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I'm getting this exception

java.sql.SQLException: Unknown column 'auyu' in 'where clause'
My Query and method in my database facade class.
db.save("delete from users where name = auyu");

public static void save(String sql) throws Exception {

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Hope some ones can shred a light to solve my thread problem. I want to kill a thread waiting for long query execution. I had used a monitor thread to close the preparedStatement of the query thread, but it did not work. Agressively, I tried to stop the query thread, but it also did not work. In this case, the query ...

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Does your SQL query sort the records on one of the fields? If so, you could add something to your WHERE clause that narrows it down to a certain range. Something like: WHERE sortField >= 0 AND sortField <= 100 I chose the numbers 0 and 100 as an example. Most likely this would be a "blank" that can be filled ...

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Hi, I am developing a search page which searches oracle DB where i have a oracle select query which has 4 unions. Some queries takes 25 secs to execute some queries. When the user clicks search button i get "Internal server error (page cannot be displayed)" some times. instead i need to show the users some message. i tried all possible ...

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import java.sql.*; public class Account{ DBC dbc; public Account(){ dbc = new DBC(); dbc.setUp("database"); } public void setUserId(String userId){ int status = dbc.updateRequest("INSERT INTO Account VALUES('" + userId + "','','')"); dbc.updateRequest("INSERT INTO Account VALUES('" + userId + "','','')");<===== i wonder why i need to write an additional updateRequest then i am able to insert a new record into my database.... its ...