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1. ColdFusion Query to java.sql.ResultSet    stackoverflow.com

I've looked in the "undocumentation", and I can see how to create a coldfusion.sql.QueryTable from a ResultSet, but not the other way around. So, how can I extract the ...

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I'm working on getting our system's java beans to be able to use the SQL IN clause when running queries down through the database, but am running into a perplexing problem. I ...

3. Refreshing data in a java.sql.ResultSet    stackoverflow.com

I have a java.sql.ResultSet object containg data from a query that was run. How do I refresh the data in the ResultSet to reflect the current data in the database? Thanks!

4. ResultSet using query arguments like in jdbcTemplate    stackoverflow.com

Haven't found in docs. Does java ResultSet supports query arguments,like jdbcTemplate? For example, something like:

int length = 10;
ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery("select MyTable.COLOR from MyTable where MyTable.LENGTH = ?", new Object[] { length });
is ...

5. How to query for an interface and filter the resultset with JDOQL?    stackoverflow.com

I have an interface

public interface MyInterface {

    public abstract String getName();

    public abstract void setName(String name);

The persistence layer uses JDO. The JDO implementation is DataNucleus. ...

6. Can I change the Fetch Mode in a Resultset from a DatabaseMetaData query?    stackoverflow.com

I'm inspecting a Database using an DatabaseMetaData instance. I get all the information of the tables in the DB and I iterate all the Resultset without anyproblem. At the end of the ...

7. How can I generically map query results to a generated XML?    stackoverflow.com

This is the query:

Select id, title, value, old_title, old_value, new_title, new_value FROM VALUES
This the XML:

8. Why is my SQL query failing?    stackoverflow.com

I have this table:

    code int primary key,
    date Date.
containing values
code 10,          30,    ...

9. Java generating query from resultSet and executing the new query    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to use some query result to generate another query and execute the new query but that does not seem to work. The second query is not being executed. ...

10. want access resultset of first query for second query    stackoverflow.com

This is java program for SQL statement. I have two queries. Result of the first query is required for second query. How do I call it in second query?
These results are ...

11. Should I close ResultSet after each query or close it after doing all my queries?    stackoverflow.com

Let us say that I want to perform 10 queries. I create a ResultSet rs1 like this:

ResultSet rs1 = MyStatement.executeQuery(QUERY_1);
while (rs1.next()){
    // do something

rs1 = MyStatement.executeQuery(QUERY_2);
while (rs1.next()){

12. resultset and .first() query    coderanch.com

In the following code, could someone please tell me why the rs.first() returns false and thus never enters the fianl while loop. I need to know the number of rows in my resultset - is there an easy way to do this? I am using JdataConnect JDBC driver for SQL server7. con = dataSource.getConnection(); callStmt = con.prepareCall("{call " + procedure + ...

13. Can ResultSet be reliably returned from method that creates Stmt and executes query?    coderanch.com

method x creates a statement, executes a query, returns a resultset. In main, I create a resultset reference variable and set it by calling x. The thread below is a long argument about whether garbage collection of the statement object could potentially render my resultset to be null in main. See link: http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jsp?forum=48&thread=88874 It appears that returning a resultset is a ...

14. query a resultset like CFQUERY    coderanch.com

Hello, Is there a way to query a resultset in java. Yes what I mean is after obtaining one resultset, again query on that resultset like we do to a table in the DB. Here is my problem in detail and any help doing the same in Java will be most appreciated :-) I am working on a peculiar problem where ...

15. drawing chart from a resultset of database query    coderanch.com

Dear Sir, Hope you get this message in good health. I have a problem that made me mad and hope if you know a path to tell me about to solve this problem. I'm trying to draw charts from a database query resultset and the problem is to convert the number of coulmns I get in the resultset to Array or ...

16. call resultset in join query    coderanch.com

As long as you have ID column in the selected tables it should be ok. If two tables have same column name, (ID) in this case, I think, JDBC will give you back the first ID column value. However, if you are joining two tables, and both tables have same column name but join doesnt include it, then it would mean ...

17. Can you insert into the database without using insert query in a Resultset    coderanch.com

I'm not sure I entirely understand the question, but I'll take a stab at it. There are a few ways you can get data into a database via JDBC and SQL. Using pure standard SQL, the SQL INSERT statement is the major way. For example, "INSERT INTO MY_TABLE (MY_COL_1, MY_OTHER_COL) values ('test', 3)"; For greater efficieny, inserts may be batched together ...

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19. Drawing charts from a resultset "query from database"    coderanch.com

Dear Sir, Hope you get this message in good health. I have a problem that made me mad and hope if you know a path to tell me about to solve this problem. I'm trying to draw charts from a database query resultset and the problem is to convert the number of coulmns I get in the resultset to Array or ...

20. Problem with resultset or query?    coderanch.com

21. how to fetch data from resultset containing result of two queries    coderanch.com

OK, then you will need to perform the same logic Query Analyzer does whereby it parses the Transact SQL before running it. The easiest way to do this is to require proper statement ends (batch seperator in SQL Server speak). If you can't do that then you will need to parse the input with a Transact SQL grammar and break it ...

22. ResultSet Query    coderanch.com

23. SQL Query resultset into Excel Sheet    java-forums.org

Dear all, I am very new to java and am writing a program to put the resultset from an SQL query into an excel sheet. I already have downloaded the library jexcelapi library. Please let me know how could I proceed further on this. It would be great if someone could give me a sample code to see. Thanks a ton. ...

24. Can you store the resultSet from a query into a vector?    forums.oracle.com

I am totally frustrated. How the heck does one store the results of a query (resultSet) in a vector so that I can get the vector from my jsp page to display in a table.? searchRS is my resultSet from stmt.executeQuery(). public Vector storeResultSet ()throws SQLException { int dataType; Vector rows = new Vector(); System.out.println("INSIDE SEARCHQUERY VALUE OF searchRS: " + ...

25. query about resultset    forums.oracle.com

try { String ans1=(request.getParameter("R1")); //String name=(request.getParameter("T2")); Class.forName("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"); Connection con=DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:exam","",""); PreparedStatement s; ResultSet rs; String value = (session.getValue("s1")).toString(); String name=(request.getParameter("T1")); s=con.prepareStatement("select emailid from check where emailid=?"); s.setString(1,value); rs=s.executeQuery(); if (rs.next()) { out.println("already reg"); } else { PreparedStatement st=con.prepareStatement("update check set ans1=? where name Like ?"); st.setString(1,ans1); st.setString(2,value); st.executeUpdate(); out.println(value); } }catch(Exception e) { out.println(e); } now my code is this and its ...

26. Storing the resultset of a MDX query    forums.oracle.com

/*these packages are included from "mondrian.jar" Mondrian is a OLAP Engine written in java, and it is used for OLAP analysis. I've created a cube file(*.xml) and am trying to query the cube using a mdx query, and it displays output in multidimensional format. I want to store this output in some array and do some calculations, */ import mondrian.olap.*; import ...

28. returning a SQL query result (resultset)    forums.oracle.com

Hello, I would like to return records from a SQL query but i can't return the resultset because the connection is already close. How can i return the records from a query if it contain different types (int, string)? I've been told to create another class which will hold the different variables and to return an instance of that class, how ...

29. ResultSet brings unordered results on SELECT * query    forums.oracle.com

Hello, I am querying Oracle tables and I would like the resultSet will bring the columns at the same order they were defined at the database. I must use SELECT * on these tables for internal reasons and cannot specify the columns names instead. Now, I am using the following standard code for that: String query = "SELECT * FROM MYTABLE"; ...