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1. Generate SQL JOIN statements


The following data is a specific example of a general problem (sorted by column name):
Primary Key: as_comp.companynamecurrent.companyid
Primary Key: as_comp.companylocation.companyid
Primary Key: as_comp.companylocation.locationid
Primary Key: as_hr.personemploymentcurrent.locationid
Primary Key: as_hr.personnamecurrent.personid
Primary Key: as_hr.personemploymentcurrent.personid
Primary Key: as_hr.personaddresscurrent.personid
Primary Key: as_hr.personemploymentcurrent.positionid
In ...

2. wrong result with RIGHT JOIN. (how to have 2 right join in the same statement?)

Hi All, I wanted to add a new column to my sql statement: RIGHT JOIN csv_net_production AS CSV_net ON CSV_net.ID=TR.ID AND CSV_net.Production_Date BETWEEN '2006-10-01' AND '2006-12-31' but I recieve wrong result (the SUM(CSV_net.cur_amount) is 3 times higher) the sql statement looks like this: SELECT TR.ID, TA.Name, TR.idTarget, TR.Controller_Status, TR.previuosYear, TR.deduction, TR.idProduction, SUM(CSV.cur_amount) AS Accumulated, SUM(CSV_net.cur_amount) AS net_Accumulated, PD.Name AS PName, PD.type_2, ...

3. Regarding join statement?

Hi one and all, I need somedata in my project that was related to 2 tables. But problem was ,we have 2 tables , one is codes and other is name. but i need to display on browser names corresponding to code as tree structure. but i wrote a join query ,it returns all the codes and names . and i ...

4. join sql statements

I am writing an application that connects to a database. I run a select sql statement that joins two tables and I am trying to put the sql results into variables. But I am unable to, the values of the variables is always null. But when I try a simple select statment without a join, it works fine. Is there something ...