batch insert, i want to know is it possible. I have Distribution Class which contains Distribution Package Id, Product Type List and Channel List. I have around List of 50000 Distribution objects which needs to be inserted into DB. I have two table Product , Product Channel. Product - ...

36. Batch Updates

The below program for batch update operation is not inserting values in database.Please let me know where i am doing wrong. import java.sql.BatchUpdateException; import java.sql.PreparedStatement; import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.SQLException; import java.sql.Statement; import java.util.prefs.BackingStoreException; public class Transact_Batch { Sample_Database sd =new Sample_Database(); PreparedStatement ps =null; Connection conn =null; public void batchAdd(){ conn =sd.getConnection(); try{ conn.setAutoCommit(false); ps =conn.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO student_name(name) values(?)"); ps.setString(1,"fourteen"); ps.addBatch("INSERT ...

37. Issue with Batch Insertion

Hi All, can some one please through a best approach to go ahead for below problem: We have a requirement to insert huge number of records in batches. In case if one record fails, the application should continue with remaining records with out rollback remaining records. We are using commit only end of all the records and even not able to ...

38. execute batch is not executing all the queries.

Hi I am trying to perform the batch execution of 3 delete statement which perform delete operation for three different table. but data is getting deleted for only one table. String jobKey = request.getParameter("jobkey"); ConnectionBean connectionBean = new ConnectionBean(); Connection connection = null; PreparedStatement ps = null; try{ connection = connectionBean.getDBConnection(); ps = connection.prepareStatement(SchedulerQueryConstants.DELETE_FROM_SCHEDULER_JOB); ps.setString(1, jobKey); ps.addBatch(); ps = connection.prepareStatement(SchedulerQueryConstants.DELETE_FROM_SCHEDULED_CAMPAIGN); ps.setString(1, ...

39. Batch Update question

Hi all, I am using Prepared Statements batchupdate/execute batch methods to insert multiple records into the database. first I have conn.setautocommit(false) and then i am adding objects and finally executing update, My question is if I get a batchUpdate exception, is there any way for me to commit all other rows and just rollback the affected row which had an exception ...

40. Batch Insertion

41. Batch insertion problem

Hi folks! I try to execute such an insert batch with the following code: PreparedStatement pStmt = this.connection.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO person_contact_queue " + " ( x, y, z, k, w ) " + " VALUES (?,?,?,?,?);"); try{ this.connection.setAutoCommit(false); for (PersonContactQueue person:people){ pStmt.setLong(1,x1); pStmt.setLong(2, y1); pStmt.setString(3, z1); pStmt.setString(4, k1); pStmt.setLong(5, w1); pStmt.addBatch(); } pStmt.executeBatch(); this.connection.commit(); }catch(Exception e){ e.printStackTrace(); this.connection.rollback(); } Well, when I ...

43. How to deal with single Erros IN batch updates in JDBC applications

Jeanne, correct I runned them once a time. I agree that batch update is integrated so no way to catch individually commands error. I'm trying to change my Persistence Tier to instead of use JDBC refactory to Stored Procedure that will result the number of rows on Insert/Update/Delete (CRUD) and also using a Queue process like Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ) to ...

44. batch updated

45. Multiple Queries using batch Updates

Can i use multiple Queries in preparesStatement using Batch Updates in SQL we can use like this:- stmt.addBatch("INSERT INTO COFFEES " + "VALUES('Amaretto', 49, 9.99, 0, 0)"); stmt.addBatch("INSERT INTO COFFEES " + "VALUES('Hazelnut', 49, 9.99, 0, 0)"); -------------------------------------------------------------------------- but can we use like this (below)??:- stmt.addBatch("INSERT INTO COFFEES " + "VALUES('Amaretto', 49, 9.99, 0, 0)"); stmt.addBatch("INSERT INTO COFFEES " + "VALUES('Hazelnut', ...

46. Error in JDBC batch update

hi frnds, i am getting this error.see here i am using generator class as increment.if i use sequence i could solve this error.but what is difference in these two 12:20:57 DEBUG ( - Could not execute JDBC batch update [insert into TMCMS_TRF_PREF (TAX_TYPE_ID, PREF_TRF_TYPE, PREF_TRF_NAME, PREF_TRF_NAME_PT, PREF_DESC, PREF_DESC_PT, EXEMP_RATE, VALID_FROM, VALID_TO, PREF_STATUS, RATE_TYPE, AD_VALOREM_RATE, SPECIFIC_AMT, SPECIFIC_CURR, SPECIFIC_WEIGHT, SPECIFIC_MEASUREMENT, CREATED_DATE, CREATED_BY, UPDATED_DATE, ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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