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let's say that i get a resultset which was queryed using joins from an sql database. is it better to use an sql statement to update the tables or insert new ...

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I'm not a big fan of updatable resultsets. I believe that you should get in and get out as fast as possible to alleviate database resources. String sql = "select column1, column2 from table1 where..."; String update = "insert into table1 (column1, column2) values (?,?)"; int counter = 0; PreparedStatement ps1 = con.prepareStatement(sql); PreparedStatement ps2 = con.prepareStatement(update); ResultSet resultset = ps1.executeQuery(); ...

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I am trying to write an updateable result set that takes in multiple values from a JSP page and updates the ResultSet. I am posting these values to a Servlet that then sets the appropriate variable values and I then perform the query and "attempt" to use an if() statement to compare current database values with the new variables and thus ...

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The problem is, I use the resultSet object as global for all the things in the class. I don't know if it is the best way though. let me explain better, i have a method that show the data in a table, filling up the global ResultSet and then showing its contents in the control. When i update something in the ...

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String firstname = request.getParameter("firstname"); String lastname = request.getParameter("lastname"); String password = request.getParameter("password"); String email = request.getParameter("email"); String gender = request.getParameter("gender"); int age = Integer.parseInt(request.getParameter("age")); Statement stat = connect.createStatement(ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE, ResultSet.CONCUR_UPDATABLE); String query1 = "SELECT * FROM user_basic_shounak where username = '"+session.getAttribute("loggeduser").toString()+"'"; ResultSet rs = stat.executeQuery(query1); while(rs.next()) { rs.updateString("firstname","harry"); rs.updateRow(); //firstname_temp = rs.getString("firstname"); rs.updateString("lastname", lastname); rs.updateRow(); rs.updateString("password", password); rs.updateRow(); rs.updateString("email", email); rs.updateRow(); rs.updateString("gender", ...

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Well, you got the above code from your last posting ( [http://forums.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=5316330] ) and never bother to reply to that posting. Now you want someone to write even more code for your. Well, since you didn't appreciate the help you got the first time, I won't waste time helping with this question.

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Why not store shares in only one colum? if your 1st buy is 50 . total shares would be 50 And you second buy is 40 total shares would amount to 90(50+40). Then sell 70 would amout to 90-70 and total shares would be 20. which means you Add or Subtract from total shares to give you what ever you need. ...