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1. When inserting a complex object into an SQL database, when should the object be broken up into its respectful tables?

Edit: In short what strategy should one use on insert and select scripts with complex objects (eg. two select calls, one for each table; a single select call with unions)? We have ...

2. error :Data-Truncation while inserting in table

i am trying to insert the value in the table by passing the value in a function like this:

public void insert(long r,String s_n,char sex,String sf_n,String sm_n,int c,char sec,long tel,long amount,String add,int age,String ...

3. How to access java collection, just like the table in the database, having indexes and LINQ-like query's

This task occurs from time to time in my projects. I need to handle a collection of some complex elements, having different attributes, such as login, password_hash, role, etc. And, I ...

4. Insertion stored procedure values in java not get stored in sql table

Joined: Jun 07, 2010 Posts: 1 [Post New]posted Today 12:53:46 AM Quote Edit Help me, AM using struts2 frame work, am sending the values to db method and i have written code, my try block executed ...

5. JDBC not seeing updated table structure

I am using Coldfusion 8 which is connecting to SQL Server 2008, the problem is I have updated a table adding a new column in SSMS, but the JDBC connection is ...

6. Escaping single quotes in table SQL queries

Using java.sql.Preparedstatement implies the escaping of characters will be done while parsing the queries, this does happen also when I have single quotes in my data but when I have single ...

7. Need strategy for managing aggregated data during large database table creation

Imagine collecting all of the world's high-school students' grades each month into a single table and in each student's record, you're required to include the final averages for the subject across ...

8. Why data in my table cannot be not updated?

I want to update data from my database using java. I have established my connection successfully and When I am updating the table,the data is not updated in the database. My SQL ...

9. Insert or update table using JDBC

I have some records to import. It's ok the first time when they are being inserted. If I try to import the same data again I receive a org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: duplicate ...

10. Insert into multiple table with jdbc

I am trying to use JDBC to insert into multiple tables. Because it has to be fast I want to use PreparedStatement and the executeBatch method. Tables are combinded by a ...

11. how to extract data from one table and insert into another table

i am writing a code to retrieve two columns from a table and store it in another table.i am using MS Accesses as a database. the code is as follows

public void connectDb(){

12. How to update database when input csv having multiple tables?

I have recently coded a Java program, which reads a csv file and performs two actions. CSV has latest update, and additional records (no delete). 1) All the rows whose primary key ...

13. Quartz DB tables not getting updated while implementing JDBCJobStore

package arijit.examples.quartz.scheduler; import org.quartz.CronTrigger; import org.quartz.JobDetail; import org.quartz.Scheduler; import org.quartz.SchedulerFactory; import org.quartz.impl.StdSchedulerFactory; import arijit.examples.quartz.job.ConnectionJob; public class ConnectionScheduler { public ConnectionScheduler()throws Exception{ SchedulerFactory sf = new StdSchedulerFactory(); Scheduler sche = sf.getScheduler(); sche.start(); JobDetail jDetail = new JobDetail( "JDBCExample","mssqlserver",ConnectionJob.class); jDetail.setDurability(true); jDetail.setVolatility(false); jDetail.setRequestsRecovery(true); CronTrigger crTrigger = new CronTrigger( "cronTrigger","mysql","0/15 * * * * ?"); sche.scheduleJob(jDetail, crTrigger); } }

15. How to get a table name from a query?

hi bosun i checked the API, but i just want to know the table name before the execution of query, but still, when i run through the query, i can't get the table name through the resultsetmetadata. Does the method getTableName() get me the table name?? but i got null. Thanks sathish

16. my java application doesn't update the table?

Hi Tom I copied ur code and ran it. Guess what , it works.Yup the record is getting updated!!! So not sure what is ur problem?. Does the DB that u r working support like statement.My DB was Access.Which is ur Database? Replace the like with "=" and check it out. Regds Hemanth

17. Updating tables

18. how to insert into 2 different tables

Hi, I have to get the info of the user from the html page and insert them into 2 different tables in a single servlet-jdbc code. I am using connection Pool get the connection and executeUpdate() twice. It is fine for few minutes(for 5 data) , then it is not working. can anyone give me suggestions to solve this problem? Thanks, ...

19. 5 INSERT but only 4 in my access table

This is a simple ex from the JAVA TUTORIAL But with my access Database I have only four rows inserted and I should have 5. In fact it's always the last that is missing. Any Idea??, Here is the code! import java.sql.*; public class TestSql { public TestSql() { try { Class.forName("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"); String url1="jdbc :o dbc:COFFEEBREAK"; Connection con=DriverManager.getConnection(url1,"younes","fadila"); String createTable="CREATE TABLE ...

21. Can you update two independent tables with one fireTableChanged from DB Query

I have a table that gets results off a DB query and is populated - Following the table example found in under the JDK Demo. Now what i want to do is add a second table to my container and have new results show up on that table based on a row selection from the original table. So say table 1 ...

22. best way to query and insert into different table

What is the best way to move a record from one table to another? In other words, I need to do a query, do some checking on the record, and then insert into another table. Do I have to get each field by its respective type and build a new statement, or is there a simpler approach?

23. What is the best way to do simple update to a very Huge Table

Hi, I need to update couple of tables to convert the existing email address into lower case. Using SQL, it is very easy to do but the problem is that these tables are very huge and contains atleast 2M records. I am not sure which is the best way to do update: 1) Using SQL, something like this update contact set ...

24. insert data into table

Thanks to some help, I now have my tables created. I'm now trying to load the data into the first table. I have a file that I'm the info from and trying to insert it in the table. //stat.execute("CREATE TABLE Stock (StockName VARCHAR(30), Symbol VARCHAR(5), Price FLOAT(7))"); while ((text = in.readLine()) != null) { StringTokenizer data = new StringTokenizer(text, ","); if ...

26. insert into join tables

Im having problem getting the syntax right to insert into join tables. I can view it in a select statement so the joins are good. This is how I thought is should look like: SQL> insert into CCEVS_PROJECTS_REGISTRY 2 (test_out_this_ID) 3 select CCEVS_PROJECTS_REGISTRY.PROJECT_ID 4 FROM (CCEVS_PROJECTS_REGISTRY 5 INNER JOIN CCEVS_TECHNOLOGY_REGISTRY ON CCEVS_PROJECTS_REGISTRY.PROJECT_ID 6 =CCEVS_TECHNOLOGY_REGISTRY.PROJECT_ID) 7 INNER JOIN CCEVS_PP_ASSIGNED_REGISTRY ON CCEVS_PROJECTS_REGISTRY.PROJECT_ID 8 ...

27. Retreiving data from Table_A and at the same time inserting into Table_A

I want to retreive data from a database and insert into the same database but a different table on the database. The idea is I want to treive data from Table_A and regarding what I have in the resultSet ,I'll insert into Table_2 that's the second table in the same database,I try using vector as a placeholder for the resultSet but ...

28. response.sendRedirect - affecting the table update

Here is the coede:- //----------------------Code selectstmt = "DELETE FROM AMDB.WOPAC_PID_PATRON_KEYS WHERE PATRON_KEY='"+patronkey+"'"; stmt.executeUpdate(selectstmt); selectstmt = "INSERT INTO AMDB.WOPAC_PID_PATRON_KEYS ( PID, PATRON_KEY) VALUES ("+pid+","+patronkey+ ")"; ri = stmt.executeUpdate(selectstmt); //At this point I print out the values in the database into the log file. stmt.close(); m_conn.close(); if (ri == 0) { System.err.println("Table update Failed, Patron key: " + patronkey); response.sendRedirect(referer + "authenticate=N&" + ...

29. How can I create a local table for SQL queries?

How can I create a local table that I can use to make SQL queries to instead of creating a temp tables on the Db to make the same calls to? I have an application that makes several SQL calls to the database and each call creates a temp table to contain the new results. I want to just create a ...

30. How to insert password in an encrypted form into a table

Kimi, here is a class I wrote to MD5 a string. import; public class MD5 { static byte[] digest; public MD5() { } public static String getHash(String stringToHash) { //hexString is used to store the hash StringBuffer hexString = new StringBuffer(); //get a byte array of the String to be hashed byte[] buffer = stringToHash.getBytes(); try { //get and instance ...

31. update table and syncornization

Locking, when it comes to DBs, is always better left to the Database. Consider the effect synchronized DB access will have on the performance of you application! Think why you would lock access when updating a row: 1. deadlock 2. race conditions Deadlock is a very well understood problem in the world of RDBMSs. Its best left to them to handle ...

32. How DB actually works when needs to update a table?

Hi there. I'm new to DB and have a quastion. How actually DB2 or Oracle works when you run a transaction which contains for example 10 updates? which one is correct? 1- copies the rows going to be updated to a temp space --> writes the updates directly to the main table --> if Commit happens -- > it's OK! and ...

33. Accessing One table with multiple Threads and Inserting Values

Hello fellow members! I am trying to save values to a table in Access, I have 3 threads that update this single table, but it seems to be overwriting the values in the table. Could any of you please guide me on what I am dooing wrong. The code is as follows: Here are the 3 threads: workingThread1.StartThreads(thWorker1); workingThread2.StartThreads(thWorker2); workingThread3.StartThreads(thWorker3); Here ...

35. Update with FROM table concept

37. Inserting prrimary key into other table as foreign key.

Say I have one table EMP and other DEPT both are having auto generated primary key , and DEPT key keep EMP's promary key as a foreign key. Now what is the best JDBC flow, if some onw wnat to insert emp info and dept infor together. so flow is first it will insert EMP details and new row generate a ...

38. No errors but no update on table

I have the following code: conn = ds.getConnection(); //Will want to use this to turn off autocommit //and then save all-or-nothing conn.setAutoCommit( false ); stmt = conn.prepareStatement("update user set username = ?, " + "firstname = ?, " + "middleinitial = ?, " + "lastname = ?, " + "address1 = ?, " + "address2 = ?, " + "city = ...

39. How to update SQL databse table

I want to update my column say(phone-number) for all the cusomers.How can i change all the phone numbers by running just one query.So I exported it in the form of an excel/cvs sheet & then easily modified the column & now how do i import it back so that just that column is modified.

40. Query for multiple updations in a table

UPDATE Ruby SET `eprodstatus` = 'InActive' where `vSKU` = '127712' , '127713' , 127714'; I want to set the word "Inactive" in 3 of the rows to the field with vsku= '127712' , '127713' and 127714'; My above query does not work.What is the query for making multiple updation to a column Kindly let me know urgently as I have a ...

41. Best solution for multiple inserts across two tables

Hi, I am busy working on a system where there is a need to persist data into two tables - this is one transaction. We currently use Direct JDBC but I am open to looking at other solutions (Hibernate, EJB CMPs, etc). The data in Table1 is inserted by an outside system and my application must update a row in the ...

42. how to insert into 2 tables at a time?

JDBC EDB Tomcat -------------------------- when I built up the Database, I seperate a customer's information into 2 tables in 1 database. when I get customer's information from a html form, I try to insert these information into 2 tables at the same time, the 2 tables have a cust_id as the same coloum, ----------------------- the question is: how can I control ...

43. inserting a sequence value to the table

Hello Ranchers!! I'm using JSP and Oracle to do a project. there is a table and the table details are here!! ========================================================================== column nam ========================================================================== register_num name age ========================================================================= here for the register_num it is the primary key and also have a sequence generated.. the reister_num is a varchar2(20) datatype.. and tha value it assigns is ERP/05/2006/001 here ERP is the ...

44. Insert into 5 tables.

Saw your quote stu derby. Now the situation is becoming a bit more worse. Inserting into multiple tables 1. Table A is a parent and all others are child records. Said that, there can be more than 1 records for Tables b,c,d,e Inserts will be insert into A values(); insert into B values();//can be more depending on user selecting insert into ...

45. how can i insert a null value in a table

If you are using a stored procedure you can always specify that in SQL as NULL in place where the value goes. This will work only if the table is created such that it accepts null values. One thing I am curious on is why would you want to store null for a salary??? If the person employee record is in ...

47. Problem in updating a table .

Hi Ranchers, We have a problem in updating a table in MySQL. the query used is String sqlUpdateStatus = "UPDATE candidate_login_tbl SET "+ " candidate_login_status ='l', "+ " candidate_last_login_date ='"+ dt + "' where candidate_id = "+ candidateID +";"; System.out.println(sqlUpdateStatus); stmt3 = conn.createStatement(); stmt3.executeUpdate(sqlUpdateStatus); when run It doesn't give any error but at the same time does not update the table. ...

48. Cannot insert values into a table

49. SQL Query for two tables joining

I have two tables A and B Table A has two records one for Amitabh and the other for Sharukh Table B has records of various cars posessed by Amitabh and Sharukh..... My question is what will be the sql Query in order to delete Sharukh record in both the table... i want to delete Sharukh membership details from Table A ...

50. Updating multiple tables in one sql query

Hello, I am writing a sql query where I want to update 2 tables in one query as this: UPDATE table1 as t1, table2 as t2 SET t1.UpdateFlag = 'N', t2.UpdateFlag = 'N' where t1.IdNumber = t2.IdNumber and t1.UpdateFlag = 'T' and t2.UpdateFlag = 'T' It is not working, please help how to proceed. Thanks, Luke.

51. Getting error while inserting data into table

You're welcome. If the DB column is a date - which you said it is - you might find it better to let the database form the date from the String. IOW ... in Oracle for example, I might have a date String in my Java program in this format '12152007', and I can insert it into the database date column ...

52. catching errors on inserts into multiple tables

Hello. if anybody has a minute, this is probably more of a SQL conceptual thing rather than JDBC (although that's the vehicle) but I've been kinda messing around with it. If I am inserting sequentially into multiple tables with subsets of data from a single record of origin...say... Insert A,B,C into Table1; Insert D,E,F into Table2; is there a way to ...

53. how to get details without querying full table ResultSetMetaData

Hi All, I wish to get the metadata information from database.I want to write my code independent of the database. I am using the following code... String queryString = "select employeeName,address from employee where 1 = -1" ResultSetMetaData rsmd = null; rs = stmt.executeQuery(queryString); rsmd = rs.getMetaData(); rsmdSize = rsmd.getColumnCount(); for(int i = 1;i <= rsmdSize;i++){ System.out.println("the col types " + ...

54. Inserting into a table

55. insert unique name into the table

56. how to make query first,last next,previous on table to rtetriveb data.

Hi, Can anyone help me how to retrieve data from table in the following manner. In my application I have five button namely First,last,next,previous,and Query. When I will press the query button, it should show me last data that I had feed to the table. When I press first button it should show first entry that I had entered to the ...

57. Retrieving data from table in the order of insertion

Hi, I have a table with columns custname (VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL), orderno (INT NOT NULL). If I use SELECT * FROM table to retrieve data, the data is displayed in the ascending order of custname and then orderno. But I want the data to be displayed in the order of insertion into the table. Will anybody please tell me which query ...

59. Inserting into tables connected by a many-to-many relationship

Hello, I'm working on a DB with the following structure: [Events] eventid:int - auto generated, primary Key name:varchar(200) type:int [Problems] problemid:int - auto generated, primary key name:varchar(200) type:int [EventsProblems] linkId:int - auto generated, primary key eventId: int - FK referencing events table problemId: int - FK referencing problems table So I need to add a problem to an event, this implies ...

60. Inserting 00001 into a table

61. Creating Temp table and querying it

Hi All, I want to search some data in a table which has almost 1 million records. I want to get the data from database and then want to store it in a temp table. Now if next time I need to take data, I will take it from temp table. Example would be. In a table named people of 1 ...

63. update table through Pentaho

64. JDBC update table

65. Getting wrong auto_increment number when inserting into database table.

Cheers, thanks everyone for their responses. What I'll do is everytime I'm doing an insert on the table, I'll lock the table, delete the auto_increment column and recreate again. I'm trying to create a forum that can be navigated by sequence numbers, say display entries, 1-15,16-30, etc. I should be ok because I won't be doing deletions often, if ever. Any ...

66. Help on inserting into table

Having trouble getting my code to run im trying to insert variables into a database that i creating using a sql script Java Code: /*Drop and create database and the tables associated wit it*/ public void dbInitizationSequence() { /*Declaring classes needed*/ Connection conn = null; Statement statement = null; ResultSet rs = null; try { //loads the mysql driver Class.forName(driver); //establishing ...

68. Update table in database

Hi, I have a problem about update table in a database. The situation is I have a table named member which store thousand rows of data records about thousand of member for a system. This member table has a field named MemberExpiryDate which used to store each member expired date. I have been asked to update the data records for member ...

69. Insert values into a table with foreign key

I'm confused on this part. First, I have 2 tables...1 is material table, consisting id, names, etc... one of the column is type id which is a foreign key from another table that gets all the material type listed and its detailed information. So as a material can only have one type while one type can have many materials listed in ...

70. problem with inserting into table

AIM:to take the input from the user and insert it into the specified table. i tried the following code for my project but i was not successful in doing so plz help me import java.awt.*; import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.event.*; import java.sql.*; class xyz extends JFrame implements ActionListener { JLabel lbl,lbl1,lbl2,lbl3,lbl4,lbl5,lbl6,lbl7; JButton b1,b2,b3;; JComboBox box1,box2,box3,box4,box5; JTextField tf=new JTextField(); PreparedStatement ps1; PreparedStatement ps2; ...

71. jdbc table update problem

72. Building a report engine where sql queries are inside a database table

For example I could have these two queries inside the database in two separate fields select firstname, lastname, gender from employee; select color, type, width, height, weight from inventory; The best way to load them into a Set or List using one modular program. It's really the design that I'm looking for help on.

73. help in update a database table

Hello! You did not tell us any of: 1.) what the problem is the code insert a new record instead to update an existing one 2.) where the problem is ??????? 3.) if you get any error message NO 4.) what the error message tells you I do not get an error message  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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