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1. SQL sort with limit? (non trivial)

table {
  id: long
  name: string

1235 Fred
1902 Trever
5123 George
6467 Derek
7868 Joe
8972 Bob
9272 Alf
9842 Hank
I want to return 2 records prior to that of Joes, in ascending order. i.e The correct ...

2. Danish Sorting with core java and sorting through SQL.

We have to do Danish language based sorting for the records coming from DB In SQL we are giving default sorting which is based on Danish NLS E.g. select * from tablename ORDER by NLSSORT(code, 'NLS_SORT=danish') which is coming proper In UI we have screen which accepts these sorting given done above SQL .User can click on the header of the ...

3. Help with netbeans and SQL sorting

4. Help with netbeans and SQL sorting

Yep, it returns a ResultSet. So go read the docs about that. It'd be a shame to waste all that time learning SQL. Basically, the ResultSet represents one row at a time from the results of a query, and you can ask it for various attributes from that row, typically by name, then move to the next row when you're done. ...