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1. Behaviour of ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE

I am confused about the behaviour of a ResultSet that is of type TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE. My understanding of this is -
1.) I execute a select query that returns me a result set. ...


6. Scroll Sensitive ResultSet

Hi Gourav, i think you missed the wonder of SCROLLABLE facilitates you with the power to traverse the data to and fro, which wasn't available in prev version of Resultset(OK, i won't bother you with the versions).Now, if you have any SELECT query, that creates an implicit cursor in the DB, as if making a COPY of your desired table, ...


8. ResultSet cannot scroll back?

In FUTURE JDBC related questions should be posted into the JDBC forum. Do NOT post this one in there, you already posted it here and one is enough. Okay the important thing for you to understand about this problem is that when you request a particular type of result set cursor and concurrency it is a request. It is not an ...