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1. I want to convert a resultset to a string. I have tried everything but it always gives no data found. Please provide some solution

I want to convert a ResultSet to a string. I have tried everything but it always gives no data found. Please provide some solution

2. assign resultset values to string array and this to an string variable

i need to store Result set values to an String array. and this string array has to be assigned to a String variable. and these variable can be usable some where ...

3. Is there really `ResultSet.getObject(String, Class) in JDK7?

I see quite a few changed interfaces in JDK7, e.g., the addition of ResultSet.getObject(String, Class<T>). I was greatly surprised by this incompatible change, especially because I've never seen it discussed. I suppose ...

4. ResultSet to String java?

I'm just after a way to convert a ResultSet to string I've tried:

toReturn = result.getString(0);
I'm only after a proof that its working and thought this would be all that I need ...

5. Making a String[] from ResultSet

My only concern with using a Vector cast is that unused Vector capacity may show up as data in the String[]. Question: Does the Object[] returned by Vector.toArray() represent the size or the capacity of the underlying Vector implementation? Note: I am bound to using String[] by an external API I am forced to use.

6. searching appropriate String in a resultset and return the accurate result

StringTokenizer tokens = new StringTokenizer(skey); ArrayList keywords = new ArrayList(); String rootsql = "select P.ECMSKU ITEM_ID, P.ECMLDS ITEM_TITLE, 'ESH' ITEM_TYPE from ECMMST P where P.ECMSTS = 'A' AND ("; StringBuffer sqlbuffer = new StringBuffer(rootsql); while(tokens.hasMoreTokens()){ sqlbuffer.append("P.ECMLDS LIKE ?"); keywords.add(tokens.nextToken()); if(tokens.hasMoreTokens()){ sqlbuffer.append(" OR "); } } sqlbuffer.append(")"); PreparedStatement ps = conn.prepareStatement(sqlbuffer.toString()); for(int n=0;n

7. STORING Resultset in String variable

8. Max length of string returned by Resultset

Hi All, Am using Sybase DB and retrieve data into Java code.I have a column of type "text" and return a variable of length 300 chars to Java from the "text" field. Java uses resultset.getString("column name") to get the column's value from the result set. The issue we have is - even if the DB returns a value of length 300 ...

10. compare resultset values with string value

the code is wriiten so that it will chec whether the username value is present in result set or not . rs1 is result set . username value is given "SMITH" & the result set is the set of "ename" from emp table in oracle db. in line 4 i have checked the value of username is "SMITH" which i have ...

11. how to check for null string in resultset

I was hoping you could help me with a question I had in Java. So I'm using a Result Set to get a result. However, one of my strings has a null value. I've tried: If(rs.getString("gender")==0) If(rs.getString("gender")==null) If(rs.getString("gender").equals("")) If(rs.getString("gender").matches("")) but none of them work. Can you please tell me how to check if the 'gender' field is null or not?

12. Split a resultset into single strings?

If you are referring to a result set consisting of 5 records/rows then you do not need to split anything. Alternatively if you are referring to 5 columns or 5 entries per record then read the API for ResultSet for the corresponding methods to access each entry. Also follow a [java JDBC tutorial|] for a great example and explanation of how ...

13. Storing ResultSet into Two Dimensional string array

Hi All, Please let me know how to store the resultset values into two dimensional string array.. Assume two columns in resultset(cols: role & user) plz post some piece of code which works...I just struck with this issue... And also highly appreciated if you post how to retrieve values from the stored array... Thanks inadvance, jags