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1. Java ResultSet getString weirdness?

This one has me stumped. I've got a java.sql.ResultSet and I'm pulling string values out of it like so:

When I debug and inspect rs.getString("AddressLine1"), the debugger says I've got a 30 character ...

2. Does JDBC ResultSet getString always return a String representation?

I'm formatting a ResultSet to output to a CSV file. As such I really don't care about the Java types of the result set, beyond maybe knowing if it's text or ...

3. Need to change ResultSet.getString(Value)---- conditionally

I have a query and a resultset I do this

while (
    String string = rs.getString(ColumnName);

    if (String == "certainvalue")

4. getString() in ResultSet

5. ResultSet.getString(0)

Hi Blake, ----------- ur post ---------------- You just get used to it after a while. ------------ end of post ---------------- Can u come up with a good solution instead of the statement made? Its mentioned in the JDK help that the column nos start from 1 onwards. BTW, My question is still not answered. Rgds, Seetesh

6. Using ResultSet.getString( )

7. Question on resultset.getString(3)

hi, have a nice day, everyone, i understand the parameter for getString() method is columnindex , can someone tell me how to i determine the parameter is belongs to ? in mycase , i have try on resultset.getString(3); which give me the tablename , is it the "3" belongs to tablename ? thank you !

9. ResultSets Lose Second half of getString

When I insert to my result set, then move back a row the previouse records are only displaying 2 characters of each column. It seems the number of characters displayed when resultSet size was smaller was higher, not sure though I must test it again. More info on problem found in comments above problematic method. This is my Adapter to control ...

10. ResultSet + getString("field")

hey all! just a question. i ve been trying to do stuff with ResultSets. basically i ve got mysql connected and everything is fine except one little thing. when i get my ResultSet and then try to get the fields from it eg ResultSet result = selects.getResultSet(); /// this gives me my result set while({ String email = result.getString("email"); String mess ...