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1. JDK Download problem: Your download transaction cannot be approved. Contact Customer Service

I tried to download the JDK last friday and then again today and was "greeted" with the following message: "Your download transaction cannot be approved. Contact Customer Service." Does anyone else get the ...

2. How can I abort a running JDBC transaction?

Is there a way to prematurely abort a transaction? Say, I have sent a command to the database which runs five minutes and after four, I want to abort it. Does JDBC ...

3. Long Transaction Time Solution for JEE?

A problem I've encountered a few time in my career is in a tiered service architecture a single downstream system can bring down the entire client application if it gets into ...

4. On using Terracotta as a persistence solution

Would it be a good idea to use Terracotta as a persistence solution (replacing a database)? I'm specifically wondering about data integrity issues and support for transactional systems.

5. Implementing support for nested transactions using JDBC 3.0

our legacy application uses JDBC 3.0. it supports transactions by implementing its own transaction manager that is capable of returning the same JDBC connection for each thread. The problem I recently ...

6. DataNucleus: How do I automatically perform actions when commiting a transaction?

Consider having an application using DataNucleus with the following persistence structure: You have a class that has two attributes like created (Date) and lastUpdate (Date): How do you automatically fill those ...

7. transaction management with common-j components

We have a Websphere JEE application that requires parallelization, for which we're looking to use CommonJ work components. Each 'thread' would require its own view onto data coming from a ...

8. How to name the following pattern based on messaging and unit of work (XA)?

I'm having a difficulty with naming the pattern used commonly by the application I've been working on for a while. Just to set the scene: this is a JEE application that ...

9. Does RandomAccessFile.close() internally call FileChannel.force()?

I am using RandomAccessFile to perform some writes to a file as part of a transaction. Before I commit my transaction, I want to be absolutely sure that the data is ...

10. Java sql transactions. What am I doing wrong?

I have written the small test with sole purpose to better understand transactions in jdbc. And though I did all according to the documentation, the test does not wish to work ...

11. Transaction mode for file operations in Java

Perhaps what I'm trying to explain here doesn't make any sense, so I'd like to apologize in advance. Anyway, I will try. I'm trying to read from a file, perform some database ...

12. Java Transaction service

I want to use Java Transaction service for distributed transaction management in my Java application. I have 3 different databases to which I have to connect using 3 different Connection objects. I ...

13. Transaction state in JDBC

Is there a way to know if a transaction is in an "ongoing" state in JDBC? I found nothing in the Connection API. Thanks

14. Mutlithread-safe JDBC Save or Update

We have an interesting problem: We have a JMS queue of job statuses, and two identical processes pulling from the queue to persist the statuses via JDBC. When a job status is ...

15. how to translate this (see the code below )to C#?

how to translate this to C#


 class SimpleServer 
private static SimpleServer server; 
ServerSocket socket; 
Socket incoming; 
BufferedReader readerIn; 
PrintStream printOut; 

public static void main(String[] ...

16. do message queues provide transactional support?

Say I load messages in a queue from multiple nodes. Then, one or many nodes are pulling messages from the queue. Is it possible (or is this normal usage?) that the queue guarantees ...

17. Sip Error - Response does not belong to this transaction

I was wondering has anyone come across thos error in SIP before?

WARN/System.err(4623): javax.sip.SipException: Response does not belong to this transaction.
I get it after I get an invite, ...

18. Please recommend a way of authorizing a plain text transaction over HTTP in Java?

I have a web service on an insecure network that needs authorization. I wish to implement it over HTTP, instead of HTTPS, at the same time evading man-in-the-middle and sniffing attacks. I ...

19. What is a simple way to get ACID transactions with persistence on the local file system (in Java)?

I'm working on a small (java) project where a website needs to maintain a (preferably comma-separated) list of registered e-mail addresses, nothing else, and be able to check if an address ...

20. Which layer implement Transaction mechanism

I knew ORM tools, such as Hibernate, have their own transaction management mechanism. We can also harness transaction by using JDBC directly. And DBMS has its transaction facilities either. I wonder ...

21. transaction management for remote call

I need to do transaction management for remote soap calls.What is the best poosible strategy in java?

22. Building "isolated" and "automatically updated" caches (java.util.List) in Java

FOR ANYONE INTERESTED: I have implemented the code for the behaviour I am looking for and open-sourced it on google-code. Get it here! pojo-mvcc -- Hi Guys, I am trying to write ...

23. jdbc nested transactions

What is the behaviour of nested transactions. I am using java + jdbc ? Eg:

    do stuff1
        do stuff2

24. Load Testing Java Web Application - find TPS / Avg transaction response time

I would like to build my own load testing tool in Java with the goal of being able to load test a web application I am building throughout the development cycle. ...

25. Interface Design Problem: Storing Result of Transactions


  • multiple sources of input (social media content) into a system
  • multiple destinations of output (social media api's)
  • sources and destinations WILL be added
some pseudo:
IContentProvider contentProvider = context.getBean("contentProvider");
List<Content> toPost = contentProvider.getContent();

for (Content c : ...

26. How to have transactions on objects

How I can imitate transactions on objects. For example, I want to delete the item from one collection and then add the same item to other collection as an atomic action. ...

27. Catching TransactionRolledbackLocalException in Java

I receive javax.ejb.TransactionRolledbackLocalException in Websphere 7 from the container and I wonder how is it possible to catch this exception? I have a timeout set in Websphere and get this message ...

28. Java based high volume transaction web application

I have next to no experience dealing with high volume transactional websites and recently came across this interesting question. I am interested in knowing where the bottlenecks in a Java web ...

29. Are there any open-source tools or frameworks on transactional file I/O, Java language?

My project needs RandomAccessFile,and I have made it.But when testing the Mutiple Access,many problems found.It can not make sure the file access security , no ACID semantics.So I need a framework ...

30. What is the right way to use JDBC transactions in Java?

I'm using this template:

try {

    try {
        // ... do something with that connection ...

31. Where to start managing transactions in java SOA application

i'm starting to work with Services in Java, and i've been googleing for a while but i still have no clue when is need to handle transactions y several services, e.g. ...

32. Callable or PreparedStatement and transactions

I have a prepared statement call in java that calls a procedure that commits or rolls back a sybase transaction. Is there anyway I can check from my java calls the ...

33. Autonomous transaction in TopLink

I am facing a problem, I want to implement autonomous transaction in TopLink, but I am not too sure about if it is possible or not. I have a also worked ...

34. when to roll back a jdbc transaction

I have been reading an interesting statement in The interesting part is: "Catching an SQLException tells you that something is wrong, but it does not tell you what ...

35. transactional remote method execution

I am developing a series of java web applications that will be deployed independently, possibly on separate application servers (with local network connectivity). Apart from servicing incoming user requests, these applications need ...

36. How do you add a method that accepts a transaction and adds it to the list of transactions that is a array that adjusts the balance of a account

Here is the code I have so far for the Account class

public class Account {
    Transcation transcation[];
    private int account;

public Account(){
    transcation ...

37. isolation level on a transaction in JDBC with an an auto_incremement field

I have a table that I need to insert records into, the id field is a primary auto_increment field, I am not sure about what isolation level I should use such ...

38. Ways to handling huge transactions on any database?

I have a data transformation product, which lets one select tables in a database and transform row data in the source database to a destination database. This is handled in the ...

39. Handling Transactions in DAO with an Injected iBATIS.NET SQL Mapper

I am currently using iBATIS.NET for a small application I am building. I like to create concrete Classes for my DAOs instead of using ISqlMapper directly and invoking named SQL statements. ...

40. Open Source Software Transactional Memory

I am looking for open source Software Transactional Memory implementation. A list of such implementations in Java will be helpful. Also please point me to performance benchmark comparisons.

41. How does EHCache implement its transactions?

The question might sound vague but I'm trying to understand the general concept of the EHCache transaction ability.
Assuming I configure EHCache as a memory cache and I also configure it to ...

42. Send mail as transactionally as possible

I have a simple program that polls a DB table every so often and sends any mail that the table indicates is pending (using javax.mail). When the mail is sent ...

43. How to solve nested transactions problem with iBatis?

Let's suppose I have the following structure in my project (I'm using iBatis as DAO):

public class UsersManager {
    public void do {

44. Standard Protocols and Messaing standards for Financial Transaction?

I am trying to build a Payment gateway where other institutions will post transaction messages. I will have to process them. Processing is not a issue. Now what protocols standard should ...

45. How to control transaction (commit/rollback) when reading an IDOC

When using JCo (3.x) to read IDOCs sent from a SAP server, what action should be taken to indicate the message has been properly received (i.e. commit)? In Java I imagine ...

46. java API for online money transaction

I want to implement online money transaction into my website. I need to know the following: Which is the best service in this area? How do I get the API (in java)?

47. java.sql.SQLException: Transaction (Process ID 222) was deadlocked on lock resources with another

this is SANDHYARAJ SWARGAM i face this issuse when i was deployed propertiesfile in websphere application server7. so plz provide the suatiable solution to me as soon as possible.

48. Rethrowing checked exceptions

public void foo() {
 try {
 } catch (Exception e) {
  throw e;
In the sample above, there is an error because foo ...

49. What does transaction means in Java?

Possible Duplicate:
What is transaction?
Some of my collegues use to say Spring can handle transaction, Hibernate can handle it. What is this all about? Is ...

50. Apache Transaction:write file transactionally - how to use resourceId

If anybody implemented transactional writing to file,please, assist me.
Related topic was discussed in earlier thread(transactional write). Use case is following:
if writing to log file is failed,that appropriate DB transaction shoud be ...

51. Anyone know of a generic transactional Map | Set | List

The only real available library i could find was the Apache Commons Transaction Library. Problems w/ Apache Commons Transctions

  • Last release 2008 (3years)
  • not generic
  • dependency on a logging f/w - do we ...

52. READ_UNCOMMITTED vs No transactions?

What's the difference between executing SQL outside of a transaction versus executing it under READ_UNCOMMITTED isolation mode? Clarification: I'm trying to understand the difference between java.sql.Connection.TRANSACTION_NONE and java.sql.Connection.TRANSACTION_READ_UNCOMMITTED ...

53. transactions using deuce stm

I am trying to revert object state on exceptions. My code is like::

public class DeuceTXTest
 public void myTransactionMethod(HashMap<String, String> myHashMap)

54. using jdbc to execute two different insert queries in one transaction

I am trying to execute two insert queries in one Statement, putting them together in one transaction.
I was looking at the addBatch method, but if I understand correctly it can be ...

55. How to start a transaction in JDBC?

Connection.setTransactionIsolation(int) warns:

Note: If this method is called during a transaction, the result is implementation-defined.
This bring up the question: how do you begin a transaction in JDBC? ...

56. javax.transaction.RollbackException

I have been occuring below exception while committing transaction. I am getting transaction on javax.ejb.SessionContext

Error Code: EJB_ERROR
Title: EJB Error
Message: An unexpected EJB error occurred.  This is mostly triggered when a ...

57. jdbc - transaction manager needed by our web server for db transactions?

I'm using Jetty with mysql. I need some basic transaction support, and jetty is warning me at startup that no transaction manager is in use. I thought transactions were native to ...

58. Implementing a User Login, JDBC Transactions question

I have a question regarding database transactions where I'm not sure if my understanding is correct. I want to implement a user login in a java application. As there might be ...

59. Redis & Java in a multithreaded application help!

We have an application which is currently threaded (about 50 threads) to process transactions. We have setup a redis database and using DECRBY to deduct credits from a users account. Here is an ...

60. Java - Dynamically make transactional methods ignored

I'm writing a program which talks to a SOAP API. The program I'm writing deals with money, and it would be useful to be able to determine at run time (my ...

61. Calculating transaction fees in Java

Lets say you have website that keeps balance for each user. You give each user option to deposit money into their balance from PayPal, Amazon FPS, Authorize.NET eCheck and Credit Card ...

62. General Transaction Question dealing with many records

I'm working with a code base that is new to me, and it uses iBatis. I need to update or add to an existing table, and it may involve 20,000+ records. The process ...

63. api for merchant sites to give our users credits for transactions

I am working on a commerce site that lets users get "points" for shopping at participating sites. right now they must scan a receipt in order to get points. We want ...

64. What is an isolated transaction in Java?

I have been asked the flowing question in an interview:

"What does it mean to have an isolated transaction in Java?"
I can think of the ACID properties and ...

65. Which data base & Programming language should we use for import & process 100 million Transactions(rows) daily?

Please Advice I want to build an application which will import 100 million Transactions(rows) daily to process. 1.Which data base should i use? 2.Which Programming language should i use? 3.Dose any one have ...

66. Where should transaction records go? Flat file or Database

I'm developing a Java Enterprise Application which needs to write transaction records either to flat files or directly to a relational database. Transaction records are records which show when the transaction ...

67. Lightweight transaction framework

I am looking for a lightweight alternative that preferably uses annotations to manage transactions. Are there any alternatives that are similar to the spring transaction framework?

68. Make sense to use SUPPORTS as default TX propagation for reading?

Default TX mode would apply to all read-only methods (services). Service method may read database more than once. Does it make sense to use SUPPORTS propagation - so the read queries ...

69. Storing the transaction done by paypal sandbox add to cart button

I am using paypal sandbox add to cart button, it is working fine but i want to save the transactions done by that button, that is i want to save customer ...

70. JDBC Transaction beginning

In JDBC can we say the transaction begins as soon as we get the connection and finishes as we close the connection. IS this right? If yes can we say In different ...

71. JEE transactions methods marked as not supported

I have a method that transfers data from one database to another and in the process creates new tables in the target database. The method is part of a stateless EJB ...

72. CDI @TransactionAttribute for bean

I am experimenting with CDI on a test application. I have a DAO which injects a container managed JTA persistence context like this:

public class TestDAO implements Serializable {

73. Apache Camel - transaction in routes

I have a general question about Apache Camel. I wasn't be able to find whether the aggregator is transacted. If it is transacted, how the transactions are implemented and how fast ...

74. Transaction handling multi-tier application

Is there a possibility having transactions across multiple systems? For exeample: layer 1 - exposes web services (Deployed to weblogic) layer 2 - .NET front end (Deployed to IIS) Can we have transaction commit ...

75. Isolation within the same process with Infinispan

I'm building a application around an Infinispan cache and the Atomikos transaction manager. I found out that the transaction isolation is not working for transactions open in two different threads on ...

76. Handling Runtime exceptions in transactional jdbc code

A coworker and I are having a disagreement on the best practice for handling run-time exceptions thrown from transactional JDBC code. He feels that catching Exception rather than SQLException is ...

77. Need of Transaction API in Java

First of all my question is What is the need of Transaction API in java ? Give me the practical example? What is the meaning for Container Managed Transaction and Bean Managed ...

78. How to get the id of which database transaction?

I have a java web app that create two database transaction about the same time. Bit somehow the 2nd db truncation is actually using back the first db transaction connection. How can I ...

79. PlayFramework: catch a deadlock and reissue transaction

I am running a Play! application and am debugging a deadlock. The error messages I see logged from Play! are:
Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting ...

80. Distributing statements for a JDBC transaction in multiple methods

I need to do a considerably long JDBC transaction. Can I distribute the statements required for the transaction in multiple methods, like this?

try {
    // ... Get connection

81. Transaction Management

If two transactions say T1 and T2, Access same record for update in DB, Exactly at the Same time.I know only one transaction succeeds and the other throw a concurrent exception ...

82. Non-database application transactions

How can an encapsulate non-database actions into transactions? For example, say I have some number of methods/functions called in sequence, some update the database, some update files on the filesystem, some ...

83. lightweight java transaction management

I'm currently working on a game server for a turn-based persistent world game primarily targeted at smartphones, and I'm currently beginning to implement the persistence layer and I'm looking for some ...

84. Fitnesse: test not doing the clean up correctly

We are trying to fix some issues on a testing harness, and having issues with a particular test, which basically tests a feature that creates an entity, does some processing and ...

85. Deleting users, then remaking them in the same transaction. Why am I getting a duplicate entry Exception?

I am really missing something about JDO/datanucleus, but I cannot figure out what. In one transaction, I am checking if new users exist by a string id (it is a iOS ...

86. Questions about properly closing/committing database transactions and executing queries

I'm working on updating a project and I just want to know best practices of these two questions:

  1. Should I continue to use Connections/Statements/ResultSet for executing queries or should I be using ...

87. Reflection in multiple wrapped objects

In a JUnit test, I want to change the hibernate template in a Spring DAO. This DAO is

  1. annotated with @Transactional so it gets wrapped during runtime and
  2. spyed upon by Mockitos spy()- ...

88. Do I need to write all the database access as transaction like this?

To ensure the safty, do I need to write all the database accessing code like this:

public void updateOrder(OrderData order) throw Exception {

89. Strategies for high throughput transactional processing

I have a system that has strict "once and only once" requirements with respect to what it does. It is an event driven system with middleware that cannot guarantee once and ...

90. Not getting Transaction ID in Mass Payment Paypal NVP SDK

I am integrating Paypal in my site. For Refund purpose, I am doing mass payment in that. What I want is Trasaction ID. After Compeleting Mass Payment Request Paypal is not ...

91. transactions in jdbi

I execute sql queries as transactions using jdbi inTransaction() function. I would like to know how/what type of locking mechanism is used internally. additionally, is the whole table locked during the ...

92. Transaction Manager not getting ROLLBACKed

In my application we are using TX Manager. My application is built on JSF and RF3.3 with JDBC connectivity to MYSQL Here's the scenario:-

  1. User enter value on GUI.
  2. after collecting all data in Backing ...

93. Synchronized access to database?

I am writing a little shop administration software for my uncles fishing shop. It supports multiple clients which access a single database in a local network. I am currently searching for ...

94. Jamod (modbus, Java) Master programming, why does it repeat the transaction?

I'm on a project that involves using the serial connection (hence the Jamod) and coding I came across this

//7. Execute the transaction repeat times
//repeat =10 defined in point 1. (go to ...

95. Aspect execute twice for Transactional Service methods

Aspect execute twice for Transactional Service methods Hi, I want to perform some specific action when a method in a Service is executed. I create an Aspect that intercepts by execution ...

96. Controllers and transactions

Controllers and transactions Hi, In section 5.3 of the user guide, the following has been stated: Essentially, Grails automatically binds a Hibernate session to the currently executing request. This allows you ...

97. Transactional Triggers in terms of execution

98. Transaction that starts before job retrieval and commits after job success

Hi, I have a scenario where the job gets retrieved and while it's running, the JVM gets shut down. this causes the job to be lost as it's delete has already been committed to the database. How can I ensure that the database is only committed AFTER the job has finished successfully? I want the job to still be in the ...

99. CacheLoader with transactions

Hi, I'm trying to use a standalone ehcache instance with xa transactions and a CacheLoader. Without the CacheLoader I can get/put on the cache under transactions without problem. With a CacheLoader, getWithLoader() throws a CacheException for accessing the cache outside of a JTA transaction. After stepping through the code it looks like this is because the load from the cacheloader, and ...

100. Problem with Quartz in transaction management

Hello, I am using Quartz 1.8.4, Spring 3.0.x, IBM WAS, Sybase ASE 12.x in my project. I am using Spring transaction management for managing transactions. I have declared my quartz properties file as below: Code: org.quartz.jobStore.class = org.quartz.impl.jdbcjobstore.JobStoreCMT org.quartz.jobStore.driverDelegateClass = org.quartz.impl.jdbcjobstore.MSSQLDelegate org.quartz.jobStore.useProperties = true org.quartz.jobStore.dataSource = gtwDS org.quartz.jobStore.nonManagedTXDataSource = gtwDS org.quartz.jobStore.tablePrefix = GTW_ org.quartz.jobStore.isClustered = true org.quartz.jobStore.clusterCheckinInterval = 20000 org.quartz.jobStore.dontSetAutoCommitFalse=false ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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