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1. Batch Stored procedures insertion in database with Callable statement

We have 4 stored procedures which we are using to insert the entries in database, These 4 are interdependent, If any of this fails Whole operation has to be rolled back, ...

2. Batch statement execution - regarding

3. Batching Select Statements in JDBC

Great algorithm, thanks. If you have the luxury of knowing values that are out of range for the column in the where, use the out of range values for the extra parameter values. This would let you handle the stragglers in one query. IE. selecting by an id column that is always a positive number. select ... from ... where ... ...

4. batch statement

hi all, In my application i am having a table contains empID,Name,Dept,Date,time,doorno:. Here in my UI iam having two fields for time one for time-in and time-out and that reflects in database as A for time-in and I for time out. can any body help me hw to write a query for this by using statement.

5. JDBC batch statement

6. JDBC batch statement