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How can I find that the ResultSet, that I have got by querying a database, is empty or not?

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Connection conn =
Statement stat = conn.createStatement();

ResultSet rs = stat.executeQuery("SELECT * from table WHERE is_query_processed = 0;");

int rowcount = rs.getRow(); 
System.out.println("Row count = "+rowcount); // output 1

rs.first(); // ...

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In the following java class i'm having a method authenticate, in which i'm using resultSet.next() method to check that whether the given userName and password exist in the database or not, ...

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I'm not totaly sure what you are looking for, but I have one possible solution. What you might do is make a class that models your data, then place objects of that type into a Vector for example. Am I being clear, and would this be an approac to solve your problem? Jason Menard

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Hi, I want to check to see if a value is in a column, if it is i want to update that row for the column. If not , I want to insert a new row (will null be returned for the resultset if the value for the column is not found?) Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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In my servlet I am using stored procedure which searches in one table on given field. If data is not found in first table searches in other table. This stored proc is working fine if run from sql prompt( i.e. searches properly in second table if not found in first). It also works fine if data is present in first table ...

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i am using chkUser() to check the user's existence in the database. its also trying to fetch and set all the values for student eg email,phone while fetching the username and password...in both rs1 and rs2 if i set query with just UNAME = 'CHIRAG' then its giving me the result but it doesn't give me reuslt with UNAME='CHIRAG' AND PASSWORD='chirag'...Is ...

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Hey guys Just wondering if java developers have decided kindly to offer a method that checks if resultSet is empty or not!!? I searched in this forum and others for this problem, but unfortunately almost all replies tells the OP to use rs.next() and this method although will return false if the resultset is empty BUT it will move the curser ...

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Hello there OK, i'm using MS Access database with my Java application... i'm having trouble wording my SQL statement! I'm trying to get a resultSet holding 2 columns from different tables... but i get an empty resultsSet if one of the tables is empty! I want it to return either both or one of the columns... (in other word) if there ...

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Hi, I want to access DB2 which is connected to AS400. So i am using com.ibm.as400.access.AS400JDBCDriver driver which i have got ftom jt400.jar. As i am using JDK 1.4, i have used jtopen 4.8 version for getting this jar. My problem is: I have established a connection. But when my query run,it does returns a resultset which is empty but not ...

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Just thought I'd toss in my 2 cents and add that you can skip one of the steps. if (result.next()) { } In particular, I don't think you'd want to do this: boolean more=result.next() while(more) { } since you could very well end up in a loop. Usually you see: while(result.next()) { }

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I'm trying to dynamically get the parent table names and foreign key column names of a database. However, when I try to use getExportedKeys() it returns an empty ResultSet. I have read on another thread that this may be a known bug. The thread recommends upgrading the mysql connector to the latest version. I have upgraded to the latest alpha mysql-connector-java-6.0-nightly-20101119-bin.jar ...

16. my query is successfully running in database but it is returning empty resultset in my java program    coderanch.com

Do you gt an error message at all? Maybe try printing out the value of the "query" String reference just before you execute it in the program so you can see what is actually being executed. From time to time this is very enlightening for me. BTW, this is probably better suited for the JDBC/SQL forum.

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