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1. How does one convert from a Java resultset to ColdFusion query in Railo?

The following works fine in CFMX 7 and CF8, and I'd assume CF9 as well:

<!--- 'conn' is a JDBC connection --->
<cfset stat = conn.createStatement() />
<cfset rs = stat.executeQuery(trim(arguments.sql)) />

<!--- convert this ...

2. Converting ResultSet to JSON...faster or better way

So I've come up with some code the converts a ResultSet to a JSON. It uses the JSONArray and JSONObjet classes. My question is there a faster way or a way ...

3. convert to JSON directly from DataBase resultset

1       2       4   5
1       2       ...

4. Convert a ResultSet value into XML?

Is it possible to convert the value of a ResultSet (result of a query execution) into XML??! If so which API would deal with this?!

5. How to convert a resultset to XML file

Hello All I am trying to convert the data retrived from a result set object to an XML file. One way i can think is to get the column names.Then loop through with column names as xml tags with a start tag and end tag. I wanted to know is there any other way where we can pass the resultset object ...

6. Conversion From resultset to Map

You can easily imagine a result set as a grid, or maybe a spreadsheet. One way to get that feeling in memory is an array of arrays, or a more flexible collection of collections. You can make a totally generic solution like this: create a master list create a list for metadata add the metadata list to the master list get ...

7. Convert List to ResultSet?

8. Convert List to ResultSet?

9. Convert List to ResultSet?

10. Converting resultSet to ArryList

11. Converting resultset to JSON

12. Conversion of resultset or collection into sas file format(*.sas7bdat)

I am not sure exactly what you expect. Surely you searched for a utility for writing the SAS7BDAT format. I assume that you didn't find one for Java. It is a proprietary format that hasn't been released by SAS which means a bit more research is required - and perhaps writing of code on your part. For example, you will have ...

13. convert resultSet to Instances

14. How to Convert XML to ResultSet in java

15. Converting ResultSet to DataInputStream

16. How do I convert a ResultSet to an Array?

Hi. I am learning Java, but am having difficulty with processing some data from a database. I have the database rows in a ResultSet. I would like this in an Array, but can't seem to find a solution online. Many solutions have been proposed online but none of them work. The best solution I found gives me warnings to do with ...

17. convert resultSet to Instances

vitaly87 wrote: what I need is to get convert resultSet to Instances Like this: Instances data = convert resultSet Yes, you need to convert it. I.e. you need to read the ResultSet row by row and create your instances and fill them with data. There's no magical(*) way that a ResultSet suddenly becomes your own objects. (*) Now we get to ...