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1. Inserting Resultset into Arraylist and displaying them

I have difficult storing multiple result sets into an ArrayList. Also I need to display them in a JTextArea. But the problem is, I can't get it to display anything.

public static ...

2. Null ResultSet and how to fill it

I have the next code:

ResultSet rs= null; 
TipoEstablecimientoHotel tipoEstablecimiento = new TipoEstablecimientoHotel(rs);
Of course, the second line goes into a null pointer exception, so I want to initialize tha "rs", but I ...

3. Nullpointer Exception using ArrayList with ResultSet

I have a function "getStudent()" that returns an ArrayList of strings and when i call this function in another class, i get a NullPointerException, i thought i had correctly initialized my ...

4. ResultSet --> ArrayList or Vector

5. Putting ResultSet into an Array list

I am working on a class that will connect to an MS Access database using the JDBC/ODBC bridge driver. I have two questions. 1) can I create a method with the class that connects to the database only and then call that method to connect each time I need it? IE: public void openConnection(), if so do I need a return ...

6. Making arraylist from resultset

If you do not want to use an ORM such as Hibernate, then just create and object that maps to the data retrieved, populate each atribute with the columns of your resultset, and add them to a list. Again, as Paul mentioned, this is exactly what an ORM is for. Not sure why you do not want to use one.

8. How to add resultset into ArrayList

9. Storing resultset into arraylist

here is my complete code: //jsp page <%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> <%@ page import = "java.sql.*" %> <%@ page import = "java.util.*" %> Projects Information

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10. Returning a ArrayList from a jdbc resultset

11. Arraylist and Jena Resultset - Setting and Getting in Beans

Dear All I am using Jena (with persistent database back-end) and NetBeans 5.5. I have a servlet that accesses the backend and runs a query and gets the results back in a resultset. Some results may also be stored in Arraylist. What I want to do is to store this resultset and arraylist in a Bean and then get the bean ...

12. ResultSet to ArrayList

Thanks a lot ppl. anyways it was my fault in writting code. I tried like: ArrayList arr = new ArrayList(); ArrayList arr1 = new ArrayList(); while( { for(int i=0; i< colCount; i++) { arr.add(rs.getString(i)); } arr1.add(arr); } Now if i try to fetech the value in another class like: for (int i = 0;i < rowcount ; i++) { assetUUID = ...