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1. iBATIS cache does not get flushed on given statements    stackoverflow.com

I am using iBatis for my database interaction. Lately I am trying to improve performance of some static data fetches by configuring caching. The chache got configured and worked properly however ...

2. How to implement the greater than or equal SQL statement in iBatis?    stackoverflow.com

Let's say in my sql statement I want to do:

WHERE numberOfCookies >= 10 
How do I do this in iBatis?

3. How to add multiple named parameters to the SQL statement?    stackoverflow.com

I would like to write something like this in myBatis (using anotations instead of XML):

@Insert("INSERT INTO friendships (user_id, friend_id) VALUES (#{user.id}, {friend.id})")
public void insert(User user, User friend);
Is this possible? How exactly? ...

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I need to have inheritance mapping in ibatis. In Ibatis documentation, what I have learned is, we can compare the value of the column to call submaps inside discriminator tag of ...

5. How to make ibatis log full SQL statement, not just replace argument with '?'    stackoverflow.com

With current log4j.xml shown below, I get logs like 'select * from users where user_id = ?'

<logger name="com.ibatis">
    <level value="debug"/>
    <appender-ref ref="IBATIS"/>
<logger name="java.sql">