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hi all, i am using sqlloader from java to insert records of 6000 (for ex)into database.it is taking time to load(15seconds).i am giving a message after calling the sqlloader.but those lines are printed before the sqlloader finishes its work...all i need is i should able to print a message "success/fail" based on the result of the sqlloader process.is it possible for ...

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Hi! I am writing a Java application running on windows. the primary thing that the program does is to parse data and write it in a text file , connect to the database and insert the text file to the table by means of an sql loader... the database that i am connecting on is running on a solaris =) anybody ...

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Okay, so what, exactly, is your current problem? If it is to run it at all, then whip something up and try it out. If you have problems, consult that javaworld link from my post, first, and if you still have problems, come back. I don't see any real problem, at the moment, though.