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1. Sql Parser With Engine

I need parser on java that parse SQL and return it as some structure. This structure must have some binding point to what I can bind low level reader.

2. Making a parser for SQL?

I been writing a larger project, and as part of the project i need to make standard SQL lex and syntax analyzer - parser. Since i am relatively new to this topic, and there are many experienced members on this forum, i have few questions: 1. Since SQL is common, are there already made parsers that can be downloaded - like ...

3. SQL parser in Java

Hello, (I'm a french guy so my english may be (very) bad !!) I'm looking for a parser which can receive SQL statement like "SELECT * FROM toto.SOLDE WHERE ..." and which add such methods ike - getSelectedField() (return "toto") - getSelectedTable() (return "SOLDE") - getWhereCondition() (retrun a tree or something like...) I looking for a SQL parser on the web ...

4. SQL Parser