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1. Passing parameters to Jasper reports sql statement from Java

I'm using JasperReports engine, and one of the reports gets data from database executing SQL statement.
Is there a way to pass parameters to that query?
Thanks in advance!

2. Callable Statements: how do I name the input parameters?

I have a jsp site that will access stored procedures on a Sybase Database using Callable Statements. I have established my connection with the database, and am successful calling stored procedures using the CallableStatement. My DBA has strongly recommended using named input parameters instead of just sending them in in the order they are defined in the stored procedure. For example, ...

3. Collection as a parameter in a Callable Statement

Can I pass any kind of parameter to a callable statement? I have a set of values which I want to store in a vector and get them processed through a stored procedure and I want this stored procedure to return a collection. Is this possible? or can I only send string, int, float and other primary datatypes? Also, can I ...

4. Statement parameter 1 not set. is coming

String path = "%"+product_part_selected+"%"; try { if(searchby.equalsIgnoreCase("code")){ System.out.println("in code"); result=getPersistenceEngine().retrieve(Criteria.PRODUCT_CODE_PART_SELECTED, new Object[] { path }); }else if(searchby.equalsIgnoreCase("category")){ System.out.println("in category"); result = getPersistenceEngine().retrieve(Criteria.PRODUCT_CATEGORY_PART_SELECTED, new Object[] { path }); }else if(searchby.equalsIgnoreCase("brand")){ System.out.println("in brand"+path); result = getPersistenceEngine().retrieve(Criteria.PRODUCT_BRAND_PART_SELECTED, new Object[] { path }); } } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } --------------------------------------------------------- here path is a string,i am passing path as a parameter to query ...

5. Determine the Callable Statements Parameters at runtime

I am executing oracle procedures through callable statements, The parameters are entered by the user like cutomerid , dates . As there are more than one procedure to get executed and each procedure has different set of parameters , where in some procedure date is the first parameter in second procedure date is the last parameter. therefore i created a comma ...

8. Adding parameter on select statement

10. parameter passing in sql statement