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1. assigning a specific record in a ResultSet to a variable

I want to retrieve a set of records from a database, do a and then assign the result of this to a variable to pass to a method that will ...

2. Skipping ahead to a specific JDBC Record Number

What is the best way to skip ahead to a specific record number in a Java JDBC resultset?

3. what is the value of resultset ,if query does not return any record?

public ResultObject takePrefixGroupId(ArrayList prefixGroupName) 
 debugLog(MODULE_NAME, "Inside the takePrefixGroupId() of LCRConfigurationSessionBean");
 ResultObject resultObject = new ResultObject(LCRResponseCode.LCR_CONFIGURE_SEARCH_ERROR_EJB, null);

 String strSelectQuery = null;
 String strMessage=null;
 ResultSet resSet = null;
 Collection colInValideRecord =new ArrayList();

4. How to check if resultset has records returned w/o moving the cursor in Java

I am wondering how to check if the resultset has some records returned, just like below,

while(((ResultSet) rs).next()){
    ((ResultSet) rs).previous();
    return true;
But I can't do this ...

5. Is it possible to tell if a java ResultSet is empty without affecting the record?

I do not want to use next() since if the ResultSet is not empty, I do not want the cursor to be advanced. Is there some sort of peek() method or ...

6. How to process ResultSet you know has only one record in it

I'm struggling with a homework assignment and am getting hung up on some SQL queries. My query is interrogating an inventory database for the quantity of some item. The query requests the ...

7. how can I get Record Count from ResultSet?

This is a fairly common question and I recommend using the search facility first. You'll get several threads like this one Keep in mind that there are several options, and all the options are not always covered in each individual thread. You can do a dummy call that returns a count of the results rather than the results, You can iterate ...

9. How do we know if there no records in resultset

Hi, I wrote a sql on a table and I know there are no records for the condition I mentioned, but the resultset seems to behave as if there are valid records. But when I try next() it comes up with exeception Invalid cursor state. I want to find if there are no records in the resultset... Here is the code, ...

11. resultset/how to use index table to seach the record

Hi Guru, Would anyone be able to answer for my question urgently? Regarding the search the record fastly from secondary table. I'm using the resultset to check whether the record is exit in secondary table from main table like chain to the secondary table. I'm really stuck here. If I need to create the index table, how do I use it ...

13. Printing number of records from a ResultSet

HI ALL, I would like to print the number of records from a resultset. What i have now prints the actual details from the database based on the query passed. below is the snippet of code that does that: ResultSet rs =stmt.executeQuery("Select * from details"); while( { System.out.print("\n"+rs.getString("firstname")+ " " +rs.getString ("surname")); the question is how do i factor the ...

14. ResultSet issue with adding record

import*; import java.text.*; import java.util.*; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; import java.sql.*; public class UserDatabase { public static int addRecord(String lastname, String firstname) throws SQLException { try { Class.forName(""); String dbURL = "jdbc:mysql://localhost/dbconn"; String username = "root"; String password = "sandiego"; Connection connection = DriverManager.getConnection(dbURL, username, password); String query = "Insert into User (lastname,firstname) " + "values ('" + lastname + ...

15. how to get the inserted record by using resultset in java?

Hi friends, I have one doubt in wirting database code in java.. table a( id , name, description); table b(id, salary); I have two table( a & b).. Whenever i insert a record into table a, i need to insert a record in table b also by using primary key of these two tables. we can do it in java. But ...

17. Jump to a specific record of a Resultset

Vish, Welcome to JavaRanch! Why not do a query specifically for the records you are interested in? In other words "select * from table where field_name = 'Vishal'" rather than "select * from table". This will cut down on the amount of work the database has to do. And if you aren't using the data, there is no reason to return ...

18. Resultset Not able to handle 200 records using JBOSS.

Hi All, In my application i am trying to fetch around 200 records in resultset. But server hangs after executing the query. see below code: try{ openConnection(CommonConstants.db2JNDIString); if(IS_ESTABLISHED == true){ pstmt = con.prepareStatement("SELECT * FROM Table1 where RTG_STATE_CD='32' and CO_ID in ('00') and LINE_OF_BUS in ('2') and STATUS_IND='P';"); System.out.println("start query"); rs = pstmt.executeQuery(); if(rs != null){ while({ System.out.println("Query ends"); myform = ...

19. Resultset processes 1 record

Sorry! I thought the problem was in the DBHandler class. Here is the code // Validate the input in CHQ_Resources table private static void validateData() { // Declare the JDBC objects Statement stmt = null; ResultSet rs = null; ResultSet count = null; String errorcodes = ""; String SQL = null; String ResourceId; // Get current date and format it to ...

21. Displaying next 10 records from resultset

Hi all I am developing a website for some writers. The website is database driven and contains writings and poetries by different writers. I am using servlet to connect to Database and using MySQL as database. I wanted to know that how can i display only some fields from the recordset after search and then make the name of the writer ...

23. resultset next() returns false and yet record(s) exist

I am using oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver (odbc14.jar with all oracle.dbtool plugins for eclipse installed).My returns false. I alternatively tried to use OracleCachedRowSet but getRows() finds zero records too.My code is below Please help am stuck on this. Thanks. public boolean aunthenticate1(Connection conn,String username,String password) throws SQLException{ ResultSet res = null; PreparedStatement st2 = null; // CachedRowSet cr=new CachedRowSet(); try{ //String uquery = ...

24. compare records in same resultset

25. records not showing in ResultSet

Vaishali, Methods "createStatement", "executeQuery" and "next" all throw "SQLException". This is a checked exception which means your code must handle it. As Scott implied in his reply to you, perhaps you are catching the "SQLException" but not doing anything with it? I suggest you post your exception handling code as well. If you are certain no exceptions are being thrown, then ...

26. ResultSet skips when table have only one record

Hi! After executing sql query, I list result with: while ( { .... } It works fine if in a case that selected table have more then one record in it. But in a case that I have only one record, it can not list any result. Can somebody help me how to solve it? Thanx!

27. Java resultset duplicate records

I have a database from postgresql data are as follows Name | Description | Date P1 | Des | 2009-01-01 P2 | Des | 2009-01-01 <-- P2 are considered to be the same as P1 P3 | Des | 2009-01-02 P4 | Des2 | 2009-01-01 P3 & P4 are not considered to be duplicated If a record's 'Description' and 'Date' is ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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