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1. Parser for Expression Filter

I have table column with expression filter applied. Is there any existing parser that would allow me to parse this column? the column can contain simple conditions such as PROPERTY = ...

2. Expression language to SQL where clause transformations?

We have one domain object,

I'm looking for a simple expression language that we can write that will generate SQL. ...

3. Regular Expression to extract user defined function in sql

I want a regular expression that can uniquely identify the user defined function in sql queries. For example:

with someExp(parameter)
select parameter = convert(varchar(8000),'welcome')
union all
select parameter + 'user' from someExp where lengthOfPara(parameter) < 100
select ...

4. Problem using regular expressions on a SQL where clause to get field names and values

My goal is to filter a normal SQL query where clause to get the fields and their values, for example, in the following where clause: String whereClause = "where someField is not null and someOtherField = 'abc' or someAnotherField like '%abc%'" We could write whereClause.split("\\s[aA][nN][dD]\\s|\\s[oO][rR]\\s") to get tokenized Strings which can then be split based on " " to get the ...