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1. Updateable ResultSet just for doing inserts: good idea?    coderanch.com

I hate it when my INSERT statements become horribly long. One thing that would solve this is querying for an empty updateable resultset from the table i want to insert into, and then use the update methods to specify the values (after doing a moveToInsertRow) Is this a good idea, or does it have serious performance implications? / Jesper

2. Updateable ResultSet Help    coderanch.com

Here is a code snippet of my problem, I basically traverse the whole ResultSet and check each value and replace them with a corrected value if I found any violating a fix set of rules, for simplicity sake in this example I test if the value is lowercase and change it to uppercase: (I'm using an Oracle 8i database) Connection con ...

3. ResultSet is not updateable.    coderanch.com

You might note that just specifying that a result set be updatable does not guarantee that the result set you get is updatable. If a driver does not support updatable result sets, it will return one that is readonly. The query you send can also make a difference. In order to get an updatable result set, the query must generally specify ...

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5. Updateable ResultSet    coderanch.com

I think it would be easier if you described the behaviour you are seeing and what you don't understand about it. A call to updateXXX() methods won't update the database but updateRow() will... or should anyway. But there are also things like transaction isolation levels that mean that an update you make may not seen by others.. also cursor sensitivity of ...

6. Updateable ResultSet    coderanch.com