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1. Execute Multiple DML on single java.sql.Statement

How transactions will behave; If I use following syntax to execute multiple DML using single java.sql.Statement

String sqlStr = "INSERT INTO.... \n update t1 set....";

I am not altering default connection setting (autocommit ...

2. Execute multiple SQL statements in one call

I have an update SQL such like ‘UPDATE T SET d=d*2’, then query the updated value such like ‘SELECT d FROM T’. Is it possible to use one SQL call to ...

3. One Statement object, multiple executeUpdates

Is recommended to create just one Statement object and execute multiple executeUpdate() on it?

// Vantages/drawbacks of this solution?

Statement stmt = conn.createStatement();

Or is better one Statement object for each executeUpdate:
// Vantages/drawbacks ...

4. MyBatis executing multiple sql statements in one go, is that possible?

i was wondering if it is possible to execute multiple sql statements in 1 go. For example the scenario that i want to delete rows from multiple tables, is there a way ...

5. multiple statements

6. Can we use the Statement object for multiple ResultSet objects?

The way that a driver behaves is dependant on the drivers implementation of the Statement Interface. But in general it usually has 1 of the following 2 behaviours: The code: Statement stmt = con.createStatement(); ResultSet r1 = stmt.executeQuery("SELECT...."); while ( { String id = r1.getString(1); //this is where the difference occurs ResultSet r2 = stmt.executeQuery("SELECT...where id = '" + id + ...

7. can you put multiple words in a database by using one statement

Originally posted by ben riches: but i want the words to into the same column name but diffrent fields. is this possible? hmmm, I'm not sure what you mean, a column IS a field in a DB. It sounds to me like you want to be able to store them in the same place but be able to seperate them if ...

9. JDBC multiple statements in prepatedStatement?

I have a website that has a PRODUCT table. when the pages display it selects from this table. I also have a sync program that sends data to the webserver and either inserts or updates that same product table. When i monitor the connections in mysql workbench i keep seeing under status for those selects "Locked" and copying to tmp table. ...

10. SQL, multiple statements in resultset not working

Hi everyone, I have a JSP web form that ties into a database. I am trying to process to statements inside a resultset loop, but cannot get it to work. I looks relatively simple, but I don't understand it. Can someone show me how or what I am doing wrong or how this could be fixed? I appreciate it. -Regards. ... ...

11. how to call multiple sql statements in java

Hi, I have to execute a sql statement, based on that result i have to executed i have to fetch another data using select statement, based on the second sql i have to execute create statement, and i have thousands of rows of data to handle, how to accomplish that? basically the flow is Select --> Select --> create Statements. Regards ...