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1. retrive the records returned by jdbc request

You can directly specify the variable names in variable names textbox . OR You can use simple datawriter listener to write to file and then read that as a CSV(assuming you format it that way) OR You can use a beanshell post processor to process the data On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 5:17 PM, Maya Hague <[hidden email]> wrote: > ...

2. Retrive 4000 more records

We're all guessing at what you are doing here. Hard to suggest improvements to something you know nothing about. In my case I found it was much faster to read all the data from the tables in one SQL statement and build the tree from that, rather than building the tree recursively with one SQL statement per node. That may or ...

3. How I can retrive 40 million records from Database?

Because you are using JSF, I assume you want to display the information to a user on a web page. I'll skip asking why a user would want to see 40 million records. Does your app work when you try to display one record? If you post your code, maybe someone can comment on it.