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1. jdbc driver for Microsoft SQL Server CE(Compact Edition) 3.5

I want to be able to explore the contents of a DB for this version of the DB. I was thinking of using the Squirrel DB client (which needs a JDBC ...

2. How disable SQL Server jdbc driver logging from a java application?

When I change the application log level to FINE, SQL Servers log also uses it, and, as consequence, I get a lot of unnecessary log messages. How can I turn off ...

3. JDBC java drivers sql server 2005

We are upgrading our servers to SQL Server 2005 from SQL Server 2000. We currently use the jtds drivers. I'm interested to know what peoples opinions are of the different jdbc drivers ...

4. How can I use the MS JDBC driver with MS SQL Server 2008 Express?

My configuration:

  • windows XP SP3
  • JDBC 2005
  • MS SQL Server 2008 Express, exposed via tcp/ip on port 1433
  • sqljdbc.jar in class path
I tried:
try {
    con ...

5. Is there a jdbc driver for SQL Server that can search for database instances on network?

Is there a jdbc driver for SQL Server that can search for database instances on network? Just wanting to emulate "OSQL -L" from the JDBC driver. Dont want to have ...

6. [Macromedia][SQLServer JDBC Driver]

when i executed the code taken freshly the following was the error


Has anyone found a JDBC Driver that supports GSS-API for MSSQL. I need to connect to a sql server using windows authentication. The fun part is it's the user logged into ...

8. Using JDBC driver to connect with Sql Server 2008

I'm using following code to connect with Sql Server 2008:

Connection con = null;
CallableStatement stmt = null;
ResultSet rs = null;

    SQLServerDataSource ds = new SQLServerDataSource();

9. Is possible to do proxy authentication using SQL Server JDBC driver?

Oracle JDBC driver provides option to do proxy authentication for multi-tier architecture design. Are there any similar/equivalent option available with SQL Server JDBC driver?

10. Does the SQL Server JDBC driver support asynchronous operations?

From some googling, it appears that .NET supports asynchronous operations with SQL Server 2005+. Does the latest JDBC driver support this? I can't find a mention of it anywhere, so I'm ...

11. Does Microsoft's MS-SQL Server JDBC 3.0 driver include support for JTA?

I read somewhere that in order to use JTA and Tomcat (I'm also using Hibernate) you need to use a JTA version of the JDBC driver. Is this true?
If so, does ...

12. How can I connect to SQL Server using integrated security with the JDBC driver?

I'm trying to connect to my company's SQL server using Microsoft's JDBC driver for SQL Server 2005. This is what my connection string looks like:

To which the driver throws an exception:
Invalid ...

13. Can't get data from a SQL Server with my select query (using jdbc driver)

I am trying to connect to a SQL Server 2008 R2 instance which is using sql auth. No exception is raised (I'm catching SqlException), and my code is as follows:


14. JDBC driver for SQL Server 7.0?

I need to retrieve datas from the SQL Server 7.0 through java. I have tried the following drivers

  • msbase.jar
  • mssqlserver.jar
  • msutil.jar
  • sqljdbc.jar
  • sqljdbc4.jar
These jars works fine for the SQL Server versions 2000 and above, but for the ...

15. Which MS SQL-Server JDBC driver should I use?

Is there a current opinion which MS SQL-Server JDBC driver I should use: The official MS one: or JTDS: And why?

16. JDBC SQLServerException: "This driver is not configured for integrated authentication."

My standard disclaimer: I haven't worked with Java in about 10 years, so it's very probable I'm doing something elementary wrong here... I am writing a "server-side extension" for SmartFoxServer ...

17. Connecting to an SQL server using Java

I need to connect to a Microsoft SQL server using Java. I downloaded the driver, an no matter what i did elipse and netbeans couldnt find the driver. When I got frustrated i ...

18. How to write a transaction using jdbc driver?

I want to write a transaction using jdbc in java. I have tried this simple transaction "BEGIN TRANSACTION"+NL+"GO"+NL+"UPDATE table SET col='test' where id=1010"+NL+"GO"+NL+"COMMIT" I have tried with NL= "\n" and NL="\r\n" and NL="\r" but I ...

19. Can the JDBC driver be configured to use a Shared Memory protocol

I work in a very restrictive environment and I am trying to configure a Java application to connect to my local running instance of SQL. The Share Memory, TCP/IP and Named Pipe ...

20. Request: Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver 1.1

I have an old Java project which I need to rebuild from a Maven Ant task and which has a lot of dependencies. Unfortunately the support repository server does not exist ...

21. Microsoft SQL Server and JDBC driver not working

Dear All: I keep getting the following error message: This driver is not configured for integrated authentication. There are numerous solutuions that I tried but still get same message. I also notice it happens when there is a Java.exe processing running in task manager, which I have to kill first but after running my application it happens again so I ...

22. ms sql driver

23. Free JDBC driver for SQLServer 7?

24. Novell driver with MS SQL

25. Driver for MS SQL Server

are you loading driver using Class.forName(driver) ? here driver is dependent on RDBMS u r using. e.g. it can be "oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver" in case u are using Oracle thin driver. or "sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver" in case u are using JDBC-ODBC driver. or simply "ids.sql.IDSDriver" if you are using IDS driver. also Take care you have put your driver (normally a .zip/.jar file) in your ...

27. Driver String for SQL Server

28. Type-4 Driver for Ms Sql Server 2000

29. Using TDS Driver for MS Sql Server 2000

30. com.thinweb.tds.Driver for Ms SQL 7

32. JDBC Driver for MS SQL 2000

34. SQL Server 2000 JDBC Driver Error

Hello All, I am trying to use Microsoft JDBC driver for SQL Server 2000. Here is my code public class Connect{ private java.sql.Connection con = null; private final String url = "jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://"; private final String serverName= "localhost"; private final String portNumber = "80"; private final String databaseName= "pubs"; private final String userName = "USERID"; private final String password = "PASSWORD"; // ...

35. MS SQL JDBC Driver

37. [IBM][SQLServer JDBC Driver]This driver is locked for use with embedded applications

It is a long time ago's question and i just came cross. Actually if you still can look up your setttings, I believe that you can find two jdbc sets: one is microsoft's and the other is something else for mssql jdbc. Try to get rid of one of them, you would be fine.

38. JDBC drivers for MS SQL 2000

any one tried any drivers for ms sql 2k ? currently i am using one by microsoft it is not too slow but has some problems e.g. from a same connection object if i try to create multiple statements, and use transactions I get an error while connection.setAutocommit(false) I also want to see whether other drivers are fast/better the sun jdbc ...

39. any free JDBC driver for MS SQL

40. Opta2000 driver for SQL Server access

Hello: I am trying to use the opta2000 driver from within a java application, I am following a sample application that they have shown in the 'Sample' folder of opta2000 on how to use a datasource. However, I am having trouble with that, since it complains about login failing to sql server. Has anyone used the opta2000 driver in the past ...

41. Is there such a thing as a free SQL Server JDBC driver on windows?

I've decided to help out a charity with there web site and want to do the pages in JSP etc. hence the "free" aspect - they have SQL Server 7.0 already - so I'm going to link to this... I've searched about but can't seem to find a driver for free that works on Windows. The ones I have found either ...

42. [Microsoft][SQLServer JDBC Driver]Error establishing socket

Hello Ppls, I am getting this error while connecting from a web application running in Tomcat in linux. one particular test i did was to check for the socket connection and as well as check for the database connection, in this case i could open the socket but could not open the database connection : here is the code : <% ...

43. MS sql server + MS type 4 jdbc driver

46. jdbc DRIVER and MS Sql

Originally posted by Pradeep Bhat: AS I mentioned I faced the problem with MS SQL database only and unfortunately I dont remember the driver used. I know this works fine for oracle datbase. I am of the understanding that order should not matter when we use indexes for getting values from resultset.

47. jdbc DRIVER for MS Sql

48. ][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC]ResultSet can not re-read

A stab in the dark, but some JDBC drivers only allow you to read a column value once. If those cases you can't do the following: ... // (stmt = previously defined statement) ResultSet rset = stmt.executeQuery("Select * From Person"); while ( { String first = rset.getString("first"); String last = rset.getString("last"); String full = rset.getString("first") + " " + rset.getString("last"); } ...

49. MS SQL Server 7 driver

Hi all, I've been given the dubious task of recommending a driver for the delightful MS SQL server 7. I've narrows my search down to two: JTurbo 3.0 from New Atlanta JSQL 2.30 from JNetDirect I was wondering about people opionions of these two. Anyone got any experience using them? Which would you recommend? (Getting support and hoping the .com doesn't ...

51. JDBC ms sql server driver issue

52. sql server driver

53. URGENT - Type 2 JDBC Drivers - SQL Server

Hello All We are running WebSphere 3.5.3 - I am trying to change the administrative database for WebSphere from InstantDB to SQL Server 2000. It appears that I am missing some Type 2 drivers. I was wondering if anybody out there would have them or if you could just point me to where I can find them. I just can't seem ...

55. JDBC Driver for MSSQL

Microsoft driver is pretty bad. So much so that if you try and prepare two statements on the same connection object it will implicitly open another connection! JTDS driver isnt bad and its free but I have faced few issues with it while working on time stamp fields. Data direct is good and so J SQL Connect. See what fits your ...

56. MS SQL JDBC driver download

57. IBM SQLServer JDBC Driver

58. ms sql driver

59. Best JDBC driver for SQL server..

First of all, a disclaimer: I am a jTDS developer. Second, jTDS is not "just some free open-source JDBC driver". It's as fast as any of the commercial drivers and definitely more stable than the MS one. And I would be worrying more about stability than performance. Third, the old MS driver is a 4 year old OEM-ed DataDirect driver with ...

60. JDBC Driver for mssql server database

62. Error : [SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC][SQLServer]Invalid object name 'jdbc'

Hi, I am getting the following Error:: [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC][SQLServer]Invalid object name 'jdbc' when trying to connect SQL Server Enterprise Manager through JDBC, the main problem is that when I am trying to access a table with OWNER:: dbo and TYPE:: user I am not able to connect but if I try to access a table with OWNER:: dbo ...

64. Issue with JDBC driver for sql server 2005

All, I am using jdbc driver for sql server 2005 on weblogic/websphere, following is the configuration I am using. driver class : data source helper class name in WSAD/RAD :

65. JDBC Driver MS SQL Server 2000?

I am hoping others might have solved this issue. What I am doing is running a store procedure and everything is working as it should, but the error message is not getting back to the app server even through the DBServer is sending back the correct error with no resultset. I am using SQL Server 2000/SP4 with the latest JDBC drivers ...

66. SQL Server 2005 & Microsoft JDBC driver

Hello, I just wanted to share this fix with rest of you folks. I spent almost a day trying to fix the problem. Those who are trying to retrieve data from SQL Server 2005 using Microsoft's JDBC driver might get the following error message. [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC][SQLServer]The incoming tabular data stream (TDS) remote procedure call (RPC) protocol stream is ...

69. Driver for SQL server

The Microsoft driver worked fine for me until it had a problem with the SSL implementation on my iSeries. Then I switched to the JTDS driver which is also working fine for me. Why do you need an open-source driver? Do you expect you will need to look at the source code to debug problems?

70. jdbc create table with ms sql drivers

My application builds its own database schema by executing sql ddl commands and works fine with Oracle and mySQl databases. However whatever I try it does not seem to work with mssql (2000 or 2005). I have tried jdbc driver versions 1 through 1.2 and even the beta of version 2. Basically my "create table" commands seem to be ignored and ...

71. JDBC Driver for MS SQL 2008

72. Unable to connect to MS SQL Server using JRun drivers

There is only one reason that I can think of and is that the class is not in your classpath. You may think it is but chances are it is not. On a side note I also have used JRun and what I did was to declare my db connection inside of JRun under the JDBC datasources of the Default Server. ...

76. [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC]Unsupported VM encoding Cp1256.

Perhaps your report now has some data that cannot be represented by a particular encoding? Run a query that generates reports on old data. If that works then you can differentiate if the problem is with the base encoding of the DB, or the encoding of the data or something to do with the driver (which I do not think is ...

77. SQL Server 2005 problems with driver

78. [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC]Error establishing

That looks OK. There was an issue with very early versions of the networking dll - if your SQL Server instance is unpatched there may still be an issue, but I think that looks OK. So all thats left is if your SQL Server instance is configured to allow SQL Server authentication (like I said early, by default it is not). ...

79. [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC]Broken pipe (errno:32)

i got below error... can someone assist / advise ... i'm using Apache Tomcat/4.1.34 java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC]Broken pipe (errno:32) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at org.apache.commons.dbcp.DelegatingStatement.executeQuery( at at at listoutSR1.doGet( at listoutSR1.doPost( at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( at ...

81. Context give: Cannot load JDBC driver class ''

org.apache.tomcat.dbcp.dbcp.SQLNestedException: Cannot load JDBC driver class '' at org.apache.tomcat.dbcp.dbcp.BasicDataSource.createDataSource( at org.apache.tomcat.dbcp.dbcp.BasicDataSource.getConnection( at dmbd.DBcon.getConnection( at org.apache.jsp.test.test_jsp._jspService(org.apache.jsp.test.test_jsp:68) at org.apache.jasper.runtime.HttpJspBase.service( at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( at org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServletWrapper.service( at org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet.serviceJspFile( at org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet.service( at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.internalDoFilter( at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.doFilter( at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardWrapperValve.invoke( at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContextValve.invoke( at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardHostValve.invoke( at org.apache.catalina.valves.ErrorReportValve.invoke( at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardEngineValve.invoke( at org.apache.catalina.connector.CoyoteAdapter.service( at org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11Processor.process( at org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11Protocol$Http11ConnectionHandler.processConnection( at at at org.apache.tomcat.util.threads.ThreadPool$ at Caused by: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: (com/microsoft/sqlserver/jdbc/SQLServerDriver) bad major ...

82. retrieve data from SQL Server 2005 using Microsoft's JDBC driver

Hi dears , My j2ee application was running fine but suddenlly this error occurs [#|2010-11-28T17:13:07.382+0300|SEVERE|glassfish3.0.1| |_ThreadID=28;_ThreadName=Thread-1; |java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC][SQLServer] The incoming tabular data stream (TDS) remote procedure call (RPC) protocol stream is incorrect. Parameter 1 (""): Data type 0x38 is unknown. i tried the solution mentioned Here but still getting the same error , I'm using GlassFish Server ...

83. JDBC Driver for SQL Server 2000

Hi I would like to know which driver to use while connecting to SQL Server 2000 using JDBC. I have already downloaded the Microsoft's driver but I find there is very little documentation on things like how to access BLOB/ CLOBs, fetching Cursors etc. Are there any commercial / open source drivers which come with proper documentation? Are there any documentation ...

84. [Microsoft][SQL Server 2000 Driver for JDBC]Error opening/loading

Two possibilities I can think of offhand, mind you they're both grasping at straws: You've probably already thought of this, but is the database on the same machine as the web server? If it isn't then you can run in to all sorts of issues with Java's security model, although they are normally reported as security exceptions. Are you sure that ...

85. Microsoft SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC

Hi, While using the Micrsoft sql server for jdbc getting an error [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC]Execution timeout expired. state:HYT00 This is while sending an email alert .The e-mail parameters are retrieved from the sql server d/b one at a time and using transport object (javax.mail.Transport) the e-mail is sent. Please reply at the earliest

86. Netbeans and SQL Server 2000 jdbc driver

88. Driver for msSQL

89. sql server driver for java