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1. iSeries JDBC Sql statement with "é" in column name throws java.sql.SQLException: [SQL0104]    stackoverflow.com

I am having trouble using the character "é" in a returned column name from an SQL query. Running this query

SELECT PRCAT as Categorie, PRYEA as Année, PRDSC as Designation ...

2. java.sql.SQLException: Closed Statement    coderanch.com

Could you be so kind to describe in more details these things: 1. configuration of data source 2. usage of transaction managers 3. what container 4. the passage of code where your application tries to execute statement. It can be concurrence problem as well as transaction management problem as well as database configuration problem. The statement preparation initiates the application, but ...

3. java.sql.SQLException: Closed Statement: next    coderanch.com

Please check the following code its giving the error "java.sql.SQLException: Closed Statement: next" if ((cnn==null)||cnn.isClosed()){ cnn=db.getOracleConnection(); } String mailmsg=msg1+msg2+msg3; String emails="",category=""; String query5="select e_id from emailcategory"; String query14="select email from email where category=? and active=1"; int count=0; PreparedStatement ps5=cnn.prepareStatement(query5); rs=ps5.executeQuery(); while(rs.next()){ category=rs.getString(1); count+=1; PreparedStatement ps1=cnn.prepareStatement(query14); ps1.setString(1, category); rs1=ps1.executeQuery(); while(rs1.next()){ emails=rs1.getString(1); if(emails==null || emails.equals("")){ emails=""; }else{ sendEmail.send("news@mydomain.com", emails, subject, mailmsg); } } ...

5. java.sql.SQLException: Callable Statements not supported    coderanch.com

public void callProcedure() { try { if(procOutput == 0) { proc = con.prepareCall("{call insert_info(16,'Prashant',1)}"); } } catch(Exception e) { System.out.println("There was some error while making Prepared Call. \n Error Descrption: "+e); } try { proc.execute(); } catch(Exception e) { System.out.println("There was some error while executing Stored Procedure. \n Error Details"); } finally { System.out.println("Stored proc successfully executed"); } }