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1. conversion from int to DATE is unsupported on null date

I believe this has been a bug/problem in SQL 2000/2005 ... If my results have null on DATETIME column, i get 
 the conversion from int to date is unsupported
when i ...

2. Date columns in SQL-Server (MSSQL-JDBC 3.0) running under Java 1.7.0 retrieved as 2 days in the past

I have strange effects when retrieving columns of type DATE from SQLServer2008 using the Microsoft JDBC-Driver version 3.0 when running under the official Oracle JDK 1.7.0. Host OS is ...

3. How to convert Date to nvarchar

enter image description here have a search screen and I want to show results by searching specific data.My Filter is "show all date after '7/5/05' date". As this is a JSF ...

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10. JDBC SQL server date format problem

Originally posted by sanjay vishwas: in my application i am using JDBC ODBC bridge to connect to the SQL server database.its a JSP appication. when i insert date to database it gets inserted in the format of mm/dd/yy but when i display it in the next page through resultset using getString method it displayes in the format of yy/mm/dd. is there ...

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